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War against ISIS/Daesh: Anonymous Declares #OpKobane In Solidarity With Kobane

Anonymous | 06.10.2014 11:52 | Repression | Social Struggles | Technology

In response to the call for international actions of solidarity with the brave
people of Kobane who are fighting both ISIS and the fascist Turkish military &
Turkish police who are helping & supporting ISIS we hereby declare the beginning of #OpKobane!!

Here is a small list of targets to begin with. This operation will not stop until Turkey stops assisting ISIS terrorists and stops blocking Freedom Fighters from entering Kobane to help their fellow brothers & sisters defend Kobane!

Sail safe comrades & aim true!!

Turkish National Police :
Turkish Armed Forces :
Website of Turkish president :
Turkish ministry of interior :

These are just a small sample of potential targets, we’re sure you can find more!

Please use hashtag #OpKobane when publicizing news of this operation!

#OpKobane #Anonymous #AntiSec
#FuckISIS #FuckTheTurkishState