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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Sheffield Pension Strike Rally

28-03-2006 21:08

At lunch time on 28th March 2006 workers striking to defend their pension rights gathered in front of Sheffield Town Hall for a rally.

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Sheffield Pensions Strike Picket Lines

28-03-2006 21:03

Some photos from the picket lines in Sheffield on 28th March 2006.

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Local Government Pensions - Sell Out Expected

28-03-2006 20:49

Dave Prentis, UNISON General Secretary, made it clear in an interview this morning on the Today Programme on Radio 4 that the leadership of the unions would be prepared to accept a deal like the one the civil service unions have agreed — a deal which protects the terms and conditions of existing employees but also allows new employees to be taken on under worse conditions. This is a strategy that will bring grief in the medium term — how will the unions get support from their whole membership to defend the pension agreements of the old employees when they are in a miniority? Why would new employees, who pensions rights would have been sold out even before they started their jobs, strike in defence of the conditions of the old employees when the government comes back for more cuts in conditions?

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Cambridge Picket Pictures

28-03-2006 20:12

Placards & Banners...
Today in Cambridge, hundreds of public sector workers either stayed away from work or picketed their workplaces in protest at the two tier pensions system that Neocon Wannabes New Labour want to impose.

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Video about the NAIL campaign

28-03-2006 18:34

This short video voices the views of Nottingham residents about the Eastcroft Incinerator and the plans to expand the facilities. The three incinerators on the site burn most of Nottingham's household waste - including recyclable materials. They also incinerate industrial waste including reject cigarettes, plastics, chemicals, tyres, PVC, animal tissues etc. On the site there is also a clinical waste incinerator that burns hospital waste including low-level radioactive waste.

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"Save Our Pension, No Extension"

28-03-2006 17:08


Like in many other cities throughout the country, there was a rally today (28 March, 2006) in Birmingham as part of the Pension Mass Strike. More than 1.5 million workers, across more than 9 different unions, went on a 24-hour strike today in protest at the Labour government’s attack on the Local Government Pension Scheme.

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Several satirical graphics relating to current protests in France

28-03-2006 16:59

Subvert of Thierry Henry car commercial
These graphics, produced by the SchNEWS lateral thinking department, are copyleft - free to use for not-for-profit purposes (like everything else on Indymedia).

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Rallies and pickets in West Yorkshire

28-03-2006 16:47

Union banners
A photo report of today's acion

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Oppose Savage Cuts in Adult Education Funding!

28-03-2006 16:08

Adult Education, in all it's forms, is the engine of Regeneration and Culture. Rather than agreeing with the Government cuts by remaining silent, we must all strive to preserve it and promote wider participation.

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Picket line report Derby

28-03-2006 15:51

Old Silk Mill
Despite being a bitter cold day there were plenty of workers who in their wisdom decided to turn back from the picket lines while others worked? The workers however certainly expressed their sympathy with those picketing.

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Bhopal disaster protesters 'arrested'

28-03-2006 15:13

Bhopalis who walked 500 miles to meet Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh find themselves in jail

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Hackney Pickets

28-03-2006 14:59

Pix from Hackney Town Hall and Millfields bin depot

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Human rights meeting;

28-03-2006 11:18

please see the pdf file

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The chosen and the chased (by Latuff)

28-03-2006 05:10

The chosen and the chased
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. funded Israeli occupation.

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the croocked of mayor Veltroni - Rome

28-03-2006 00:41

Rome: leftcenter + rightcenter=commercial centre

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London Against Detention- Public meeting

27-03-2006 22:11

London Against Detention
Campaign to Close the Heathrow Detention Centres


Thurs 30th March 6.30pm (for 7pm)

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Protesters against dawn raids give Tony McNulty the send-off he deserves

27-03-2006 18:48

50 protesters, including asylum seekers, church ministers and charity workers gave Tony McNulty, immigration minister - the man who refuses to end dawn raids on Scottish soil - the send-off he deserves, letting him know in no uncertain terms that asylum seekers are Scotland's future lifeblood and are needed and wanted here, but he is not.

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George Bush arriving in Gateshead ( and Manchester and Leeds? )

27-03-2006 16:01

On Wednesday June 7th, George Bush is returning to the North East, where a young man called Ross gave him a public mooning last time.
On Thursday 8th he's off to Manchester, and Friday 9th to Yorkshire, perhaps Leeds?

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Canning Street Revisted: An Appeal

27-03-2006 11:05

Appeal to anyone arrested at anti-G8 Carnival in Canning Street Ediburgh on 4th July 2005. Trials are still going ahead. I am a defendant & want to compare charges...

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Brutality in imperialist gaols - from Belmarsh to Guantanamo

26-03-2006 18:10

Wednesday 29 March 7pm in Room S50, St Clement’s Building,London School of Economics
Houghton Street WC2 (nearest tube Holborn)
Speakers include Eric Allison - Prisons correspondent for The Guardian