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Marx, Lenin, Mao and the Futurology of Scientific Anarchism

Internationalist Observer | 26.09.2014 15:27 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Social Struggles | World

While the mean spirits of the terror gang calling itself “the West” are being drawn into the abyss of their own ridiculous glorification, desecrating the graves of the few exceptional characters among the fathers who cautioned them against just that, something significant is happening at the border between India and China. This time it is not state tents being put up like “Occupy” stickers or cyber soldiers trying to clean the brushes of technological propaganda. Nor is it Tibetans blessing foreign evildoers or Uyghurs desperately struggling for the attention of a betrayed audience. It is the raising realisation that with the decapitation of Hindu fascism of the “Karma” type to the headless corpse of “Modi” nationalism (see [2013], [2014]), a portion of India turns out to be more Chinese than China. Yet while nationalist China is a sluggish conglomerate only very gradually realising the aberration of industrialism and growth, the foreign Maoists are unfolding a small but decisive influence on its surroundings. How that is functioning is best to be explained with the Diamond Peddler Paradox: If a couple purchases a diamond to celebrate each other, it is impossible to predict how long their marriage will last and whether the stored amount of carbon has any influence on that. Yet for the diamond peddler who knows the society they live in, it is precisely possible to specify the average time after which a diamond of that size will be back on his desk. That is so because for the true lover there is only one adored partner, but for the commercial peddler any exchange is like the other without distinction. Likewise, industrialist China maintains the hallucination of being able to purchase an uncounted number of corporate identities, while the convinced Marxist-Leninist-Maoist sees only one way to a lasting future.

Of course the shiny arrangement is little more than classical Marxist theory. The usage value and the exchange value, although appearing like two horses in the carriage of the commodity, in fact are vastly different animals. In the end Marx was true in his conclusion that capitalism is useless for anything which does not fit that form. The easiest example to understand the distinction is the living planet itself: Since it is the only one we have (if not it has us), it has an enormous usage value but no exchange value. Unlike a house it cannot be sold to purchase another one because there is no market and no supply and demand. But if that leads to the conclusion to discard it, it is a rather useful thing that this is being done with. Markets do not understand that, hence they do to the planet what they do – they loot it until they are confined not to do so. The commodity theory makes the point that even if the exchange value of our cosmic home could be precisely determined that would not be helpful to keep it alive. Rather it would only be an object in a larger market with the same problem shifted to the entirety of its erratic forces. Whether something is unique or an item is a difference both in human perception and in reality, and capitalism, the tyranny of exchange, if it is not consciously prevented from touching anything more useful than for the market, is of an ultimately destructive effect. In determining the space and time horizons of that destructivity, the amount of unique resources funnelled into capitalism is only one parameter.

It should be kept in mind that Marx lived before the fossil boom with which six or seven generations enabled themselves to live at the expense of hundreds, or even thousands if the more negative predictions were to apply. When the capitalist forces of destruction come to be seen as an existential problem, there has been a gradual build-up thereof over a long time. And due to the desire of every fresh generation to go into conflict with a blank slate, it is to be said that the current situation is only the result of the past destructivity. Without past injustice the unjust system would not exist now, so besides an individual unbiasedness the “blank slate model” of climate activism is not a realistic model of the Earth. If somehow all the deciders had just woken up from coma then it might be, but these people are what they are because they have deliberately repressed past advice instead of following it. In this stage of climate catastrophe, there already is a backlog in the form that many deciders have yet chopped their own tree of life, but since they collude with each other can spare themselves of the consequences thereof until they are big enough. However for any powerful decider there is a point of no return, when the greed and abuse have become so much that one generation discards them, the next one cannot blankly revert that verdict. Any attempts to do so would only lead to more of the same. Besides that, what does it tell about a social movement if the generations involved were to trust each other even less than these they are up against?

At the scale of these destructive forces the benefit of the doubt is not a renewable resource, as it would be in a small neighbourhood conflict or anywhere where the destruction remains much less than what is at stake. The rise of the social movement makes its memory an issue of a relative minority, and if that movement believes in itself rather than merely in the market, it should value those pockets of memory like rare gems rather than drown them in majority ignorance. A social movement which does not maintain intact memory is at risk of having implanted false memories, and hence from the conservation aspect would be of the same value (or lack thereof) as a GMO plant. Usage value of course – if a social movement were to define itself as a commodity, it would soon be nothing else than an expression of industrial lobbyism for the next generation to bury. The experience that this has already happened many times is the background of the climate catastrophe. If the capitalist state would merely be neither solution nor problem then the issue would already have been resolved by the generation before.

