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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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‘In Defense of Kubani’ – Call for Actions of International Solidarity

06-10-2014 12:46

Urgent call for acts of international solidarity with the people of Kobane from the comrades of Anarchist Network, an international network of Persian-speaking anarchists.

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Call For Decentralized Resistance To The G20 Summit In November (Australia)

06-10-2014 12:22

Anarchists in Australia issue a call out for decentralized attacks, disorder, riots and sabotage around the topic of the G20.

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War against ISIS/Daesh: Turkish embassy cars burned in Berlin by Commando Beriva

06-10-2014 12:10

Kurdish Martyred Resistance Fighter Berivan Sason
People of Kobane, hear us. In this bitter hour of the inhuman threat, we see you freedom lovers in the world and we call to you: take courage. The city of Kobane is surrounded by the ISIS-murderers. On three sides ISIS confronts the city. If they take the city. it will inevitably lead to a massacre of the remaining Kurdish people on site.

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War against ISIS/Daesh: Anonymous Declares #OpKobane In Solidarity With Kobane

06-10-2014 11:52

In response to the call for international actions of solidarity with the brave
people of Kobane who are fighting both ISIS and the fascist Turkish military &
Turkish police who are helping & supporting ISIS we hereby declare the beginning of #OpKobane!!

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The Coal Question and the Bradley Public Inquiry

05-10-2014 13:05

Investors since may 2013 have been receiving warnings about not investing in Fossil Fuel Utility Companies. This press release recounts these warnings and explains why it may influence the outcome of the Bradley Public Inquiry into UK Coal's appeal over Durham County Council's rejection of an opencast mine application

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UG#693 - Social Destabilization Post WW2(Operation Phoenix to the War On Terror)

03-10-2014 18:12

A new speaker on the show, Douglas Valentine, outlines the CIA's development of "Operation Phoenix", which helps explain how the Police State in the USA today has been so rapidly rolled out after 9-11; social destabilization techniques which the CIA tried out in Vietnam and developed in Latin America in the 1970s are being applied in Mexico and increasingly in USA itself. In our second hour, we continue with more from FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds on Gladio Operation B in Turkey, and NATO's links with high level drug trafficking.

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Hongkong: Tehran in a Cool Pool

03-10-2014 17:55

Large historical prototypes are rare, to speak of fitting ones. The more likely scenario is that, while everything is being done to exclude any direct repetition, the material limitations of that effort are the new environment in which the old conflict of ideas will reproduce. In its own historical reference to the cultural monstrosities of imperialist and colonialist Europe, dialectic materialism is used to talk of the tragedy and the farce. But occasionally such prototypes do occur as conscious moves. E. g. when when the Antifascist coalition of WWII broke up into the containment vessel of the Unitednations Security Council, the fault line running through the Nazi state in a surprise move on the model of 1938 (see Mar 15, 2014) was turned into a reenaction of the “limes” (though only for one generation rather than six or seven). But while the Roman wall was an offensive installation run by foreign mercenaries at a significant distance to any densely populated territories, what is to be drawn up as a historical prototype in this instance is an unequivocally defensive measure. Molotov served Ribbentrop the famous cocktail of one portion appeasement plus a double shot of red-coloured imperialism to change the “great game,” and maybe without that Leningrad might have fallen. Ulbricht drew Gehlen a line into the sand and preempted thermonuclear war in Europe before there was any “hotline.” And when the Soviet Union found the beginning of its end in Afghanistan, Khomeini showed a red line to Carter and prevented yet another military coup in Persia, laying the foundation for the current system of the Islamic Republic in which any ballot sheets are filtered by a structure of councils and meta-councils that freezes the country´s unresolved external fraud cases and is intended to shield elections from becoming a gateway to their extension.

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The Financial Risks and the Bradley Public Inquiry

03-10-2014 16:15

People living around the Bradley site fear that if planning approval is given for mining the 550,000 tonnes of coal on the site is that all they will be left with is a big waterfilled hole. This press release gives reasons why this fear exists

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People, power and policy

03-10-2014 15:45

'Resilience', the current Legislative Theatre project of Active Inquiry, is holding a big event at Out of the Blue in Edinburgh on Saturday 11th October. Everyone is welcome to come and support this unique experiment in participatory policy-making!

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The Bradley Public Inquiry And Air Pollution

02-10-2014 14:19

There is only one use for the coal to be mined at Bradley and that is to burn it. This press release details why doing so is going to lead to more premature deaths, more expensive health care, which we all have to pay for, and to the UK continuing to be in breach of European Law. These are additional reasons why UK Coal's application to opencast this coal should be rejected.

