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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Resisting the Neo-liberal City networking event, Sat 24th, Mcr

20-06-2006 14:21

A networking event for individuals and organisations researching and campaigning on issues related to the neo-liberal city : on the processes of capitalist globalisation and the neo-liberal agenda which shapes it.

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Multiple Arrests in Turkmenistan.

20-06-2006 13:21

Turkmenistan is one of the world's most repressive regimes. Recently press attention has fallen on the increased EU trade with the country- in the form of Gas and Textile imports. The Turkmen regime's response has been another crackdown on human rights workers in the country. Many have been arrested on spurious charges and are being held, and tortured, in Turkmen prisons.

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Corporate Capitalism is run by SATAN

20-06-2006 06:17

Military Corporate Fascism (Military Corporatism) and the fall of the USA from world dominance.
Corporate Capitalism is run by SATAN through the use of WAR.
Satan loves a bomb. Collateral damage is his term.
Military Corporate Capitalism is Godless.

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Norris Green Workers Protest Sayers Job Cuts

20-06-2006 01:47

Nearly a hundred workers and their families took to the streets of Norris Green, Liverpool on Saturday 17th June, in a protest against almost 200 redundancies at Liverpool bakers Sayers. They called on the company to invest in the site to help improve efficiency, rather than make the redundancies.

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20-06-2006 00:56

As the judge presiding over the case of Rodrigo, Alex and Juan (the 4Feb prisoners) in Barcelona continues to deny them bail and to allow evidence from the defense, the prisoners commenced a hunger strike today, monday 19th June.

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325 magazine - Issue#3 Out Now! Anti-Prisons / Autonomy / Insurrection

19-06-2006 19:35

The insurgent anti-prison zine is back with another 60 pages of anarchy, prison revolt and social war!

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Destitute Millionaire's daughter finally gets her day in Court.

19-06-2006 13:42

Old man, helped to die by 3 NHS Trusts. Had not been dying. Seems to have been fleeced. Why will no-one listen? I have full documentary evidence to back up what I say. See more on

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CIQ Sheffield liberal BBC attacked !

19-06-2006 12:28

Individual revolt !

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Video from the hunger stike in Oslo

19-06-2006 09:17

The hunger strikers on friday were attacked by the police who stole all their tents and blankets.

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Rossport Solidarity Camp Gathering

18-06-2006 19:52

This wooden cottage, called ‘the communal’, served as an info centre
Report about a major gathering at Rossport Solidarity Camp, which is a protest camp that is part of a community based defence of part of Ireland’s Atlantic coast under threat from Shell, Statoil, Marathon, and the Irish state.

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Qaradawi again threats gays...

18-06-2006 13:59

Ken Livingstone's apparently 'fave' muslim cleric Sheik al-Qaradawi has called for gays to be burned!!

Ken should repudiate and disassociate himself from this cleric now !

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More corporate ethicswash??

18-06-2006 13:53

Article in The Obserber- business June 18th on who corporations are supposedly sooo worried out their eco etc image they're upping there ethical creds.... (as if...)

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ADSA pulls out of Queens mkt redev(east London)

18-06-2006 13:49

Article in The Guardian business June 17th

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East kent fascists-expose themselves !

18-06-2006 13:23

Two letters in a local newspaper reveal two BNP supporters. Anti fascists take note....

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Pakistan Earthquake Play - Nottingham

18-06-2006 00:44

Deep In The Frozen Night
Mona Media in partnership with The Lord Mayor’s Earthquake appeal are delighted to announce an exclusive performance of ‘Deep in the Frozen Night’ at the Theatre Royal Nottingham – for one night only on Tuesday, July the 18th at 7.00 pm.

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Killing season in the Philippines

17-06-2006 23:16

The escalating repression taking place now in the Philippines is no coincidence. Twenty years since the end of the dictatorship and three "people's power" uprisings later, Philippine society is hugely polarized.

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STROLL, ROLL, and RALLY against the Incapacity Benefit Cuts

17-06-2006 20:21

There was a national demonstration against the government's plans to reform Incapacity Benefit in Sheffield on 17th June 2006 in Sheffield.

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17-06-2006 14:04


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Mega protest march in Oaxaca

17-06-2006 12:35

Oaxaca teachers greet release of imprisoned comrades
Hundreds of thousands marched yesterday (16 June) in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, in protest against the brutal police attack on striking teachers last Wednesday. They were joined by people from San Salvador Atenco, the town brutalised by paramilitary police last month.