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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Reclaim the Future...Riot vans at the gate.

01-04-2007 03:01

RTF 4 -2.30am report and pix

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Asylum Seekers Demonstrate on Tyneside as parliamentary committee issues report

31-03-2007 21:02

On Saturday 31 March 2007 activists from TCAR (Tyneside Community Action for Refugees) took to the streets for their latest demonstration against dawn raids and deportations.

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African reparations tribunal launches pledge drive

31-03-2007 19:40

Uhuru African Liberation Solidarity Campaign launches pledge drive to support the International Tribunal on Reparations for Afrikan People

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Youth Cease Fire 21/4/07

31-03-2007 14:00

Youth cease-fire and community action,,SE London

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Latest on police appeal against London's Critical Mass.

31-03-2007 03:45

What if the police win their appeal? Could it be the end of this Critical Mass, after 12 years of monthly rides, or the beginning of a strategic rebellion?

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Photos - Police, student protesters clash in Chilean capital

30-03-2007 16:23

Santiago, March 30, 2007

The government said 159 students had been detained shortly after noon and some clashes continued.

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12 April 2007: Day of action in support of imprisoned CO Halil Savda

30-03-2007 15:45

Halil Savda
On 12 April 2007, Halil Savda faces sentencing for a second charge of disobedience as a result of his conscientious objection - a clear violation not only of the human right to conscientious objection, but also of Article 14 paragraph 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.
Halil Savda needs international support, to break the vicious cycle of imprisonment, "release", transfer to military barracks, being given a military order, disobedience, and imprisonment. But support will also be crucial to achieve the recognition of the right to conscientious objection in Turkey.

For these reasons, activists in Turkey and War Resisters' International call for an international day of action on 12 April 2007, in support of Halil Savda and all COs in Turkey.

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Day of action against Bath Building demolition - report

30-03-2007 15:27

Yesterday saw a day of action against the demolition of Churchill House, one of Baths historic and beutiful buildings. In Bath councils latest step to further gentfify Bath, the georgian style Bath stone building is to be torn down to make way for a tin and glass monstrosity of a bus stop.

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African Student Leadership Conference coverage on Uhuru Radio

30-03-2007 13:24

African Student Leadership Conference
This Sunday from 11:00 - 14:00 (U.S. Eastern) Uhuru Radio brings you in-depth coverage of the historic African Student Leadership Conference taking place March 30 - 31 at the Alabama A&M University in Huntsville, Alabama in the U.S.

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Camberwell Squatted Centre holds it down!!!

30-03-2007 12:48

Putting up our golden horse
Holding it down since 10th March, the Camberwell Squatted Centre unleashes a new wave of activity. Upcoming events include cafes, bar-socials, films and a secondhand booksale.

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Best 2007 Activist's Information Source

30-03-2007 08:30

Seek & Yee Shall Find! Welcome To America's Best Activist Information Source Of 2007!

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Madrid: demonstration demanding a decent house

29-03-2007 21:55

Thousands of people took the streets in a new call from the assemblies for a decent home. They propose the massive movilizations, the disobedience, and the squattering, as tools for fighting against speculation.

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Nottingham demo against deportations to Congo

29-03-2007 21:05

On Wednesday March 28th at 1.00 in the Old/New Market Square, people gathered to protest continued deportations to the Congo. After a while the protesters walked across town to the Bridewell Police Station [next to the Magistrates Court] and made their feeling know about government policies.

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When the Wind Blows, the Cradle Will Rock

29-03-2007 20:04

In the windy isthmus of Oaxaca, the Spanish Company Iberdrola, together with the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), is mid-way through a massive construction project of thousands of windmills on the lands of poor peasants. The company is clearly not only taking advantage of the winds of the region, but also of the poverty, lack of organization and the stronghold control of the PRI in that area.

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There is no tranquility in Oaxaca

29-03-2007 16:27

Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca. Saturday, March 24, 2007
2:50 a.m.
4 anarkopunk comrades arrested and beaten*

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UNITY at the Immigration Court

29-03-2007 13:04

Shrine in Memory of Uddav Bhandari
Yesterday UNITY and other organisations held a protest / vigil outside Glasgow's Immigration Court. Here's some photos.

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29-03-2007 10:13

We are launching an urgent appeal for donations to the Uddhav Bhandari Appeal to return his body to Nepal so that his family can grieve properly and organise his funeral arrangements according to Nepalese culture.

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Nottingham (and Leicester) demos against deportations to Congo

28-03-2007 20:36

Video Photo at Bridewell, after demo and march from Nottingham's new Market Square
Today in seven UK cities including Nottingham and Leicester, the Congolese community and their supporters held demonstrations to focus attention on government plans to categorise the 'Democratic' Republic of Congo as a 'safe' country to return people who have been fleeing the violence to the UK in search of security. In Nottingham people rallied and marched, highlighting that the Congolese who have already been deported face a very uncertain fate.

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Occupation against academy in Brent

28-03-2007 20:00

Sponsored by a tax exile
Over the weekend anti academy protesters occupied and camped out on the Wembley Park Sports ground, site of a proposed academy. They have erected tents and intend camping on the site permanently until the proposal is dropped. The protesters include local residents, sports ground users, teachers and parents.