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everything4everyone today program

E4e | 17.10.2006 11:47 | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | Zapatista | London


Oka, the "bad" guys didn't show up again and the resistance goes on. The Cafe' Resistance, as we call it now, will be open from 2 p.m.
Today our activity will carry on like every tuesday with Samba drumming in the Peace Mural "circus" (opposite the cafe' 4 dalston lane) at 5 p.m.
Later on at 8 p.m. Vegan food and cinema inside the cafe'
We invite everyone to come and spend sometime with us during the day or later in the evening. The solidarity we experience in the last few day from people of our community and friends is giving us energy and strength we need to carry on talking with the moon.

As part of our weekly E4e cinema, tonight we will be showing 'The
Coroporation' (directors: Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott), an inciteful
documentary which looks at the rise of the corporation and questions its
impact on the global community. This film looks in depth at the
foundations of corporate power, revealing the impact that people the world
over have in maintaining the corporate system, whether they are conscious
money-grabbers or less conscious consumers...either way, when corporate
accountability is next to none, as this film shows, it is up to us to act!




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