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Is Recent Jailing of Anti-HLS Activists a Call to Action?

31-01-2009 19:14

Is Recent Jailing of Anti-HLS Activists a Call to Action?

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Barclays Demos in Birmingham

31-01-2009 18:37

Yesturday SHACtivists in Birmingham held protests against 2 branches of Barclays Bank in the city centre, these protests were done in co--ordination with Italian activists launching their campaign against Barclays across Italy. Barclays Plc are currently investing in Huntingdon Death Sciences, a lab which murders 500 animals every single day of the week are experiencing regular protests in which every time they lose more and more business.

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Bayer Day of Action in Chile

31-01-2009 18:33

As part of the Day of Action against Bayer, we protested in front of their building. Workers and neighbor companies were informed about what Bayer is related to if they are customers of HLS, a shameful crime against innocent animals in the name of profit. As usual, people were shocked to see those terrible pictures in the placards.

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Preoccupied: The Logic of Occupation

31-01-2009 16:17

Someone stands on a table and yells, “This is now occupied.” And that’s how it begins.

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Waterford workers occupy plant, Dublin

31-01-2009 15:17

A crisis meeting on the future of Waterford Crystal takes place in Dublin today as 100 angry workers continue to occupy the plant. The firm's receiver David Carson said that 480 of the 670 employees at the famous crystal maker in Kilbarry outside Waterford city have been made redundant.

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Stripping Palestinians of their right to self-defence

31-01-2009 12:17

The concerted move against so-called smuggling is intriguing. An illegally besieged people bring in supplies – food and arms – by any means possible. Is that smuggling?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I was under the impression that a people under siege by an illegal occupier are entitled in international law to take up arms against their oppressor.

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Public Action Against Judicial Corruption and institutional Failures

31-01-2009 09:05

Demonstration Against Judicial Corruption, Unlawful Imprisonments, Human Rights Abuses and Institutional Failures in the UK. Every Saturday commencing from 12pm – 3pm outside HMP WORMWOOD SCRUBS, DU CANE ROAD, LONDON W12 0AE.

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Black America Surrenders

30-01-2009 21:21

For the first time in history, black Americans have willingly become accessories to their government's criminal activity and willingly developed amnesia about that history. Gone are the days when black Americans could be counted on to oppose wars of aggression abroad and wars against people here at home. Now that the president looks like them, he has carte blanche to do whatever he likes and he can expect nearly unanimous approval of any action he takes.

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Stop The Camden Animal Lab donations address.

30-01-2009 15:46

The campaign to Stop The Camden Animal Lab is accepting donations sent to : Stop The Camden Animal Lab [London Against Camden Danger Lab] BM8735 London WC1N3XX. Donations will be spent on campaign materials such as leaflets, posters, letters,etc. In the event that the lab does not get planning permission we will fight the second proposed lab intended for Camden on Hampstead Rd close to Regents Park estate. Any left over funds will be donated to youth projects.

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Cardiff Anarchist Bookfair

30-01-2009 15:15

South Wales Anarchists present a day of freedom, equality and inspiration.

Since the first London Anarchist Bookfair in 1983, these events have been held around the world, spreading the vibrancy, history and diversity of the anarchist movement.

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King's Occupation call demonstration

30-01-2009 11:54

King's Occupation needs your support to win their full set of demands. Support the occupations, deprive Israel of support and investment.

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The Other Davos: Nestlé baby food pushing, trade union busting and spying exposé

30-01-2009 10:35

While political and business leaders gather in Davos, Switzerland, for the World Economic Forum campaigning Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) are gathering in Zurich to expose malpractice by Swiss food giant, Nestlé.

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Around the Campaigns Friday 30th January 2009

30-01-2009 09:55

57 days in Yarl's Wood IRC - Raphael aged 5 

Still need one surety in Bury to stand bail for Raphael and his mum. Surety must be resident in the UK and will be subject to a police check. If you can help please get back immediately to:

Please send urgent faxes/emails immediately to Rt. Hon Jacqui Smith, MP, Secretary of State for the Home Office, requesting that Raphael and his mother are released. Please use the updated 'model letter' RaphaelShaubaJS.doc attached or write your own version. If you do so, please remember to include HO ref: S/38066/3
Fax: 020 8760 3132 / + 44 20 8760 3132 if you are faxing from outside UK)
"CIT - Treat Official"

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Wildcat resistance to globalisation in Britain

30-01-2009 09:39

GRASSROOTS workers' resistance to neo-liberal globalisation is kicking off in Britain, with a wave of wildcat strikes breaking out.

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Join Tibetans and supporters and protest Wen Jiabao’s visit to the UK this weeke

30-01-2009 08:33

Join Tibetans and supporters and protest Wen Jiabao’s visit to the UK this weekend

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'Crisis' General Strike in France, Paris some rioting.

30-01-2009 00:09

PARIS (AFP) — More than a million French workers took to the streets Thursday to voice anger and fear of job losses during a one-day strike over President Nicolas Sarkozy's handling of the economic crisis. Billed as a "Black Thursday," the nationwide day of action caused less transport disruption than expected but the strike was well supported, with a quarter of France's five million public sector workers downing tools.

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World Day for Lab Animals March - London

30-01-2009 00:02

World Day for Animals in Laboratories
To mark World Day for Animals in Laboratories, campaigners from all over the UK and beyond will be gathering in London on April 25 to call for an end to animal experiments. Following a march from Hyde Park through the centre of London, where we intend to take the anti-vivisection message to large numbers of shoppers, tourists and residents, we will then hold a rally at Parliament to protest against the government’s pro-vivisection policies.

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Pfizer Acquires Wyeth & Double Amount of Demos

29-01-2009 23:06

Now that Pfizer owns Wveth after a buy out, we had to send our wishes, SHAC style.

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Faslane peace Camp forum up.

29-01-2009 21:31

new forum up now

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Contact Camden council - updated information - Stop Camden Animal Lab

29-01-2009 20:40

There are plans to build a high level [3] virus containment facility and animal testing lab in Camden, alongside St Pancras International, behind the British Library on a Camden council house estate, Somers Town, one of the most deprived areas of the country in desperate need of community facilities and council homes. Please oppose by contacting Camden Council on the updated info below. Camden Councillors have changed.