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UK SHAC 7 Solidarity Action in Birmingham

SHAC Birmingham | 20.01.2009 01:58 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Health | Social Struggles | Birmingham | World

Today SHAC Birmingham held a demonstration against Barclays bank in solidarity with the UK SHAC 7.

Around 6 of us begun our protest outside of the branch, with people already stopping by just at the horrifying sight of the kind of disgusting cruelty that happens to 500 animals every day inside of HLS on our placards.

Plenty of people who passed-by and saw our protest, were informed about just who and what Barclays is investing in, they took plenty of leaflets and signed the Close HLS petition, vowing to boycott this bank who is currently investing in blood money.

Barclays bank were named and shamed as we shouted and exposed the horrific torture that goes on inside of HLS, revealing to many how this bank is putting money before the lives of animals.

The pressure kept on as their small que of customers inside gazed out in disgust and disappointment when hearing about the largest and most exposed animal testing lab, where staff punch beagle puppies in the face, dissect live primates and stitch kittens eyes closed and how Barclays is involved with it.

Anyone who has ties with HLS will be demonstrated against, the SHAC campaign is as strong as ever and each day HLS dwindles closer to closure. The public know about HLS and their viscious ways, and today is just one example of how much support there is for the SHAC Campaign, ever growing!


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