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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Greek Revolt (update 5th & 6th of March)

06-03-2010 16:28

the workers who should print the new law on measures still strike and occupy their working place. unless the law's not published it's not legal and the capitalists will love that
friday the 5th: 4 hours stoppage/ demos with 10000/
three hours of clashes with police/ lots of helmets and shields bbq'd/
Vyronas after the murder and the attack of the moto-bike-cops
occupied Park in Exarchia
9 weeks of migrant fishers strike and soli-demo in salonika

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The Poll Tax: Twenty years on

06-03-2010 12:55

On March 5th, Nottingham Radical History Group organised an event to look back on the struggle against the Poll Tax.

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Photos from clashes in Greece 5.3.2010

06-03-2010 10:03

Clashes in Athens, Greece during protest against the new economic measures taken by the "socialist" government (5.3.2010).

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Leeds market is STILL selling neo-nazi celtic cross flags.

05-03-2010 23:45

white celtic cross
yes, Leeds market is STILL selling neo-nazi celtic cross flags.
The stall has even started displaying the more iconic red celtic cross.

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Across the Big Blue Students March Fourth.

05-03-2010 20:30

Why is it that neoliberal banks and corporations are bailed out while students are squeezed of every last penny by predatory student loans amidst this current financial feeding frenzy?

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EDL/UAF London 5th March 2010 - disinformation and what actually happened

05-03-2010 18:47

UAF continually created disinfo about this demonstration. why?

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UPDATE: Peter Tierney’s court date moved – protest still on

05-03-2010 15:59

Liverpool Antifascists have learned that, perhaps in a bid to deter protests, Peter Tierney’s trial for assault at the Crown Court has been moved from Monday march 15th to Wednesday March 17th. With the express aim of highlighting the violence used by even high-profile members of the British National Party, we will still be picketing this event.

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Oxford Radical Forum 2010

04-03-2010 22:30

We are proud and excited to present to you the third Oxford Radical Forum, taking place Friday - Sunday, 5 - 7 March.

The Oxford Radical Forum is a FREE three-day event bringing people together to discuss and debate key issues for the left and critical political thought, from climate-change to women's liberation, culture, racism and resistance.

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Drop the charges against L/C Joe Glenton. MOD, London - Pictures

04-03-2010 19:54

The day before Lance Corporal Joe Glenton of the Royal Logistic Corp appears before a military court to be sentenced for speaking out against the legitimacy of the continuing occupation of Afghanistan...

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Shepway gives Lydd airport the go ahead- shame!

04-03-2010 17:53

Shepway District Council (Folkestone) gave tiny Lydd airport the go ahead for expansion plans after a 7 hour meeting last night.

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No Pasaran! No EDL in Sheffield!

04-03-2010 12:43

The English Defence League (EDL) have made plans to march in Sheffield on 30th May. We call on autonomist anti-fascists to make a stand against them.

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04-03-2010 12:05

updates from greece 3rd & 4th of march
mentioned song is from En Plo (the sea) and you may find here:
whole album at pirate-industry
as it is free give some dimes your local ABC

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Welsh Refugee Council urgent call to stop detention and removal of 14 year old A

04-03-2010 07:54

Mashal Jabari
Welsh Refugee Council today called on UKBA and Cardiff Council to act quickly to release Mashal Jabari, 14 years of age, from Campsfield Immigration Removal Centre, and to suspend removal directions until a full assessment of his age can be made. Welsh Refugee Council does not normally comment on individual cases, but in this instance believes that there are compelling compassionate grounds why this boy should be allowed to remain in the UK.

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Behind the "war on terror": Cynthia McKinney talk in London - Monday March 8

03-03-2010 21:18

Confronting the Empire: Cynthia McKinney's previous talk in 2007
Cynthia McKinney will be speaking in London on March 8.

Cynthia had been a member of the US House of Representatives for 12 years and now a global campaigner for many human rights causes, including Palestine. She was targeted for removal from the US Congress after asking what the White House knew about 9/11 and when they knew it.

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Workers' Fightback - Students, Posties and European Workers Confront Cuts

03-03-2010 20:00

We support... rank and file workers' struggles against the chaotic profit system!

We believe... workers know how to run our workplaces far better than business people, the government, or trade union leaders!

We aim for... workers' control over our own jobs and our own lives!

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Sussex University - Occupation

03-03-2010 18:57

I am forwarding the following from the Sussex No Cuts facebook group - posted 3 March 14:56

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Gr. Updates: 2nd March

03-03-2010 12:15

Changes on the Social Insurance System ..?

We come to talk about it...!

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California Rioters Battle Police at UC Berkeley

02-03-2010 21:10

A crowd of people swarmed the streets of Southside early Friday morning in a riot involving seven law enforcement agencies, runaway dumpsters, flaming trash cans, shattered windows and violent clashes between rioters and police.

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Unemployed Workers Unions spring up from Salford initiative

02-03-2010 20:03

MULE spoke to Alex Halligan, one of the founders of the first modern-day Unemployed Workers’ Union, in Salford. The phenomenon is now sweeping the country, 80 years after the Battle of Bexley Square.

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Stop the Executions: London picket 4th March

02-03-2010 15:52

MALAYSIA is to be the target of international protests at the Malaysian government’s mandatory death penalty policy for drug trafficking on Thursday March 4th.