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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Direct Action; Ireland, Sweden, USA, Mexico & Italy

16-07-2009 00:23

10th-14th July


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What Happened To Mayday On Merseyside?

15-07-2009 16:54

Mayday has its roots in a radical workers' day of action. If you feel like you blinked and missed it in 2009, you're not alone.

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Message to the women of Iran

15-07-2009 08:04

Women's Liberation Iran

Your struggle against the misogynous regime of the Islamic Republic has gained great respect and admiration in the world. Your struggle has been followed by the world.

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Bottom-up rights and ethical globalization

15-07-2009 03:21

The UN human rights instruments have left out a number of rights which particularly affect the independent peoples (e.g. small business) and the most disadvantaged. It is apparent that these excluded rights were considered incompatible with neo liberalism and globalization. They are 'bottom-up' rights and entail an ethical globalization. These rights need to be struggled for to be included in domestic and international human rights law.

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Elementary Dr. Watson, Elementary...

15-07-2009 03:18


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destruction of calais migrant camps planned for next week

14-07-2009 22:57

rumours of destruction of 'the jungle', migrant's camps in calais are looking likely for early next week

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Demos & Surveillance continue [July] at Heckler & Koch weapons HQ

13-07-2009 23:12

4pm on Monday July 13th, people had gathered at the gates to the UK headquarters of Heckler & Koch, based within the Easter Park Industrial Estate on Lenton Lane, Nottingham. Nottingham NG7 PX. [Unit 3 in fact].

The campaign holds regular monthly demonstrations, [These are normally held on the 2nd monday of every month]

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Cuba and the African freedom struggles - film

13-07-2009 17:08

July 26th Cuba film show leaflet
South London Cuba Solidarity are showing this documentary film about Revolutionary Cuba's assistance to the African freedom struggles - in particular in the Congo and Guinea Bissau. all are welcome. No charge.

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Latin America is exploding in protest/organizing

13-07-2009 16:43

"Please join this struggle for justice and true freedom. Our brothers and sisters across the Americas are doing their parts from conditions of extreme hardship and danger. Surely it is time for us to “step up” from here."

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Discussion on Public Services

13-07-2009 15:35

Another Radical Discussion at the J.B Spray, this time it's on the ways in which Public Services will be provided in a non-hierachical society.

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Change in Iran

13-07-2009 13:14

women on the streets
The people of Iran have already effected change. They may not yet have overthrown the Supreme Being and his evil regime, but they have changed the world view of Iran. We now see a different Iran. The hated 'turnip tops' (the ayatollahs and mullahs) are isolated. This has only been possible through various networks and individuals.

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Call for Global Action Day in support of Vsevolod Ostapov

13-07-2009 07:25

On April the 4, 2008, Moscow cops beat up and arrested seven young men near metro station Sokolniki in Moscow. Now one of them faces up to 5 years of prison.We ask you to support the Global Action Day in support of Seva Ostapov on July the 18th and carry out solidarity actions.

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Rhondda Youth Fight for Jobs Protest a Success

13-07-2009 01:10

A march/demonstration took place through Tonypandy, Penygraig and Porth to demand more jobs, better pay and better opportunities for the young in the Rhondda Valley.

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July Events at 56a Infoshop, London (Film and Zines)

12-07-2009 22:22

Here is this months events at 56a Infoshop in South London, a social centre now in its 18th year of operation. As usual there is the monthly screening of films about work presented by Full Unemployment Cinema. Also there is a special weekender organised to show our finally rejigged Zine Library.

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Workers' Fightback: Update 10

12-07-2009 21:41

We support... rank and file workers' struggles against the chaotic profit system!

We believe... workers know how to run our workplaces far better than business people, the government, or trade union leaders!

We aim for... workers' control over our own jobs and our own lives!

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There is no time to act but now! Camp for Climate Action in Scotland 3-10 August

12-07-2009 15:17

For a week of low-impact living and high-impact direct action, keep 3-10 August free and join us in Scotland to take direct action against the root causes of climate change and ecological collapse. This summer the struggle against a capitalist system intent on extinguishing life on the planet will hit the Firth of Forth!

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1,400 dying each week in Sri Lankan concentration camp

12-07-2009 12:34

1,400 people are reported to be dying each week in just one of the concentration camps in Sri Lanka holding Tamil refugees displaced after the recent conflict.

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Calais No Border Camp 2009. (In)visible subjects?

11-07-2009 19:17

“we have access to food, we have access to clothing, you came here to talk politics so lets talk politics”
Co-operation between those with and those without papers must be based on actual solidarity rather than humanitarian charity.

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Tarnac 9: Summons for examination of witnesses in Berlin and Hamburg

11-07-2009 10:30

Recently three people in Germany received an order to appear in the court of Berlin, resp. Hamburg next week to speak out against comrades in France. None of them will speak to the judge, in both places collective public appearances will take place. You find the call out for the thing in Berlin below, the Hamburg text is not translated so far, but the idea is pretty much the same. As well you will find here a text written after the Berlin police was sent to the house of one of these comrades to steal her handwriting for a comparison with a letter found with one of the people in the Tarnac proceedings. The attempt was not successful so far.

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A strange night in Greece

11-07-2009 01:43

Gunshoots in Athens downtown. Three injured immigrants. This is fascism.