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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Pepper Spray Used on Activists in Copenhagen Whilst Detained!

14-12-2009 20:36

Defiance in Copenhagen During COP-15
Shocking reports coming from copenhagen of YET MORE police brutality against those that seek justice for the planet and its inhabitants, human and non-human, as people are sprayed with pepper spray in their holding cells for apparently making noise!!

below is the actual text on indymedia denmark:

solidarity to those suffering police abuse.

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CIA Agent Captured in Cuba: Beware "DAI."

14-12-2009 18:47

"To date, the OTI still remains in Venezuela, with DAI as its principal contractor. But now, four other entities share USAID’s multimillion dollar pie in Caracas: International Republican Institute (IRI), National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI), Freedom House, and the PanAmerican Development Foundation (PADF). Of the 64 groups funded from 2002-2004 with approximately $5 million annually, today the OTI funds more than 533 organizations, political parties, programs and projects, mainly in opposition sectors, with an annual budget surpassing $7 million. Its presence has not only remained, but has grown. Obviously this is due to one very simple reason: the original objetive has still not been obtained; the overthrow or removal of President Hugo Chávez.


This organization dedicated to destabilizing governments unfavorable to US interests has now made its appearance in Cuba, with millions of dollars destined to destroy the Cuban revolution. Ex CIA officer Phillip Agee affirmed that DAI, USAID and NED “are instruments of the US Embassy and behind these three organizations is the CIA.“ The contract between USAID and DAI in Venezuela confirms this fact, “The field representative will maintain close collaboration with other embassy offices in identifying opportunities, selecting partners and ensuring the program remains consistent with US foreign policy.” There is no doubt that “selecting partners” is another term for “recluting agents” and “consistent with US foreign policy” means “promoting Washington’s interests”, despite issues of sovereignty. Clearly, all DAI activities are directly coordinated by the US Embassy, a fact which negates the “private” nature of the organization.
The detention of a DAI employee is a very important step to impede destabilization and subversion inside Cuba. This episode also confirms that there has been no change of policy with the Obama Administration towards Cuba – the same tactics of espionage, infiltration and subversion are still being actively employed against one of Washington’s oldest adversaries."

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Climate Activists Tell Canada: Don’t Cop Out On COP 15!

14-12-2009 18:08

On Monday 14th of December, campaigners from the UK Tar Sands Network and Camp for Climate Action protested outside Canada House in London and shut down Pall Mall Street in Trafalgar Square to protest against Canada’s attempts to derail the climate change negotiations in Copenhagen.

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Urgent: Black Cat Social Centre (Bath) Eviction this Wednesday!

14-12-2009 14:06

We've just received our eviction notice. The bailiffs are due around at 11am on this Wednesday, the 16th December.

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Boycott Fascist Camden Pub - Gloucester Arms in Leighton Road

14-12-2009 13:21

A pub in Camden was the subject of a demo when it was revealed that far right group the Jobbik Party are holding meetings there. The meetings are held by the Jobbik Party international affairs leader Zoltan Fuzessy. Jobbik has 3 MEPs and is part of an international far right alliance that includes the BNP. The landlord of the pub is a Mr Coyne who "won't be told what to do as it's his pub".

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Leading Christian Palestinians calls for Israeli boycott, divestment & sanctio

14-12-2009 12:33

Kairos Palestine Document of Leading Christian Palestinians, published on Friday 11th December - the 61st anniversary of the UN Declaration of Human Rights - calls for boycott, divestment and sanctions in Israel. The Kairos Palestine Document is inspired by the liberation theology, especially in South Africa where a similar document was issued at a crucial time in the struggle against apartheid. Kairos is an ancient Greek term meaning the right or opportune moment.

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The cruelty of locking up child asylum-seekers

14-12-2009 11:06

End Immigration Detention of Children
There are alternatives to the policy of detaining migrant families

Last week the medical establishment called for the Government to overhaul its policy of detaining children in immigration removal centres. This week they are joined by a number of paragons from the world of children's literature including Michael Bond, Philip Pullman and Jacqueline Wilson. Both groups make a compelling case.
Leading article: The Independent, Monday, 14 December 2009

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Squatting ban in the Netherlands

14-12-2009 00:31

A pamflet about the new anit-squat law and what is expected to happen when it is passed.

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Newbury Bypass Walk, 11am Sunday 10th January 2010

13-12-2009 21:40

The annual Newbury Bypass Walk commenorating the fight to stop the Newbury Bypass will take place on Sunday 10 January 2010 at 11am. Anyone who was involved in the campaign are welcome to attend.

