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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Camden New Journal Article / Work started / jobs pledge

06-03-2009 12:44

There are plans to build a so-called "Super Virus" Lab in Camden alongside St Pancars International, behind the British Library on a Camden Council house estate. This has been opposed by MI5, MPs, councillors, residents and businesses. The Camden New Journal has printed an article this week on developments at the site where work has started, without planning permission yet.

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The Greening of Peter Mandelson

06-03-2009 12:17

Green custard was this morning thrown in the face of the Labour governments Business Secretary, Peter Mandelson by Plane Stupid activist Leila Deen. The former Northern Ireland Secretary was accosted moments after stepping out of his limo to attend a so-called 'low-carbon' summit in London. In full view of the assembled TV cameras he got a face full of custard and hurried inside. Leila then explained to the cameras that the action had been over Mandelsons unelected and undemocratic role in granting permission for Heathrows third runway on behalf of the business community.

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Peace protest Tamil/SriLankan Government war, London - pictures

06-03-2009 12:04

The Tamils line Whitehall.
Hundreds of Tamils gather in London to march in opposition to the ongoing conflict raging in Sri Lanka between government forces and the Tamil Tigers (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam).

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Bristol No Borders response to ISM call for action

06-03-2009 01:34

Bristol No Border acknowledges the call to action received from ISM Gaza following the indefinate closure of the Rafah borders in February 2009.

Bristol No Borders condems the closure of the borders at Rafah which prevents the movement of people, food, aid and other essential supplies and which serves to imprison and repress the population of Gaza. These closures are a stark example of what all borders are set up to acheive - the control and repression of populations and the artificial division of people.

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Cleaners for Justice at Willis, London 5 March

05-03-2009 18:19

No to Unfair Dismissals
Cleaners for justice demonstrated outside the Willis building in the City of London today. 5/3/2009, calling for the reinstatement of sacked workers, better working conditions and a living wage. Photographs copyright (C) 2009, Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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Workers Occupy Dundee Factory

05-03-2009 17:43

An occupation is taking place at Prisme Packaging in Dundee. It started at 5pm on Wednesday 4th March after the twelve employees were told their contracts were being immediately terminated without redundancy pay.

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No Nuclear Dump - Message of Congratulations from Cumbria to Nevada

05-03-2009 14:24

The Lakes - Nuclear Sacrifice Zone
A message has been sent from the Lake District in Cumbria to Nevada - CONGRATULATIONS on what looks like a successful campaign to PREVENT a NUCLEAR DUMP at Yucca Mountain

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London school students get organised

05-03-2009 13:38

Tali Janner-Klausner spoke to The Commune, a libertarian socialist group, about the new London School Students’ Union.

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ant the police bullshit meter just keeps on rising

05-03-2009 10:52

""Still think that if you're innocent, you have nothing to fear from surveillance and control laws? Have a look at this news-video about Stephen Clarke, a man who was accused to taking pictures of sewer-gratings in Manchester and arrested. Though the police couldn't find any photos of sewer-gratings on his phone (and even though "what a sewer grating looks like" isn't a piece of specialized terrorist intelligence), he was held on suspicion of planning an act of terror, imprisoned for two days while the police searched his home, his phone and his computer. When they couldn't find anything suspicious, they released him, but kept his DNA on file, as the biometric of someone who had been accused of plotting a terrorist act. ""

also read down about the what happen to me peace at the bottom

the double police bullshit story, just who are they employing !!!.

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Direct Action; UK, Mexico, France & USA

04-03-2009 19:34

27th-4th Feb/Mar


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We Are An Image From The Future

04-03-2009 18:03

On Saturday 28h February 2009, a special event was hosted at The Common Place social centre in Leeds, UK. Arising from a need to assess the global economic crisis from a radical perspective whilst making links to local affairs, this meeting was arranged by the tentatively named "We Won't Pay For Their Crisis" group. It featured speakers from Leeds, Greece, Iceland and Italy as well as an open discussion, an authentic Greek vegan meal, screening of "The Potentiality of Storming Heaven" and performances from three of Yorkshire's finest DIY bands (original publicity material here).

