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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Encounter of the Indigenous Peoples of America

09-10-2007 16:19

Translation of Communique 2 from the Vicam Organizing Commission, Oct. 7

Translation El Kilombo Intergalactico

Encounter of the Indigenous Peoples of America
Yaqui Territory, Vicam, Sonora, Mexico
October 7, 2007

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Video of Parliament Square on 8th October 2007.

09-10-2007 13:57

Confrontation with authorities in Parliament Square on 8th October 2007.

On the day that the British Parliament resumed after its Summer recess, a large group of anti-war protesters marched into the Square. They were joined by people who demand the basic freedom to be able to protest peacefully without prior police permission or conditions. The video shows some of the confrontations with authorities, while no doubt Members of Parliament looked on from the windows of their well protected building.

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Group 4 Securicor and UK plc

09-10-2007 13:06

Kleins book the Shock Doctrine has been vilified by some as an overblown account of the corporate sectors final push for world domination. Yet Group 4 Securicors website proudly boasted last week that "Private sector involvement is needed to help governments to protect every nation’s critical national infrastructure".

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Some STW demo pics.

09-10-2007 06:36

Part of the large gathering in Trafalagar Square.
A glimpse of a very successful day.

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Major factual innacuracies in BBC Report of Anti-Nuke action

09-10-2007 04:04

The BBC, probably acting on deliberately inaccurate information provided by the Ministry of Defence, recently claimed that an Anti-Nuclear activist had to be pulled from the water around Coulport, the Royal Navy base where warheads for Trident nuclear missiles are stored. According to the activist converned, the story was quite different.

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Housing4All's second demo in Birmingham

09-10-2007 01:48

Press release regarding Housing4All's second demonstration for accessible housing for all disabled people - Inaccessible Housing Causes Homelessness!

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Burma: report from daily embassy protest

09-10-2007 00:59

Around 20 people gathered on Monday lunchtime, reduced perhaps by events elsewhere in the city, in the small Mayfair street where the Burmese Ambassador hides away. Over half those present were Burmese.

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Niger: Massacre in the North of Niger

08-10-2007 21:59

The nigerien army is violating the Human Rights. In massacres in the north of Niger at least 29 innocent persons were killed.

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Lancaster anti-supermarket protest camp

08-10-2007 17:44

Growing Camp
New protest camp goes up in Lancaster with local residents in support - nobody wants a supermarket with a huge parking here!
Pictures and press release:

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17:15 at Parliament Sq

08-10-2007 16:37

Most of the protesters still in the Square although an attempt was made to march of in the direction of Westminster Bridge.

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Parliament Square 4.15pm. GLA barriers down.

08-10-2007 15:33

Grass area taken.

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Fence down at parliament sq

08-10-2007 15:30

During today's Stop the War demo large numbers of protesters who had previously occupied the road turned their attention to the fence surrounding Parliament Square green. In the surreal scenes that followed 3/4 of the controversial fence were ripped down and stacked neatly.

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Parliament Square 3.40pm

08-10-2007 14:43

Protesters break out.

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March arrives in Parliament Square 2.55pm

08-10-2007 14:01

Loads of cops. Marchers behind barriers.

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Radicals create havoc at Swiss rightwing rally

08-10-2007 11:07

The Swiss capital of Berne was turned into a battle zone at the weekend when leftwing radicals seized control of the main square outside parliament, routing the main far-right political party two weeks before a general election and catching the Swiss police off guard.

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The Plight of Myanmar’s People: Challenges and Responsibilities for the Internat

08-10-2007 06:48

By Christopher B. Roberts
Research Associate - S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS)

Republished from:

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London Burma Protest

07-10-2007 22:07

Saturday 6 October 2007, 10,000 people marched in solidarity with the peace protestors and monks of Burma.

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40th Anniversary of Che Guevara's execution (by Latuff)

07-10-2007 19:38

Che Guevara
Copyleft artwork to be published on Associacao dos Docentes da UFRJ bulletin.

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Publicity for 1st Ever Durham Working Class Bookfair

07-10-2007 16:36

The first newspaper article is published below about an important movement bookfair in the North East - there are no bookshops which sell movement literature in the N.E.

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Cardiff Total closed in Burma protest

07-10-2007 12:14

no business for total
A Total garage in Cardiff was closed for three hours in a solidarity action for the people of Burma