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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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everything4everyone today program

17-10-2006 11:47


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Campaign For Truth & Justice

17-10-2006 11:39

Fighting Judicial Corruption, Unlawful Imprisonmentsand Human Rights Abuses in the UK

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Hummer Dealership shut down by protesters against urban 4 x 4's in Manchester

17-10-2006 11:39

Inspired by the camp for climate action, 40 people protested outside a Hummer dealership in Manchester about the environmental impact of SUV emissions which are contributing to climate chaos.

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Is there any point in talking about local democracy in London in 2006?

17-10-2006 11:01

Tony Blair is increasing Ken Livingstone's powers. Those may well include
the power to effectively scrap elected local councils in inner city London. Ken Livingstone is
set to become a very happy holder of huge powers. Is it safe to give the maniac Livingstone any more powers?

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Facing Up To 30 Years in Prison, Civil Rights Attorney Lynne Stewart

17-10-2006 01:37

Civil Rights Attorney Lynne Stewart Speaks Ou
Facing Up To 30 Years in Prison, Civil Rights Attorney Lynne Stewart Speaks Out As She Heads To Courthouse for Sentencing

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third world babies for adoption

16-10-2006 22:05

are these babies just a fashion accessory

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16-10-2006 21:53

KENILWORTH, 15 OCTOBER 2006 — Reports that Communities Minister Ruth Kelly, who is a member of the Roman Catholic organisation Opus Dei, has delayed legislation that would outlaw discrimination against gay people have prompted the Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association (GALHA) to call for her resignation.

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Australian government steps up threats against PNG, Solomon Islands

16-10-2006 20:59

The South Pacific is no exception
The Australian ruling class has always viewed the strategically significant South Pacific as its own sphere of influence and attempted to ensure its domination of the region’s considerable natural resources. With the support of the British Empire before World War II and US imperialism after 1945, successive Australian governments have manoeuvred to marginalise the influence of rival powers. But inter-imperialist antagonisms have intensified throughout the world—most sharply in the Middle East and Central Asia with the eruption of US militarism—and the South Pacific is no exception.

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London: Global Day of Action Against McDonalds

16-10-2006 17:06

Outside McDonalds
Cruelty to animals, destruction of the planet and exploitation of workers are three good reasons not to eat at McDonalds or other fast food chains such as Burger King and KFC. On a more personal level, the food has unhealthy levels of fats, sugar and salt, along with chemical additives that can cause ill-health and hyperactivity in children. This was the message handed out to those passing by the Leicester Square branch of the burger chain over Sunday lunchtime, London's contribution to the 21st Global Day of Action Against McDonalds (which actually is on 16 October every year.)

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M3 Landlord Link Forum

16-10-2006 16:52

A forum for landlords organised by four local authorities and a landlords association held at the Holiday Inn in Farnborough on Thursday 12 October 2006.

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Call for the 3rd International Road-Building Brigade to Nepal

16-10-2006 15:43

Call for the 3rd International Road-Building Brigade to Nepal
For the last ten years, a People’s War has been raging in Nepal. Over 80% of the country has now been liberated by the Nepalese masses.

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16-10-2006 14:58

Community samba workshops with local kids
The long and eventful battle to stop the demolition of the historic Dalston theatre (previously the 4 Aces/Labyrinth Club), could be drawing to a climatic end. The fate of the theatre is hanging in the balance as the current court injunction preventing its demolition is set to run out.

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MS and Palestinian - patient refused

16-10-2006 14:25

Please find below an article of importance, that has been taken from the IMEMC
website. How can anyone in the right mind refuse a patient who suffers from MS the right to medical treatment and still call themselves civilised. A big round of applause to the international community for their inaction.

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Violence empties schools in Iraq

16-10-2006 14:19

In an ordinary year, schools throughout Iraq would have opened for classes on September 20, but this year many in the country are left empty, as schoolchildren are kept at home by the violence that has plagued Iraq's streets.

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Weekly Vigil to Save the Jarawa - Reminder

16-10-2006 13:52

Photo of Jarawa tibe
Survival International are holding a weekly vigil at India House in solidarity with the Jarawa tibe

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Great Charter of Freedoms - Undone

16-10-2006 13:22

Magna Carta Libertatum ("Great Charter of Freedoms") 1215

One of the most important legal documents in the history of British democracy has been made null and void by criminal laws enacted by New Labour in the 21st Century, which override these inalienable 800 year old rights.

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Dalston Theatre eviction update: no bailiffs yet!

16-10-2006 13:08

The eviction of Dalston theatre and the 3 adjoining houses (4-14 Dalston Lane, E8) is still pending.

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ALF Press Officer Injuncted in High Court

16-10-2006 08:10

UK ALF Press Officer loses in High Court

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Hands Off Venezuela national conference - Nov 4

15-10-2006 22:24

The national conference of the Hands Off Venezuela campaign will take place in London, on November 4th.

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Nottingham's part of the Worldwide Day of Action Against McDonalds

15-10-2006 20:50

Sunday was the Global day of action to mark World Food Day. Everywhere, including Nottingham.

On Sunday morning, folks turned out to take part in the Worldwide Day of Action Against McDonalds. Nottingham's contibution to this, took place from 12noon at Exchange Walk in the City Centre.