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The Greening of Peter Mandelson

ben | 06.03.2009 12:17 | COP15 Climate Summit 2009 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Social Struggles | South Coast

Green custard was this morning thrown in the face of the Labour governments Business Secretary, Peter Mandelson by Plane Stupid activist Leila Deen. The former Northern Ireland Secretary was accosted moments after stepping out of his limo to attend a so-called 'low-carbon' summit in London. In full view of the assembled TV cameras he got a face full of custard and hurried inside. Leila then explained to the cameras that the action had been over Mandelsons unelected and undemocratic role in granting permission for Heathrows third runway on behalf of the business community.

Mandleson referred to the incident as an 'adolescent protest'. He joked, "I suppose in a democracy people are entitled to have their say but I would rather people said it to my face rather than throw it. I am prepared to take my fair share of the green revolution on my shoulders but I am less keen on having it in my face."

When interviewed later on the BBC Leila Deen described the move as a "last resort" after the democratic process failed. She said that Mandelson was an unelected politician and he was siding with the "interests of business" rather than the "interests of the people and the planet" in backing the new runway.

She justified the "direct action" as the best way of bringing about change, claiming she and others were excluded from the democratic process. "When democracy is failing you have to resort to any means necessary as long as it is peaceful and does not harm other human beings," she said.

She continued, "Peter Mandelson is the same person who effectively bullied Ed Miliband and other members of the cabinet to accept a third runway that nobody wants, a third runway that no one was consulted on and no one is able to say no to. It's not right that someone like Peter Mandelson can stand up and talk about being green."



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