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East kent fascists-expose themselves !

pirate | 18.06.2006 13:23 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles | South Coast

Two letters in a local newspaper reveal two BNP supporters. Anti fascists take note....

Both deluded twats below destroy their own 'arguments' largely.... and they've avoided being in the phonebook otherwise i'd have put up full details...)

KM group: East Kent Mercury (covers Deal and Sandwich in East Kent.) June 15th 2006. page 2-letters.

1) Header: British National Party members not racists.


British National Party Racists - I think not !

Oh please, someone, educate these people that keep writing in accusing the BNP of being a racist organization... where is their proof in this?
The majority of British National Party members and voters are hard working taxpayers who support the health system, unemployed, economic migrants etc,etc.

In fact, any of those BNP members/voters that are unemployed are such because of cheap labour supplied by Eastern Europeans and illegal immigrants.
The BNP is a perfectly legitamate organization and it is legal to vote for them, as it is anywhere in Europe to vote for a party on the right.

Having called Miss Chamberlain* a racist in your paper (June 8), would JL care to answer the main point of my letter of May 16?
Would Mr L feel so strongly about Miss Chamberlain teaching children if she happened to belong to the British Communist Party?
The International Communist Party has its vile tentacles in every aspect of life- although not as strong as it once was-it is still there.
So Mr L, are you happy to have children exposed to Communist propaganda and should members of the Communist Party be allowed as teachers?

*Miss Chamberlain was exposed as the BNPtv newreader in the Dover Express some months ago (She worked then at the Astor School in Deal-since sacked)- and the news put up on Indymedia thereafter by yours truly....



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