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Solidarity with Revolt in Greece, Dalston, London, Sun 14 Dec

15-12-2008 19:29

Police try to persuade man to remove mask
Several hundred supporters of Greek students and workers demonstrating against the Greek police came to Dalston in north London, where their attempt to hold a protest march was stopped by police.

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Solidarity action for Greek revolt in Lisbon, Portugal

15-12-2008 18:45

Anarchists create a disturbance with fire and slogans

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migrant text from Greece (on the riots)

15-12-2008 17:14

“These days are ours, too”
Monday, December 15, 2008

(The following text was distributed at the student picket outside the police headquarters today by people from Athens’ Haunt of Albanian Migrants. I wanted to translate and upload it here because it shows something very important: that ties of solidarity are being formed and strengthened across different sectors of the greek society - a wonderful thing!)

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Greece: The Occupations - Centres of Resistance and Counter-information

15-12-2008 17:10


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Support site for French Tarnac 9 arrestees. Solidarity welcome!

15-12-2008 16:04

On November 11th 2008, French Anti-Terrorism Police arrested around twenty people, mostly in Tarnac, a small village in the Corrèze region of central France. Nine were subsequently accused of “criminal association for the purposes of terrorist activity” in connection with the sabotage of train lines which had caused delays on the French railways, five of them were released on bail and two remain in custody.

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Greek Solidarity demo DEC 20th? Will there be one?

15-12-2008 15:32

Time for some ideas back and forth for this international call-out?

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Italian Anomalous Wave rebellion: General Strike reports etc:

15-12-2008 14:51

There is still a lot of activity in the streets of Italian cities from the Anomalous Wave movement. Last Friday a General Strike called by several unions saw actions, demos and shut-downs all over Italy. Here are some reports from the day.
Also good news of the taking up of The Wave by the ever-expanding school students movement who held a national assembly on 7th Dec. Finally, the evicted Horus social centre in Rome was re-occupied during the General Strike! Italy, Greece, France, Germany - the different movements are still out there keeping it real! Be inspired!

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Britain's Youngest Prisoners - Christmas Appeal 2008

15-12-2008 14:38

No Children in Detention this Festive Season

Dear Home Secretary as a Campaigner for Britain's Youngest Prisoners, I know that our paths are bound to cross from to time, but I should hope that at this time of the year we can put our differences aside and call a truce, on behalf of those foreign national children who are unwanted by the UK and that you intend to deport. I am appealing to you directly for a moratorium on the detention/deportation of foreign national children and their families until the new year and that there should be no children in detention this Christmas.

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Greek activists occupy TV station

15-12-2008 13:04

When the news doesn't show your views..occupy the station. Thats what Greeks did. The video of the broadcast from the occupied station SuperB Patra, a major TV station of Western Greece from the Patra area.
View You Tube video here:

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He has been found. He serves in Akropolis Police station

15-12-2008 11:53

One of the Policeman under cover working side by side with neo-Fascists provocating some days ago as refered >> here , was found ... . He belongs to the Special guards force of Akropolis Police station ....

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A collage on Greek riots

15-12-2008 03:27

Greek Uprising - A Collage
just did it... thought someone might like it, or even use it for somethin'...

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14/15 dec.: Two SL virtual world rallies IN SOLIDARITY with GREEK UPRISING

15-12-2008 01:27

SLLU - solidarity protesters
IN SOLIDARITY with GREEK UPRISING (see below) - TWO RALLIES in the virtual world SecondLife (free entry)

SUNDAY 14th:

SL 12pm-3pm PST (22:00-01:00 Greece / 21:00-00:00 CET)

SL 9pm-12am PST (monday 15th - 07:00-10:00 Greece / 06:00-09:00 CET)

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Solidarity action near the Greek consulate in St. Petersburg, Russia

14-12-2008 22:19

small gesture of solidarity from St.Petersburg

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The ghost of freedom always comes with the knife between its teeth

14-12-2008 21:59

These nights and days do not belong to shop owners, TV commentators, ministers and cops. These nights and days belong to Alexis!

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Solidarity with Revolt in Greece Demo - Photos

14-12-2008 20:25

At 2.30 about 80 odd people had assembled outside Dalston overground station but the police quickly tried to kettle the crowd out of the way of the public insisting we hadn't the right to assemble within given consent. I counted 5/6 full vans within sight of where we were and the police lines managed to pen in about 60 odd people curtailing any possibilities for further action, this included most of the Greeks who'd come out for the action.

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New Tactics in Greece: Rioters Use Lasers to Blind Police

14-12-2008 19:52

if the cops are cyborgs, we are aliens
Greek rioters blind police succesfully with lasers. watch the first parts of this vid:

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Direct Action in Iceland

14-12-2008 19:10

During one of the "regular" big demonstrations
Since early this winter, Iceland has been facing economic crisis. At the same time as "regular" mass demonstrations are taking place, more radical actions have been increasing. Anarchists, socialists, other radical leftists, and just average people have started taking direct action against the government and global capitalism. Here is a summary of what has been happening in Iceland for the last two and a half months.