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Public meeting: Tamar Katz, 19-year-old Israeli refusenik - Thur. 5 March at 7pm

04-03-2009 18:01

Tamar Katz
Tamar Katz is a 19-year-old Israeli who has refused to serve in the Israeli army. Israel requires all young men and women to serve in its army, and Tamar has served three prison sentences for her refusal.

Please join us to hear more about Tamar's courageous stand, and to show your support to her and other refusers.

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BRD: Union fällt auf Stand von 2006

04-03-2009 15:46

CDU/CSU und FDP liegen in der Wählergunst vorn. So sah es bislang recht deutlich aus. Doch die Zustimmung für das bürgerliche Lager schrumpft, die Union fällt auf 33 Prozent. Bei der Frage nach Personen liegt die Kanzlerin aber weit vorn. .... Umfragen-Komödie: Regierung hält 57 Prozent ..... Dieter Althaus, die tote Serbin, Verantwortung und die Medien ....

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South London March for Palestine - Feb 28

04-03-2009 11:09

Gathering for the march outside Balham mosque
Called by the Wandsworth Stop the War Coalition and supported by Lambeth & Wandsworth Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Wimbledon CND, Lambeth STWC and many others, several hundred marched from Balham Mosque to Tooting Mosque along the busy high streets, attracting considerable encouragement from shoppers. Pictures copyright (C) 2009 Peter Marshall, all rights reserved

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How to tear down (Australian) Judicial System (and get squished in the process)

03-03-2009 18:41

What if a tree fell in the forest?

Protecting common law rules of ultra vires and natural justice, against deprivation of rights under color of law, what is the due process of law, that judges apply the law as passed by the parliament.

What safeguards does the Senate have to protect the integrity and application of the rule of law, of Commonwealth of Australia laws, and Australian judicial system within the Commonwealth, and the separation of powers of the Executive and the Judiciary? Are Mandamus and Habeas Corpus and other instruments of rule of law made redundant by any Commonwealth of Australia laws, and/or the Constitution;

NB. The Writ of Mandamus against High Court Australia French, Hayne, Gummow and Crennan JJ are NOT online at the moment.

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Reminder: Bash a Billionaire TONIGHT 7pm Park Lane

03-03-2009 17:32

Bash a Billionaire, Burn a Banker
100 billionaires will meet at the Dorchester Hotel tonight to demand more tax cuts for themselves, and control of the UK's aid budget. Lets give them a warm welcome!

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Anti-Coal Protesters Blockade Washington Power Station

03-03-2009 16:50

Thousands of demonstrators braved icy winds and snow to march on the US capitol's coal-fired power plant on Monday to demand a more sane approach to energy policy. Organized by Capitol Climate Action thousand blockade the five main gates to the Capitol Power Plant in southeast Washington, not far from Capitol Hill.

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Wikileaks: FBI Report on Activist Counter-Intelligence

03-03-2009 14:50

UNCLASSIFIED/LAW ENFORCEMENT SENSITIVE, the site responsible for leaking a multitude of useful documents to media and activists, has posted an article titled, "FBI: Tactics Used by Eco-Terrorists to Detect and Thwart Law Enforcement Operations, 15 Apr 2004," an appraisal of counterintelligence resources in our community.

Though government intelligence is widely known to be an oxymoron, this could lend some insight into their thinking and methodology, acting as a guide to activist counter-intelligence for the animal & earth liberation movement. The document studies the successful methods in which the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), Earth Liberation Front (ELF), Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC), Earth First! and anarchist groups evade and/or thwart law enforcement methods to gather intelligence.

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Anger after the CALL Lobby to Parliament 25th Feb 2009

03-03-2009 14:48

We need to fight the huge cuts in Adult Education currently being made by the government. Those who have a degree cannot now take a subsidised course at that level or lower. John Denham (government minister) says Spanish for Holidays is a waste of time. Money which goes to war should be used for making all education free.

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SHAC Week of Action Part 3: Russia, France & Italy

03-03-2009 14:26


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