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Cameron is the frontman for the Jungle Thatcher dreamt of..

30-09-2014 11:40

This is about NeoCons deregulating of everything. Main items first: the courts system has been scrapped. The system that did exist up to a few years ago is no longer. Under that system, which was near-accessible, at least up to certain stages which the nearly-citizenry could use. There was, at least some notional scope to put the claimant’s assertions before the court. That has been abolished,,,

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UK Coal and the Bradley Public Inquiry

29-09-2014 13:23

UK Coal has now secured a £20m loan to tide it over in the short term. However the future of it's surface mines is far from cleat as they have been put up for sale. At the same time UK Coal is seeking new planning permissions, the next of which is via the Bradley Public Inquiry. One of our objections is that since we don't know who will be responsible for working the site if the Appeal is upheld that the appeal be rejected

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Marx, Lenin, Mao and the Futurology of Scientific Anarchism

26-09-2014 15:27

While the mean spirits of the terror gang calling itself “the West” are being drawn into the abyss of their own ridiculous glorification, desecrating the graves of the few exceptional characters among the fathers who cautioned them against just that, something significant is happening at the border between India and China. This time it is not state tents being put up like “Occupy” stickers or cyber soldiers trying to clean the brushes of technological propaganda. Nor is it Tibetans blessing foreign evildoers or Uyghurs desperately struggling for the attention of a betrayed audience. It is the raising realisation that with the decapitation of Hindu fascism of the “Karma” type to the headless corpse of “Modi” nationalism (see [2013], [2014]), a portion of India turns out to be more Chinese than China. Yet while nationalist China is a sluggish conglomerate only very gradually realising the aberration of industrialism and growth, the foreign Maoists are unfolding a small but decisive influence on its surroundings. How that is functioning is best to be explained with the Diamond Peddler Paradox: If a couple purchases a diamond to celebrate each other, it is impossible to predict how long their marriage will last and whether the stored amount of carbon has any influence on that. Yet for the diamond peddler who knows the society they live in, it is precisely possible to specify the average time after which a diamond of that size will be back on his desk. That is so because for the true lover there is only one adored partner, but for the commercial peddler any exchange is like the other without distinction. Likewise, industrialist China maintains the hallucination of being able to purchase an uncounted number of corporate identities, while the convinced Marxist-Leninist-Maoist sees only one way to a lasting future.

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The Bradley Opencast Decision : the 1,600,000 CO2 Question

26-09-2014 12:00

After the recent marches against Climate Change comes the start of a Public Inquiry into whether UK Coal should be allowed to dig up 500,000+ tonnes of coal which will be burnt to produce c 1,600,000 tonnes of CO2. This press release explains why the Inspector should take account of this when judging whether to grant the Appeal.

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21st Century Lebensborn Children Screaming To Be Heard

25-09-2014 13:52

21st Century Lebensborn Children Screaming to be Heard

Children Screaming to be Heard was registered as a charity by Maggie Tuttle after witnessing the abuse of children in the care system this along with research and speaking to parents and grandparents throughout the UK also interviewing in the early hours of the mornings the homeless people and many were abused in the care system of which British Governments and Minister state "In a child's best interest"

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Waiting for the Charity to Commission to wake up - at 1230 on Wednesday!

24-09-2014 11:35

Thank you for calling the Charity Commission - 0845 300 0218 -"this helpline is now closed", so says the recorded male voice at 1228 on Wednesday 24 September 2014

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Police are sticking their heads above the trenches of the social war

22-09-2014 23:07

A curious article appeared in the mainstream BBC news today, stating that police believe that up to 20 actions carried out in and around Bristol may have links to so called 'domestic extremism' .

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After Cameron's lies on Scotland, is there a Society left?

21-09-2014 11:30

After Cameron's lies on Scotland, is there a Society left?

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UG#692 - The European Deep State Post WW2 (NATO's Secret Armies)

21-09-2014 04:26

This time we focus on a seminal event in the evolution of European deep state groups, the NATO-backed "stay behind network" which first broke the surface in Italy (as Operation Gladio) but which was a factor in most if not all Western European countries after WW2. Daniele Ganser's particular focus is the role of Gladio in Spain. Our second speaker is Sibel Edmonds, whose main focus is the Turkish deep state and its relationship to the War On Terror.