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Resist the Eviction of THE SQUARE & Festival

THE SQUARE | 20.06.2006 12:01 | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | London

Call for soldarity: Add your name, uni, trade union branch, group by emailing


Arthur Neslen, journalist and author of 'Occupied Minds: A journey through the Israeli psyche' (Pluto Press)


Debra Benita Shaw
(Senior Lecturer in Cultural Studies School of Social Sciences, Media & Cultural Studies
University of East London)

Dr. Stuart Hodgkinson
(Research associate, Dept. of Geography/Leeds University)

Dr. Charles Thorpe
(Department of Science and Technology Studies
University College London)

Ant Ince (Dept of Geography/Queen Mary College)
Dan Goudie (Music Informatics/Sussex Uni)
Klara Brekke (Fine Art and Economics depart/UEL)
Ewa Czarnecka (Depart. of Sociology/Goldsmiths Uni)


Bolivia Solidarity Campaign
Antifa London
BroadWay Market CAmpaign (Hackney)
LastHours Magazine
No More Prison campaign
Anarchist Federation (London)
RAGE collective (Reading)


Judith & Mariah anti-deportation campaign
No Borders Network (London)
London Against Detention
Campaign to Close Campsfield/Barbed Wire Briatin Network to End Refugee and Migrant Detention


Last Hours zine
London Zine Symposium
Sweet Shop Syndicate zine
Lipgloss Zine
The Steal
Gasp Distro
Fighting Shit
?Red Pepper


Common Place (Leeds)
LARC (London)
Dalston Lane Occupied Social Centre (London)


200Bullets ( )
52 Commercial Road ( )
Collective Responsibility ( )
Underground RailRoad ( )
Big Dance ( )
The Hair Of The Dog show ( )
Urbsounds Collective (slovakia)
King Blues
Ghost Mice
Plan-It-X Records

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Alejandro Cerezo from UNAM to speak at THE SQUARE!

21.06.2006 22:47

Saturday 24th from 7pm. As part of the "festival of resistance" @ "the
square" we will have the chance to listen and talk with Alejandro Cerezo
about the repression of activists, indigenous peoples, and anyone else who
organizes and struggles for a better future.

The Cerezo brothers actively participated in the student campaign against
the privatization of the UNAM (Autonomous National University of Mexico)
in 1999. After more than 1 year, the strike was suffocated with over 500
students arrested when the police stormed the buldings.

Thousands of Political Activists fighting for social and environmental
justice in Mexico, all over Latin America, and the across the world,
suffer the consequences of their own decisions to struggle against, in
their many different ways, the system that oppresses us. The powers that
be don’t like such freedom of expression. Alejandro, Hector and Antonio
Cerezo were sentenced to 17 years in high security prisons, not for
committing the crime they were accused of, but because the state decided
there was an ‘ideological link’ between them and organised guerrillas in

We invite you to watch these films and dream. Look at the screen and see
if you recognize a different version of yourself. In a different country
or city, shorter or taller, with dark hair and skin the colour of the
earth. Studing economics or architecture, aspiring to be a lawyer or a

Likewise, a politically active student is dreaming too. She/he dreams of
being you. Dreamed she has white skin and got in debt to pay for an
education and a future living in a place like London. One day he woke up
to find the lights on and a gun to his head. He spent the rest of his
early youth locked up in high security prisons being beaten, tortured and
fighting to prevent his freedom and dignity from being stolen. On the 22nd
of this month, he comes to London to tell his story that is at the same
time the story of many others, a story of resistance and hope.

Northern ( read UK, EU, US, etc ) Corporations are responsible for the
social unrest in the South, with the complicity and the help of their
governments along with their army and police force, but also with the
complicity of the privileged people who consume and are dependent on the
exploitation of natural resources and labour to carry on living as we do
today. We know that. Everything we eat, the energy we use, the technology
we have wouldn't be here if the exploitation wasn't perpetuated all over
the South.
Even while the exploitation of our everyday life, of our labour, of our
intellect, of our happiness is helping the oppressor mantain the oppressed
quiet and obedient, still we can afford to live in a dream.