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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Doctor that autopsied Carlo Giuliani: "CAT scan showed fragment but we didn't fi

12-10-2005 09:23

Translation of press release from Support Legale regarding the 60th hearing in the trial against the 25 demonstrators accused of looting and sacking during the Genoa G8 events in 2001.

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Fasting in London at a time of natural disasters

12-10-2005 08:35

Nature’s tutorials
for wayward
leaders in control of human societies

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Asbo Community Centre opens in Nottingham

12-10-2005 08:29

Asbo Community Centre is opening this Saturday in the Asboetum / Radford Area. This new community centre has been opened up after a group of local people moved into three abandoned council properties in August.

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FWD: Trial of 6 arrestees during the 21st June 2003 Demostration against the EU

12-10-2005 02:33

The trial of 6 people arrested in Thessaloniki during the demonstrations of the 21st of June 2003, against the EU Summit, was held today in the three-member Magistrate's court of Thessaloniki. All six of them were accused for the minor offence of (participating in a) revolt. Five of them were Greek; the sixth one, coming from Spain, named Carlos, had been initially accused for a criminal offence and detained. After a long hunger-strike he was imprisoned, and the Magistrate's Council changed the offences from criminal to minor ones.

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Nottingham Community Print Resources

12-10-2005 01:52

Help needed to set up a print workshop and resource centre for Nottm's campaign community.

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Welfare rights UK - Tory MP Edward Leigh is challenged on lies against the poor

11-10-2005 15:18

WELFARE rights under illegal threat from MPs! - The Tory MP has been challenged on the false assertions made on tv and newspaper interviews which he made against the poor on 11 October 2005.
UKLAWTESTER are about to issue a legal action on Leigh (and Blunkett).

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Freedom to Protest?

11-10-2005 13:53

Just do it!
Recently, on 23 September, swift thinking by Bristol’s No2ID campaign enabled them to catch-out Home Office Minister Andrew Burnham MP (see Elsewhere, other campaigners against ID cards were less fortunate. In Newcastle on 8 September 6 campaigners driving to picket the EU Justice Ministers meeting were stopped by police on their way, and held for many hours in order ‘to prevent violent disorder’. One woman’s mother’s house was later searched! They were in fact going to hold a theatrical picket, dressed in orange boiler suits with barcodes painted on their foreheads, holding a 4 metre No2ID banner (see

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VENEZUELA: Bolivarian Revolution takes new steps against capitalism

11-10-2005 13:38

In the last few weeks in Venezuela there has been a renewed offensive in the "war against the latifundia" and a number of factory expropriations. This has had the effect of polarising the country, with the private bourgeois media launching a "crusade" in defence of private property.

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News reports on 'beenfit fraud' are untruthful, misleading, illegal

11-10-2005 12:26

Lunchtime London Tuesday 11 October 2005 both Channel 4 news and ITV news carried typically misleading inaccurate and unlawful items at the expense of the involuntarily poor and gave the standard spot to Tory MP Edward Leigh droning on equally idiotically because he is on the House of Commons select committee that officially minors the Department of Work and Pensions now fronted by Blunkett.

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11:30am - Illegal Eviction at St George’s Theatre – help needed now.

11-10-2005 10:49

Dozens of police decended have on St George's Theatre whilst the residents are putting their case for appeal to the High Court.

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Spodden Valley asbestos- a ‘hot potato’ that nobody wants to hold?

11-10-2005 09:47

The HSE, Env. Agency or the Council don't seem to know where these bags went to
There is still confusion over which government and council agencies have powers and responsibilities over the site of what was the world’s largest asbestos textile factory. A consortium headed by Countryside Properties wants to build 600 homes and a children’s nursery there.

Was the public’s chance to question the council- ‘Gone in 60 seconds’...?

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11-10-2005 00:44

the continuation of the dispute and its lessons

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Autonomous Study Project

10-10-2005 21:04

First meeting this Thursday

The Autonomous Study Project is a forum to study topics connected with various social struggles both locally and around the world.

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Nottingham Refugee Artist Project Festival Day :: Chile SCDA

10-10-2005 16:36

Community centre for Chileans and Latin Americans. Community language school teaching Spanish and Latin American culture. Support for survivors of torture. ICT Open Learning centre. Information and training on human rights issues. They exhibited work at the Nottingham Refugee artist project Festival day @ The Playhouse

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Nottingham Refugee Artist Project Festival Day @ The Playhouse

10-10-2005 16:30

Saturday 8th October 11am - 5pm, at Nottingham Playhouse;
A festival day celebrating the work of artists in exile across the region and the launch of an East Midlands refugee artist network: Long Journey Home. The day included theatre, music, song, poetry, film, exhibitions, food, crafts and free workshops.

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BLUNKETT has to be stopped from further illegal attacks on lawful claimants

10-10-2005 13:31

An up-to-date examination of the illegal conduct of David Blunkett MP the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions as he embarks one again on an illegal assault ion the poor people in Britain – as he did on the BBC radio 4 Today programme on Monday 10 October 2005

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10-10-2005 03:46

Not to support
A petition signed by people around the world will be presented to Heads of State in Africa by the World Coalition Against Death Penalty.

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Latin American Solidarity Film Night - Friday 14th October

09-10-2005 16:28

This coming Friday!!! Down the street from 56@ InfoShop

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Halifax (Bank of Scotland) and Lloyds TSB Bank Targeted at Guildford

09-10-2005 09:36

Welcome To Historic Guildford
On Friday 7th October, two protests were conducted by one man at High Street, Guildford, Surrey. The Halifax and Lloyds TSB Bank received representation from the Shalom Family, evicted from their own Home and property in Wales, by Surrey based property developer, Crest Nicholson Plc.

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Bush, God and Transnationals

09-10-2005 04:38

The tragedy (for the entire world) is not that Bush is delusional, mentally unstable and intellectually challenged – that is well known. Rather, it is that he remains as commander in chief of the USA – placed in that position by commercial and other financial interests.

The result for the world is war and innocent lives lost in favour of the accumulation of wealth for the few. That is the tragedy for the world, a tragedy of monumental proportions.