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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Murdoch dubs Lib Dems "extremists"

05-05-2005 15:13

The "Rupert Murdoch Says" section from today's Sun makes it pretty clear who the rabid racists are most afraid of.

Make Rupert Cry! Vote Lib Dem!

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Facing Climate Change & Other Great Adventures

05-05-2005 15:03

Deep Ecology - A talk by Joanna Macy

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Of Gnats and Camels

05-05-2005 12:51

Moral Priorities: WWJD?
Can we trust the morality of the myopic?
Commentary on the bogus morality of the religous right and Jesus' challenge to the Pharisees, the religous right of his day.

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Marine cleared of Falluja killing

05-05-2005 12:38

The Marine Corps said the soldier fired in self-defence
The US Marine Corps has ruled that no charges will be filed against a marine in the fatal shooting of a wounded and unarmed Iraqi in a Falluja mosque last November in an incident shown in a television pool report, a spokesman has said.

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Blast rattles British consulate in US

05-05-2005 12:32

New York police are investigating a pre-dawn blast at the British consulate in midtown Manhattan.

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05-05-2005 02:47


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They KNEW about the exposed asbestos in the Spodden Valley?!

04-05-2005 20:39

Bryan Sutcliffe points to where he was exposed to asbestos contaminated soil
The Save Spodden Valley campaign has seen a letter dated 10th September 2004 sent to the owners of the TBA site confirming exposed asbestos in the Spodden Valley. Until late February 2005, Countryside Properties appeared adamant that there was no exposed asbestos on the land owned by MMC Developments Ltd/ Rathbone Jersey Ltd.

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Labour Leader Out

04-05-2005 20:31

Blair's Labour-strong hold constituency of Sedgefield saw a peace festival this weekend at Westgate Grange Farm, a few miles out of Sedgefield.

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Vote Howard and Vote Colombian FARC-EP

04-05-2005 18:57

FARC are mostly Women and Indigenous Warriors
The weaker Blair is the better for everyone in the world - Do not vote for your selfish pocket Book - vote global consciousness - THE SAME goes for the confrontation in Colombia or anywhere - Why are we all acting like nationalists in a globalized world- war - crisis - From Global Warming to elections the elite think Global the proles think local - Shit!

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'Blairgate' - Britain's Election Tsunami

04-05-2005 16:54

Felicity Arbuthnot who has been working with independent candidate Reg Keys, who is standing against Tony Blair in the Sedgefield constituency, gives an overview of the anti-war candidates who are trying to reveal Labour cover-up over the Gulf war

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Saddam Hussein Gives Don Rumsfeld a Smackdown!

04-05-2005 16:17

While the April 2005 meeting wasn't Donald Rumsfeld's first with Saddam, it will certainly be his last if these minutes, leaked to the Egyptian Magazine al-Usbu' by "a reliable American source", are accurate.

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Muslim call for Islamic reformation

04-05-2005 13:39

Irshad Manji speaks in London, London on 12 May 2005
Muslim call for Islamic reformation
Irshad Manji plans progressive Muslim think-tank
London meeting to challenge fundamentalism

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Mayday 2005 Video: Police Create "Bubble" Trapping Protestors - Hackney

04-05-2005 12:17

Videoclip showing a rolling series of successive aggrevations as police try to force protestors into a "bubble" near to Tescos, Hackney.

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Injustice Screening in support of the Mikey Powell Campaign for Justice May 27

04-05-2005 11:45

Moving Forward Together 'staying focussed - keeping up the struggle'


(Mikey Powell died on September 7, 2003, in police custody in Handsworth, Birmingham)

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Donate Against the G8!

04-05-2005 08:17

Please post this information as widely as possible!

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03-05-2005 21:37

If your against the Invasion of Iraq, If your against the Occupation of Iraq, If your against the killing of 100,000 Iraqis by U$ and British forces, If your against attacks of Civil Liberties, then come down to Brighton, Defend the Right to Protest and support the Smash Edo Campaign!

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Muslim Election Guide - May 5th 2005

03-05-2005 20:45

An election guide giving the low down on each candidate with star ratings. Great source of information on who to vote for.

Check it out:

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Yet more photos from Mayday precarity action

03-05-2005 19:46

cops chasing protestors outside tesco
More photos from Sunday's precarity action

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Darfur “die-in” at Downing Street

03-05-2005 18:09

400,000 murdered, three million refugees and rising. Call for UK, EU & UN action to stop the genocide in Darfur.

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Personal Account of EuroMayDay Action in London

03-05-2005 16:43

Why was the police so violent during Sunday's MayDay action in Hackney?