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Return of terrace politics

13-12-2009 14:52

As Gordon Brown declares class war on David Cameron from the hallowed turf of the House of Commons members bar via his middle-class PR machine, football stadiums are becoming the new battleground for expressing genuine class anger and dissent.

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Oil Palm Conflicts get Hot in Indonesia

13-12-2009 13:10

The Oil Palm Industry is well known for destroying forests, and also stealing people's land. This is a description of how in North Sumatra, these land conflicts have been continuing for decades, as the state continues to take advantage of the abuses of the Suharto years.

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Funeral Motorcade For The Deer

13-12-2009 00:44

The current hottest battle in the “Deer War” is at the Shawnee Mission Park, Kansas City, which local activists have dubbed “Death Park”. There were supposedly some 575 deer living in the 3.7 sq.mi. urban park. Local officials estimate the maximum deer population density to be 50 per sq.mi., which produces the maximum allowable total number of 185 in the park. Up to December 9, 313 deer had been culled by “Dr. Death” Anthony DeNicola. This yields a remaining population of about 260, about 75 higher than the limit of 185, and 75 is about what the Park Board has allocated to the bow-hunters, 15 of whom have been granted permits to do the dirty deed, with pleasure of course.

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Direct Action, Liberation and the Need to Persist

13-12-2009 00:42

Nearly defenseless against humans, the most dangerous and destructive species ever to stalk the planet, nonhuman animals suffer egregious exploitation. Circuses, rodeos, vivisection labs, factory farms, zoos, puppy mills, public and private areas where hunting and fishing are permitted, and numerous other entities and places objectify living, sentient beings, using and abusing them as they see fit to derive profits and pleasure. It is morally abhorrent that our species subjugates, tortures, and wantonly massacres millions upon millions of individuals from other species day after day—and we could readily live without the benefits that we derive from these heinous acts or we could attain those benefits in other ways.

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The United Nations' Role in Peace and War.

12-12-2009 23:09

"Let me add in the context of UN perception number three - that the Programmes, Agencies, bodies of the UN do good work everyday all over the world - WHEN not instructed by the Masters of the Universe to do otherwise - such as:

the unwillingness of the World Health Organisation to deal honestly with the appalling dangers of military usage of Depleted Uranium. I am sure you have seen the latest data from Fallujah? Where child mortality has sky rocketed and birth deformities – two heads, no limbs – are increasingly common. Women are now afraid to get pregnant. Believe me, the horrors of Fallujah today will be faced by the rest of us tomorrow - if we do not ban the use of Depleted Uranium. There is world movement afoot; the website is
OR the weak mandate and capacity provided for the UN Environmental Programme to anticipate, manage environmental/climate calamities world wide. We know about the disappointments of Kyoto, and now Copenhagen looks very tough going. Although we now see movement from China and the US, the UN – needs independent oversight authority re climate change policies and implementation if Copenhagen is to be different from Kyoto.

Or the IAEA – the Atomic Energy Agency - whose objective expert advice is too often set aside by the Security Council when military aggression is more politically attractive, or simply ideal for empire building. Or in respect of some nuclear states – such as Pakistan, Israel and India – IAEA is allowed no role at all!"

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Copenhagen Police Accused of Violating Human Rights at UN Summit

12-12-2009 22:04

aerial view of lines of people arrested
Danish police have indiscriminately arrested hundreds of climate justice activists during a climate change protest made up of 100,000 people that took place today in Copenhagen. Questions have been raised about the fact that the arrests occurred in a different time and place to where some trouble had momentarily flared earlier in the day. Journalists have been restricted from reporting at the site of the arrests since 1800hrs.

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Photos Of EDL

12-12-2009 18:26


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Fascist EDL Football Hooligans To Invade Stoke on the 23rd of January

11-12-2009 20:41

The neo-Nazi EDL have announced on their website they are to hold a violent racist gathering in Stoke on Saturday the 23rd of January 2010.

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New alternative media & news platform in Southampton

11-12-2009 19:32

The Dolphin’s Blowhole, Southampton’s new alternative media platform for residents, students and activists, has now been launched!

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Aberdeen Students protest against cuts,privatisation & increasing tuition fees

11-12-2009 18:54

Aberdeen students today protested against the imminent education cuts under the Aberdeen Defend Education Campaign (ADEC) banner today. The protest was directed at the increasement and possible re-introduction of tuition fees, possible privatisation and outsourcing of university services and public sector cuts to education in general.

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Ntarh Pascal Ntarh Belongs to Glasgow

11-12-2009 17:30

Ntarh Pascal Ntarh a national of Cameroon and resident of Glasgow, is currently in detention and due to be forcibly removed from the UK on Sunday 13th December @ 19:00 on Kenya Airways flight KQ101.