What matters between China and India does matter in the BRICS conglomerate, and what matters there does as well in the G8 (or G7 if the incompatibility decision holds water) and can therefore attempt to enclose by economic means the destructive forces of the capitalist state, or as it came to be called in its terminal stage, the military-industrial complex. Although even the most progressive of these states deeply resent Anarchy, and none of them can be part of a better future, the divergence of interest among them can be used to make a huge difference in the death toll of bringing the capitalist war against Nature to a halt. Although the two are rightly sceptic against the Unitedstates occupation of the Pacific, and Brazil and Russia more or less openly tried to oppose spying and military coups, they both are severely affected by economic growth. And although the heritage of world revolution carried on by Mao seems little more than a corporate identity in Beijing, for the human body growth is an occurrence that naturally comes to a halt when it has reached equilibrium. The capitalist state of “perpetual growth” is fundamentally incompatible with this human reality, because even though the human spirit might grow to unknown dimensions it cannot do so out of exploitation.

If these large populations were to suffer the growth that is being predicted for them, even the demise of the first and second stages of capitalism would not suffice to make a change. The next generation would be looting the Earth even more than the current one, until it is the last one, and so forth as long as the destructive forces do allow for it. The Indian state is oppressing the Maoist awakening with brute force, because as a nationalist entity it has no hope and will envy anyone who has. The Chinese state is trying to keep that balance between Maoism and nationalism and oppressing other separatists. As a result, the two of them are in a contradictory position when it comes to confronting Unitedstates imperialism – on one hand, they want to hold meetings and conferences with it like among equals, on the other they like to reassure themselves from a heritage eyeing the goal of overcoming it in its entirety. Though even from giant to giant there can be no meaningful dialogue with something that requires to be abolished. Mao came out of WWII such as Lenin out of WWI and remade an entire part of the world unlike any of the war parties had intended. The Unitednations organisation which to this border has even less of a logical approach than anywhere else, with the most erratic distribution of Security Council privileges of all such situations, has totally failed in nearby Afghanistan as it now turns out with the regime acting as if an election had never happened.

It is to be remarked here that the war in Afghanistan had been under a bad spell from the beginning. The Nato aggression there offered the forbidden fruit of the Iraq war to Unitedstates and its coalition of murderers, on which they are still chewing. Yet the apparent consumer paradise of the capitalist state in fact turns out to be a climate hell. It can be argued whether the imperialist would be seen able to pluck that war without the phoney assertion of “weapons of massive destruction.” But it is obvious that in the context of the remainder of the depleted uranium intoxication of 1991 the issue would not have been mentioned had the 2003 war been possible without that. It is this point at which the constellation in the Security Council became largely meaningless, when additional countries began grabbing for veto seats and the Unitednations Atomic Energy Agency proposed to remove the coincidence of veto and Nonproliferation Treaty status. After the fruit was eaten the imperialist lost all its trip-sitters to end up closely sided with the local reactionary regimes the entanglement with which had been named as the root cause of the war even by its own apologists.

It is to be asked at this point though who is who? Is Mr. Saud the servant of Mr. Obama or is it the other way round? Or do they both serve the same empty money scam (or conglomerate thereof), instead of each other? The oil price graph suggests so. The reactionaries are flooding the markets with oil in order to bribe away the contemporaries from a lasting solution to the current discrepancy of freedom and economic exploitation. Of course nearly one decade after peak oil this is only possible for a limited time, and the longer it goes the more abrupt the end of it will be. The mean average duration of the fossil stimulus bailout is shrinking with the increase of distance since the passing of peak oil, although its precise value is a matter of overview of reservoirs. In any case, an artificial step in an otherwise decreasing production graph is a zero sum game such as the entire fossil calculation. This number certainly depends on parameters in the reach of the Arab regime, not the American one. The so-called “fiscal cliff” is a diplomatic bubble.

If the imperialist cannot defeat the Islamic state within that timeframe, it will itself be defeated without a single shot by the shock from the collapse of its own construction. The diplomatic constellation is comparable to an atomic reactor after a technical failure of the reactor core, with the operator team wasting their time to chase protesters instead of shutting down the chain reaction, because they do not like the inconvenient truths on the banners. Since the Islamic state is not a spare operator team, it is taking the photographs of the relatives from their abandoned desks to warn the public that something very suicidal is going on under that lid, thereby triggering the reactor people to lose all temper, decency and modesty and grossly shoot around in ambush as their machinery is nearing the brink of avoidable catastrophe, and the public can only guess how long the emergency generators might last.

