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New film from Balata: 'Elections under Occupation'

06-01-2005 17:25

The Balata Film Collective has produced its first film, 'Elections under Occupation'. Palestinian voices from Balata Refugee Camp speak out about the upcoming Palestinian Authority elections

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Gays win fight against Kent's S28 but...

06-01-2005 11:53

Gay activists have decalred victory against Kent County Council after leader Sir Sandy Bruce -Lockhart dropped local anti gay Section 28 from sex education policies. However there remain on-going concerns over the attidues that led to it's being there in the first place.(ie; Sir sandy believes in hetty marraige from a christian base-only 'tolerates' gays) This followed a meeting of Kent Tory Cllrs on 13 Dec where 3 supportive Cllrs pushed Sir Sandy into conceding

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Labour's Police State: public meeting

06-01-2005 09:19

Sunday 23rd January @2pm

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Brighton Fans release Single in support of new Stadium at Falmer

04-01-2005 18:03

Brighton and Hove Albion fans have released a single in support of their new ground
at Falmer.

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Support The M&S Picket

04-01-2005 14:32


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Iraq's communications cease for upcoming election

03-01-2005 22:19

As the elections draw closer in Iraq the co-alition forces with the Interim government have decided that silence speaks a thousand words.
Up to the end of the elections all communications within Iraq have ceased, they are effectively cut-off from the world and each other. In a country fighting for basic rights there has descended a new method in the fight against ‘Insurgents’, which I call QUARANTINE IRAQ

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Mexico's economic miracle.

03-01-2005 19:28

Yes, the all reaching touch of globalisation has benefited everyone at every level of Mexican society. Ricardo (pictured below) is a young man with his finger firmly on the pulse of the free market. With the help of a corrupt local doctor he maintains a permanent open wound to attract the sympathy of passing American tourists. “The trick is…” he says “…to ensure that the leg remains infected enough to dribble puss and attract flies without having to be removed. This could cost, and the local begging market is already oversaturated with amputees”. On a good day Ricardo will earn even more than his twelve year old sister who earns 36 cents an hour making Nike trainers in a local sweatshop. GOD BLESS CAPITALISM!!

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Devlish's journal of time spent observing Israeli army manoeuvers in the village

03-01-2005 07:12

Devlish's journal of time spent observing Israeli army manoeuvers in the village of Talluza somewhere near Nablus.

Talluza is a small village north of Nablus in the West Bank with a population of around 2,000. The village has been calm for two years following a number of house demolitions in 2002. The neighboring village of Asira, with a population of around 12,000, has been suffering constant harassment from the army for over a year.I have been in Talluza one week and my duties have been mainly to observe the IOF checkpoint between Al Badan and Talluza and to give occasional talks at the Talluza boys’ school.

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Bush - Fraternity President and Beyond

03-01-2005 07:03

President Bush was a Fraternity you know what that means?

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The EZLN. Send them drugs!

02-01-2005 21:35

The Oventic Hospital administrator.
Drugs appeal.
Do you have any prescription drugs lying around that you no longer need? Well the Zapatista hospital at Oventic needs them urgently. Below is a brief history of the place and details of how to donate.

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The Zapatista school.

02-01-2005 21:13

The school at Oventic.
Oventic was the sight of the first of many Zapatista education projects. We visited the primary school to interview one of the teachers and meet the children. Indigenous Mexicans have been largely excluded from good quality education. Many state run schools do not recognise indigenous languages as part of their curriculum.

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Oventic a Zapatista 'Caracol'.

02-01-2005 20:24

Caracoles: spaces built by the Zapatistas to organise their autonomy.
There are five rebellious autonomous zones in the state of Chiapas, where hundreds of communities are building a different world. The Caracol is organised by the Zapatista ‘Junta’ a form of local government made up of elected representatives from Zapatista communities.

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The New Year at Maelstrom

02-01-2005 14:07

Events in the New Year at Maelstrom squatted infospace, The Old Post Office, Hyde Park Corner in Leeds, West yorkshire

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Iraq is going to be cut off, URGENT!

02-01-2005 12:14

in a shocking twist to the events in Iraq, the Iraq Solidarity Campaign has learnt that all communications with Iraq are going to be cut!

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J20 International General Strike and Bush Inauguration Protest

31-12-2004 23:44

Ideas and many links about the J20 general strike and Bush Inauguration Day protest...
Call in sick. Take a personal day. 1/20/05
January 20th, 2005

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Zapatista Art

31-12-2004 20:13

For obvious reasons of security it is strictly forbidden to photograph the people at the Zapatista Caracol of Oventic. However visitors are permitted to capture the breathtaking murals which adorn pretty much every building in the village. The locals seem very proud of their artwork which requires no explanation as it largely speaks for itself. Below is a small selection. Enjoy.

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Rumsfeld: Doing the Dance over Flight 93

31-12-2004 19:22

Silver-tongued devil that he is.
In a speech to US troops in Baghdad on Christmas Eve, defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld made passing reference to the United Airlines flight 93 that crashed over Pennsylvania after being hijacked on September 11th, 2001. His remark that the plane was “shot down”, while not deemed worth more than passing mention by major media outlets, ignited a storm of speculation by independent journalists on the internet.

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The Zapatista Hospital.

31-12-2004 18:26

Clinica La Guadalupana Oventic
One of the greatest achievements at the Zapatista Caracol of Oventic is the hospital which provides healthcare and medication for thousands of people in nine local communities. We spoke to the hospital administrator; a self educated man elected to take charge of health provision in his community some 12 years ago.

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Interview with the Zapatistas

31-12-2004 17:19

The interview below was with seven Zapatista men and women in one of the meeting spaces in the Zapatista Caracol of Oventic. Permission was sought first by approaching the local Junta a couple of days earlier. They asked for the questions to be submitted in advance and focused on specific areas of interest. We decided to concentrate on the Zapatistas highly successful media operation and the present state of the struggle.

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Jesse Jackson on why he thinks Kerry WON THE ELECTION

31-12-2004 11:01

NEWSWEEK ! -- Jesse Jackson on why he thinks Kerry WON THE ELECTION