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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Birmingham Tenants & Homeless Action Group - What we are doing

27-08-2012 16:15

Birmingham faces a protracted housing crisis. A failing construction industry, recession, the depletion of the council housing stock, austerity and cuts to housing benefits are blighting lives across the city. City planners estimate Birmingham is currently short of 11,000[1] affordable homes but this is set to rise to 70,000 short by 2026[2]. We have taken over this abandoned council owned house which we wish to become the first of a new stock of homes in Birmingham. We plan on making this property liveable and handing it on to a homeless victim of the governments and councils uncaring incompetence. We will then defend this property and its resident; we will take the council to court if they apply for an eviction. In court we will demand that the council take over operation of the house, add it to their council housing stock and allow its resident to stay. If this fails we will peacefully resist any bailiffs should they be sent to evict the resident. The scale of the crisis The housing crisis hitting Birmingham is twofold.

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Tenants & Homeless seize abandoned council house

27-08-2012 10:49

In the early hours of Monday morning, activists appalled at the crackdown on homeless beggars and the council’s lack of action to create badly needed new homes seized one of Birmingham’s 11,000[4] empty properties. The group calling themselves Birmingham Tenants and Homeless Action Group issued a statement on their website[1] condemning the City Council for failing to take action to help the growing homeless population of Birmingham, which has risen by 25%[2] since 2009.

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Bullying by RSL chums of Baroness Pola Manzila Uddin - East End of London

27-08-2012 06:44

"While in Notting Hill, Peter Rachman’s old SLUM OPPRESSION patch they “celebrate” a Carnival today [Bank Holiday Monday 27 August 2012], in the East End of London, innocent and socially conscious people are being bullied by employees or recent employees of “social landlord” outfits who do not want the community to defend itself against bad landlords, shoddy housing and serious failings by the local Tower Hamlets Council..."

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Who rigged Britain’s hung parliament? ‘The Institute’ rigged it.

26-08-2012 17:10

Quote from ‘The Institute for Government’ Annual Accounts, 2011:

'Just think of the role that The Institute for Government ....played for preparing the ground for a hung parliament and enabling the creation of a coalition government...’

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Zaoatista orisoner suffering political persecution

25-08-2012 15:58

This article from Mexico's La Jornada newspaper summarises a report released by a Human Rights centre cataloguing political persecution.


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Free Soup for the Revolution - FnB gig

24-08-2012 19:53

Free Soup for the Revolution
Food not Bombs benefit gig @ Ort Cafe, Basall Heath Saturday, 1 September, 19:00 until 23:00 Entry: Suggested donation £2.00

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Urgent! Russian antifascist arrested in Madrid!!

24-08-2012 08:47

Russian writer and antifascist Pjotr Silajev is still arrested in Madrid. Silajev had been granted a political asylum in Finland early this year. The Finnish embassy in Madrid has said that Silajev can be kept arrested for 40 days!

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Unemployment a look into the Future with Humour and Awareness

22-08-2012 14:17

The Diary snapshot written in humour cannot but be praised enough for its imaginative narrative that connected with the websites members in a way that got them roaring with laughter but at the same time its impenetrable insight had many crying at just how real the prospects of it happening might occur.

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Worldwide Declaration in support of the Zapatistas

21-08-2012 14:11

Please sign the Worldwide Declaration in Support of Freedom and Justice for San Marcos Avilés and FranciscoSántiz López.

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From Peru: Letter Of Solidarity From Hugo Blanco

21-08-2012 13:27

“Worldwide Echo in Support of the Zapatistas:
Freedom and Justice for San Marcos Avilés and
Francisco Sántiz López”

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Bahrain: Shouting in the dark

21-08-2012 11:03

Reminding the world of the oppression in Bahrain

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Police arresting homeless in Birmingham

19-08-2012 19:39

Today activists from Birmingham Food not Bombs saw a dramatic decrease in
the number of homeless people attending the weekly food distribution
outside the Radision hotel on Holloway circus roundabout. Turnout dropping
from 30-40 people to less than 10 within an week.

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Atos Games

19-08-2012 13:24

Disabled People Against Cuts and UK Uncut have called for a week of action against Atos. Calling for people to organise an event outside Atos Office at St Aldates

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Solidarity With The Lonmin Miners

17-08-2012 12:02

Stop Lonmin’s massacre of striking workers at Marikana, South Africa
For a general strike to end the Marikana massacre

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Stop G8 Planning Meeting - Birmingham 22nd September

16-08-2012 11:51

In 2013 the UK is once again host to the G8 Summit for the first time since 2005, eight world leaders from the most powerful capitalist nations are meeting here on our home turf.

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Corporate collaboration lets Mugabe continue abuses

15-08-2012 09:29

Zimbabwe’s political-economic crisis continues because dislodging decades of malgovernance has not been achieved by either a Government of National Unity that began in early 2009, civil society activism, or international pressure, including this week’s Maputo summit of the main body charged with sorting out democratisation

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Look on the TUC march as an opportunity

14-08-2012 19:42

Look on the TUC march as an opportunity

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Sussex Police Crime Commissioner

12-08-2012 17:10

David Joe Neilson Independent Candidate for Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner.

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Anti-Puppy Farming Demo - 26th August – Please Spread the Word!

12-08-2012 16:43

Dogs4us is a puppy warehouse. It has branches in Leeds and Manchester. Dogs4us was exposed in 2009 buying puppies from puppy mills and telling a customer who’s puppy became sick to ‘take it back for a refund’ as treating the puppy would cost to much!

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Beware of Home Care

10-08-2012 16:57

Increasingly we're being told that sick & vulnerable people would be better off in the community that in institutions. What has happened to the mentally ill shows that this is probably untrue.