While the Iraq of the Saddam regime has been a hot potato in a trade war of rivalling external reserve currencies, now all of them seem to have sold out to the temporary illusion of unlimited exploitation. The Islamic state has herded the rivalling currencies into bowing to the oil rigs, and it remains the most interesting aspect of the situation to see at which extent the BRICS currencies might be sucked in by the economic death spasm. First, it is unpredictable how long the “dumping phase” before the final burnout might last and whether that time suffices the imperialist bombing terror to achieve the destructions it intends. It is only certain that the longer it goes on the shorter the notice when it breaks down. It might well be that even the current erosion of the overstretched currencies is an early stage of such a snowball effect. India and China have shifted their reliance upon coal mining to escape just that trap, but only for the price of an overblown carbon footprint. Their economic inertia drives them into the very same dilemma of stealing from many future generations not just the fossil resources they exploit but also the climate they spoil, for the sake of a few current generations who imitated what should be revoked as an extinction-level insanity. But they remember what the oil market has brought over Myanmar in the 20th century and might not like to taste that (and the Belgrade embassy bombing of course).

Such as the pre-peak exploitation on the global scale marks the last stage of capitalism which Lenin described as imperialism, the post-peak dumping phase marks the last stage of imperialism, which can be described as eliminatory imperialism. It is no mere coincidence that the most grotesque variety thereof, in the form of the bombing spree against the Islamic state, can be found at the intersection of two independent series of events: The Gladio campaign and the Mavi Marmara incident. The search reveals that the wrongly assaulted ship to Gaza is probably the biggest stain on the record of the Nato terror network, as it split the Nato regimes backing the ship and those backing the assault against it so effectively that Nato had to admit it was spying even against its own member states. The phoney coalition against the Islamic state is an unprincipled network of members spying against each other, and just that is what would have to be expected from anything it brings about.

As it publicly reveals its genocidal intentions, it is necessary to be aware that state X cannot be meaningfully regulated by the instrument of reciprocation against a citizen thereof. Rather, the appropriate choice of target is a citizen of state Y, with X and Y both in the “coalition of the killing” and chosen to represent a fragile relationship therein. E. g. the most likely way to change the behaviour of France is targeting Germany, or Australia to reach at Britain, or Canada to reach at Unitedstates, or maybe vice versa. After all, these are capitalist states and the life of the citizen is not worth any more than a pay check and sometimes not even that. But when populations who have legitimate issues against each other are in between a hostage and a regime, the choice of human sacrifice is not that easy for the latter. These regimes are so mad that they hallucinate the Islamic state talking to them already was a kind of recognition of their claims. But when their internal differences are being made a part of the dialogue, the will of the people may count more than the democratic ideology.

While conventional imperialism is “only” motivated by greed, this toxic mixture of eliminatory imperialism includes some more sinister motivations. Its destructive forces are no longer mere means of exploitation, as there is or very soon will be nothing more to exploit, they are an end in itself. In this perspective, Nazi fascism was an early instance of eliminatory imperialism spreading from an oil-dry country when the rest of the world was still afloat. Of course no form of imperialism is qualified for negotiation: It only wants to command, and when it cannot command one thing it likes to command the crassest opposite thereof, or at least pretend it had. That is aggression, not communication, and the tonality of incurable greed emanating from those attempts cannot but betray them as presumptuous lies. This becomes obvious when the imperialist approach causes death by exhaustion – then it suddenly does not like to pretend it had commanded that as well. What is the imperialist clinging to in its metaphysical ape trap, why doesn´t it finally let it go for good?

Most of the developments that are now being brought about by eliminatory imperialism on the international scale, e. g. the mercenary-fication of the Shia and Kurdish armies by the “coalition of the killing”, do find prototypes in the terror war of the Indian state against the Naxal Maoist, whose now disbanded fascist armies did not like to realise either that they had ended up on the wrong side of history. The public loose cannon rhetoric, in which the capitalist state drops all its hitherto pretexts that had disguised eliminatory imperialism and the fascist fervour of its morbid imagination permeating the failing international institutions like the odour of its prison camps, finally confirm a fundamental prediction of Anarchism: When the capitalist states are being kettled with the redirection of their destructive blowback against their own existence by the universal raising of the human consciousness and humane awareness, all of them are getting sucked in by the ideological death spasm of their allegedly unstoppable oppressive systems – and in the best case no one else.

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