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UK SHAC 7 Solidarity Action in Southampton

SHAC Hants | 19.01.2009 20:01 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Health | Social Struggles | South Coast | World

On Monday 19th of January SHAC Hants took an early morning trip to the outskirts of Southampton to pay a flying visit to Promega, Enterprise Road, Southampton Science Park one of the newest found suppliers to HLS. We showed up around half nine, just as the workers were settling in to another long week of making money out of animal torture.

Armed with three megaphones, placards and an airhorn we made plenty of noise naming and shaming this company in front of all the neighbours in its road, letting everyone know that these people deal with companies who punch six week old puppies in the face.

This demo was just a quick visit and a reminder that when you deal with HLS, SHAC comes as part of the package.

Today's action was dedicated to the UK SHAC7.

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