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The EZLN. Send them drugs!

Zinco & Guido | 02.01.2005 21:35 | Social Struggles | Zapatista | World

Drugs appeal.
Do you have any prescription drugs lying around that you no longer need? Well the Zapatista hospital at Oventic needs them urgently. Below is a brief history of the place and details of how to donate.

The Oventic Hospital administrator.
The Oventic Hospital administrator.

Medication stored here for thousands of people in one of Chiapas poorest areas.
Medication stored here for thousands of people in one of Chiapas poorest areas.

La Guadalupana was one of the first clinics organised by the EZLN even before the uprising. It began to function on Feb 28th 1992 with about 8 health workers. That first clinic which aided the insurgents and militiamen wounded in 1994 uprising has now become the Zapatista hospital. At this hospital and two other centres more than two hundred health workers are presently being trained. They are not paid but their food and travel expenses are provided by their communities.

The hospital is supported by skilled professionals some of whom come from abroad. They are performing operations and helping to train the workers.

At present due to lack of equipment and medicines it is only possible to perform very basic operations. Despite it’s lack of resources the hospital is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The hospital has saved many lives and continues to promote health issues and vaccination campaigns.

Ibuprofen, aspirin, paracetomol, penicillin, amoxicilon, folic acid, diazepam, dyhydrocodiene, morphine just to name a few of the most common drugs.

Intravenous solutions. Sterile gloves. Bandages and healing dressings. Dentistry equipment. Gynaecology medication and materials. An ambulance.

We have a full list of drugs and equipment that is urgently needed if anyone can help translate it from Spanish then please contact

To donate prescription drugs (Must be in their original packaging) directly to the Hospital please get in touch with:
Calle Ejercito Nacional no.17
Barrio del Cerrillo
C.P. 29220
SCLC, Chiapas,

Tel. 0052 967 67-4-5133

Zinco & Guido
- e-mail:


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