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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Article on the SHAC 7 [USA]

20-01-2009 06:11

This was published by Herbivore Magazine in one of their mini-books a while back. I realized I hadn't posted it here, and it's not available anywhere else online. Hope you enjoy it.

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PFLP: Our position on the "ceasefire," "calm" and the weapons of the resistance

20-01-2009 03:31

PFLP statement on the so-called ''ceasefire'', 18/01/09.

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UK SHAC 7 Solidarity Action in Birmingham

20-01-2009 01:58

Today SHAC Birmingham held a demonstration against Barclays bank in solidarity with the UK SHAC 7.

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Time to step up direct action

19-01-2009 23:52

In the great revolutionary struggles of human history, direct action – that is, empowered people taking steps to bring about social change – has played a crucial role. In its nonviolent form, direct action encourages the kind of constructive tension necessary for growth and progress in society. A catalyst for change, it opens the door to negotiation.

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UK SHAC 7 Solidarity Action in Southampton

19-01-2009 20:01

On Monday 19th of January SHAC Hants took an early morning trip to the outskirts of Southampton to pay a flying visit to Promega, Enterprise Road, Southampton Science Park one of the newest found suppliers to HLS. We showed up around half nine, just as the workers were settling in to another long week of making money out of animal torture.

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LSE occupation continues into fifth day as other universities start protests

19-01-2009 18:41

LSE students have occupied the Old Theatre
tudents occupying a lecture theatre at the London School of Economics have continued their demonstration in to the fifth day.

Over forty students started the occupation in solidarity with Palestine last Thursday afternoon demanding that the LSE condemns Israeli aggression, divests from BAE, a firm that arms Israel, and provides material support for Palestinians. The students are demanding that the LSE waivers application fees and provides more scholarships for Palestinian students, sends surplus computers and books to Palestine and facilitates a cross-campus collection for Medical Aid for Palestine.

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PCSO Watch - Office of Community Sousveillance

19-01-2009 18:30

The Office is interested in playfully and creatively engaging with concerned individuals to interact and comment on government initiatives relating to surveillance, control and policing. The Office of Community Sousveillance will be patrolling hotspots around Nottingham from 15th - 18th January 2009.

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CCTV 'Treasure Hunt' around Nottingham

19-01-2009 18:10

I accepted the invitation to the CCTV Treasure Hunt in Nottingham city centre. On Sunday 18th January at 1pm. People met at Broadway Media Centre to help map Nottinghams insane surveillance system!!!

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Gaza Protest March Through Nottingham to Market Sq : Pix 1

19-01-2009 17:05

On Saturday 17th January people began meeting at 10.30 am on the Forest Recreation Ground.

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Traders Fight To Save Their Market!

19-01-2009 10:46

Northampton Market
Northampton market traders are fighting a 'Save the Market' battle against Liberal
Democrat Northampton Borough Council (NBC). A petition has already got over 7,000 signatures from local people who are afraid they will lose their market. The market is used by a diverse multi-cultural community of the working population of the town centre and its surrounding estates, some of which are deprived areas.

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Around the Campaigns Monday 19th January 2009

19-01-2009 10:34

Hermine Mofor, Still here, Campaign prepared to fight on

"We heard from Hermine's solicitor late Friday evening that her removal order was cancelled. Her story isn't over yet though, as we are not clear exactly what is happening. However we are so relieved that she has got this reprieve for now at least. The Boaz team have been to Yarl's Wood to meet with Hermine, we passed on everyone's support. Watch this space for more details in the coming days."

Friends of Hermine, thank you all for the support, actions over the past few days.

Background: Act now to support our friend Hermine Mofor

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Tony Benn endorses LSE occupation as key demands are met

18-01-2009 20:58

About 40 students have occupied a lecture theatre in the London School of Economics on Thursday 15th January. Since then, our numbers have doubled. They have six demands for the school and are in discussion with the administration now.

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March in Middlesbrough - Stop the war, End the Seige of Gaza

18-01-2009 19:08

Waiting outside the Park
Three thousand people marched in Middlesbrough on Saturday 17th January, for the first time in DECADES. Apparently, Teesside has never seen a protest this big since the miners' strikes and protests outside the coal mines! We chanted, marched, waved flags and banners, all in solidarity with the people of Gaza. The march culminated in a rally with speakers, including Yvonne Ridley and various MPs, and the spokesman from the Socialist Worker Party.

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Palestine Inspires Global Resistance!

18-01-2009 12:49

Protest outside the U.S. embassy in Mexico City
Gaza is a harbinger of wider war against oppressed people of the world. We are on the eve of a global capitalist crisis. This means massive insecurity, cutbacks in ALL social programs, unemployment for millions.

Millions of working people will seek to fight back against a system of endless war and greater and greater divide of enormous wealth for a handful and poverty for the overwhelming majority. Increasingly they will identify with and take heart from the many forms of resistance they see around them.

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Tamils Protest Sri Lankan Genocide

18-01-2009 10:03

Tamil demonstrators in Downing Street pen
Several hundred Tamils packed the pen in Whitehall, London - opposite Downing Street - for a demonstration on Saturday afternoon, 17 Jan 2009 against the genocide of the Tamil people being carried out by the Sri Lankan government. Many carried 'Tamils 4 Eelam' placards. Pictures Copyright (C) 2009 Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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Housing Benefit Decision Notices Inadequate and Illegal

18-01-2009 00:11

The standard Housing benefit notification letter used by Nottingham City Council misses vital information required by law.

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Ex-officer in BART shooting pleads not guilty

17-01-2009 12:35

Victim: Oscar Grant
The former BART police officer who fatally shot an unarmed man early New Year’s Day pleaded not guilty Thursday to a murder charge during a brief but tense court hearing, at which his attorney said he planned to seek a bail reduction that could allow his client to be released from jail before trial.

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Five hundred flash at heathrow

17-01-2009 12:15

[London,Sat 17] Midday today, five hundred people flashmobed Heathrows Terminal 5 in protest at the governments decision to give the go-ahead on building a third runway and yet another terminal. Among the mob were four naked women, lots of red 'no expansion' t-shirts, umbrellas and Heathrows largest conga dance. It was all finished
within an hour.

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Keep Salome Chikuta in the UK, do not return UK Zimbabweans to Malawi

17-01-2009 11:27

Salome Chikuta, a Zimbabwean national and resident of Leeds, currently detained in Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre, is due to be forcibly removed from the UK on Monday 19th January at 19.00 hrs on Kenyan Airways Flights KQ101& KQ424 to Malawi (via Nairobi).