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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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wild cat strike

19-07-2003 10:37

BA cancel more flights
Many passengers spent the night at the terminal
British Airways' passengers face further chaos on Saturday following an unofficial staff walkout at Heathrow Airport. More than 10,000 passengers were affected on Friday after 80 inward and outbound flights to domestic and European destinations were cancelled.

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18-07-2003 16:50

Loonscape, the online community designed to challenge business to provide a better deal for mental health, has launched the Loonscape Social Exclusion Forum. Chaired by Peter Campbell, a founder of 'Survivors Speak Out', the Forum is designed to collect evidence from mental health service users of good and bad practice from financial service providers. This will be submitted later this year to the Government.

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  Hundreds of Thousands of Palestinians Face Cut-off of Humanitarian Aid: Hansen

18-07-2003 06:36

"Half of the 1.3 million Palestinians UNRWA helps will no longer receive food and nearly 2,000 shelters that were completely destroyed in the West Bank and Gaza will not be rebuilt, Hansen revealed .."
  OCCUPIED JERUSALEM - The United Nations agency in charge of helping Palestinian refugees said that if its appeal for millions of dollars in aid was not answered immediately, then the agency, the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, UNRWA, will have to cut humanitarian assistance to hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

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Irishman bans Welsh language from his hotel

17-07-2003 20:51

A controversy is brewing in north Wales following revelations that an Irish hotel owner in a Welsh-speaking area has told his staff to stop speaking Welsh.

The controversy arose because of an investigation into the Celtic Royal Hotel in Caernarfon by the BBC Wales television programme, "Taro Naw".

The hotel was bought by a group of businessmen from Ireland a few years ago who then received substantial amounts of public money to develop it.

"Taro Naw" investigated complaints made by a number of former staff among them that the management of the hotel had ordered staff not to speak Welsh to each other in front of guests.

According to one who worked as a porter: 'If you were talking in Welsh on the walkie-talkie, you were warned that you would be sacked.'

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Photos of action at St Leonards Police Station 17 July 2003

17-07-2003 17:56

Some pictures of the action today at St Leonards, which was called in solidarity with an Edinburgh protestor arrested during an anti-war demo earlier this year.

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Unholy alliance of Neo-Nazis and Zionists

17-07-2003 16:40

French neo-Nazis have hooked up on the Internet with Zionists in order to attack Muslims, according to Reuters, citing the anti-racist group MRAP.

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17-07-2003 14:42

The New SchNEWS BOOK IS OUT - Peace de Resistance.
This book is a virtual roundup of the anti-war movement.
Comedians Mark Thomas and Rob Newman will be performing at a special launch comedy gig, which also features projections of footage from Beyond TV. The gig will be on Wednesday, July 23rd at Old Market, Hove, Brighton. Tickets are a tenner, available from the Old Market box office (off Waterloo St.) Tel: 01273 736222

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Argentina Autonomist Project - Interview with Graciela Monteagudo

17-07-2003 14:22

In June and July of this year, two Argentinian women toured the UK to talk about the wave of social change which is sweeping their home country. Graciela and Neka talked about the Piquetero movement, which has seen unemployed workers taking control of over 200 factories, and organising a direct democracy through neighbourhood assemblies. The movement has also organised road blockades in resistance to the neo-liberal reforms which are leaving many Argentinians unemployed.

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local residents directly oppose development

17-07-2003 13:58

how local residents begin campaign against - diversecity - (a not-so-local development company)

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[ei] Humiliating Arafat (full text) | Report: West Bank "security barrier"

16-07-2003 22:55

Israel's rulers have renewed their threats to arrest or deport Palestinian President Yasser Arafat. In the past, the Israeli government even hinted at murdering him.
In interviews with British and Italian newspapers, Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon accused Arafat of undermining his own prime minister, Mahmoud Abbas. He also urged Europeans to boycott Arafat and to end all contacts with him, following the example of the United States, Israel and Italy..

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4th of July, Menwith Hill, arrest witness plea

16-07-2003 16:08

I was arrested on the above and I am
trying to find witnesses.

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Bagdhad Indymedia

15-07-2003 22:22

Bagdhad Indymedia is on line at:

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Statement on 1000th day of hunger strike protest in Turkey

15-07-2003 15:26

A statement published by the DHKC (Revolutionary People's Liberation Front) marks the 1000th anniversary of the Death Fast in Turkey, hunger strike resistance to the state's introduction of isolation cells as a normal practice in the country's prisons. 107 prisoners and their supporters have died in the course of these thousand days. The statement gives an account of events and comments on the behaviour of various political forces within and outside Turkey.

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Video clip of Downing Street protest at Sharon's London visit.

15-07-2003 02:35

There were many great chants raised by the crowd during this lively evening of protest against Sharon. This one was about the most direct and epitomised the feelings of everyone there... except the cops of course who just wouldn't comply.

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Pics and report from Downing Street anti-Sharon protest.

15-07-2003 01:22

The story of the day in a nutshell.
Many thousands of people gathered outside Downing Street, London to protest against the Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon, who was invited into the home of liar Blair.

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Argentina Autonomist Project - Interview with Graciela

14-07-2003 23:16

Interview with Graciela Monteagudo from the Argentina Autonomist Project.

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eviction day. in Dublin and Madrid.

14-07-2003 18:23

today two important and ·historic· occupied social centres of the European okupe movement were closed.
In Dublin the discodisco centre the first autonomous space in that city for 8 years was illegaly evicted.
In Madrid Lab 04 was evicted.

Eviction = OKUPÂTION.

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Remind the Gap

14-07-2003 16:01

Madonna will participate to the Gap's new clothing campaign.