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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Egyptian Revolution Derailed, Contained

01-08-2013 06:09

In a statement issued on July 27, 2013, US Secretary of State John Kerry grasped the fact that the Egyptian revolution has not yet run its course; “Its final verdict is not yet decided,” he said

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Justice in the UK: back to the 1930s?

31-07-2013 09:45

Legal Aid Rally London 30/7/13

Proposals to cut legal aid and judicial review in Britain will make it harder for people fighting for their rights to challenge the government's cuts agenda, and will remove one of the few lifelines to justice for asylum seekers, refugees and undocumented workers, says Kate Blagojevic.

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Whose Streets? Cuadrilla's Streets!

31-07-2013 07:33

Photos from yesterday show that the police are massing to get Cuadrilla vehicles onto the site at Balcombe, so Cuadrilla can begin the dangerous path to fracking.

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UK Coal going to keep it's promises

30-07-2013 14:57

Is the new version of UK Coal, UK Coal Production going to honour the promises that were entered into to enable it to mine coal? This press release gives details of the opencast sites which might not be fully restored should the Company renenge on its promises. In addition, it is suggested that promised community benefits are at risk as well

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Jobcentre Plus week of action: 5-9 August

29-07-2013 21:00

police evict protestors who entered Leith Job Centre

The Civil Service Rank & File Network is calling for action aimed at Jobcentre Plus in the week of the 5 August.

The government is trying to draw a dividing line between claimants and those in work as it attacks all of us. Nowhere is this more clear than at the Jobcentre, where low waged civil servants are expected to impose sanctions and enforce unpaid work schemes for unemployed people subsisting on benefits.

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No Names, No Frack Drill

29-07-2013 20:43

Day 5 of Balcombe village's struggle against Frack Attack (Update)

Update - Day 5 - Monday 29th July - for continual updates head to

After a relatively quiet day on Sunday, today Monday, saw many vehicles arriving on site. Each delivery was met with heavy resistance. A heavily pregnant woman attempted to stop one of the trucks but was forced away as things got dodgy and dangerous. At the same time a man was arrested and brutally wrestled to the ground with a suspected broken arm.

For the rest of the afternoon more deliveries regularly turned up but only got through with police marching in front of each HGV and clashing with protesters attempting to stop them. A later delivery of office furniture saw a sit-down protest that resulted in a more significant delay and yet another arrest.

Perhaps as a sign of the struggle ahead the police have installed a mobile office on site and a casual conversation with one cop made it obvious that the police think they are there for the long haul. Some protesters thought it might pay to also set up a solicitor's office and branch of Infinity Foods alongside.

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Occupy Firgrove: Destruction of the trees

26-07-2013 22:30

trees in the morning
Wednesday morning, police, private security, fencers, tree surgeons, arrived to end the occupation of Firgrove Green and destroy the trees.

The planners lied, said the trees were in poor state of health. The trees had to go, as they showed the planners lied. Green space, the only green space in town, earmarked for destruction for an 80-bedroom Premier Inn hotel.

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UG#656 - Secret Wars Of The CIA (A Classic Speech by John Stockwell)

26-07-2013 09:38

This time a radio adaptation of the video, "Secret Wars Of The CIA", by winner of the CIA Medal of Merit winner turned CIA whistleblower, John Stockwell. In this vintage video, before the advent of WWW, an earnest Stockwell gives an overview of CIA activity and cites dozens of books to supporting material by other researchers.

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Homeless in Tower Hopeless Council estate

25-07-2013 15:17

With the 'debate' on whether to film Tower Hamlets Council Meetings assuming such importance that Labour Party Candidate for election to Executive Mayor of the Borough if Tower Hamlets has joined the fray, calling the 'debate' over filming 'silly'. It is John Biggs. He reckons that filming and recording of Council Meetings should take place without a row at all.

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Philippines - NDFP says UN report on use of child combatants by NPA ‘false, bias

25-07-2013 09:40

MANILA – The National Democratic Front of the Philippines’ Special Office for the Protection of Children slammed the report released by the United Nations Special Representative for Children in Armed Conflict (SRCAC) which alleges that the its armed wing the New People’s Army (NPA) has been using and recruiting children.

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Occupy Firgrove call for hellp

24-07-2013 01:36

Save Firgrove Parade
Local community have been trying to protect the only green space in Farnborough town centre, a green space, with trees crossed by public footpath.

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Rail Disaster in Canada : The law of Profit is the Criminal!

21-07-2013 14:45

Explosion in Lac Megantic
The aftermath of the worst rail disaster in Canada for decades leaves at least 47 dead with many of the victims still unaccounted for

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The Future Isn’t Working

20-07-2013 13:56

A wage, these days, is increasingly hard to come by, and increasingly precarious when found. The proliferation of agency work, zero-hours contracts and underemployment is well-documented. Microtasking, where people are paid per task to work from home for tech giants like Amazon, is perhaps the most developed form yet of this tendency towards casualisation and income insecurity. The idea of a job for life – itself nothing to romanticise – has been decisively consigned to the history books.

And yet, at the same time, the imperative to work remains universal. Hundreds of thousands of people are being forced to participate in workfare schemes in return for their Jobseeker’s Allowance. And with the new Universal Credit system, it is proposed to extend this so-called ‘conditionality’ even further, with mandatory 35 hours a week job searches, monitored remotely by Universal Jobmatch software. Even the unemployed are compelled to ‘work’.

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Where Am I To Go? London Roma Evicted

20-07-2013 09:38

Roma evicted in London

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Communiqué 1 – The Smart Casual Anarchist Federation

19-07-2013 20:55

On Wednesday the 19th June, in broad daylight, and under an agreeable sun, we gathered on the Bristol to Bath cycle path. We armed ourselves with the tools we would need – knives, machetes, saws, ladders & rope – and headed to our target.

We did not hide, we were proud, we attracted peoples attention with high visibility vests and before the schools released their pupils onto the path, we took action.

We cut back the trees and undergrowth around the street lights in the area around Clay Bottom so more light would reach the path during the night. So the cowards who choose to move in the shadows would no longer be able to hide there. To go some way to help members of our community see clearly in the dark and no longer be intimidated or feel afraid to be out at night in this area.

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National Animal Rights Summer Gathering: 2nd-4th Aug 2013

19-07-2013 14:56

The Animal Rights Summer Gathering aims to reflect on our movement, inspire new ideas and spread information between the various groups and individuals working to end animal exploitation.

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UG#654 - State Crimes Against Democracy (The Secret Government's War Of Terror)

19-07-2013 08:06

Most of the show is an interview with Lance deHaven-Smith, author of "Conspiracy Theory In America", who coined the term "State Crime Against Democracy" (SCAD) as a modern replacement of what used to be called a "high crime". Both speakers share an exasperation of the apparent credulousness of most of the US public, noting that November 22nd will mark a half century of emerging evidence about John F Kennedy's assassination, which the US government continues to maintain was the work of a 'lone nut'.

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Rushcroft Road Eviction Resistance

18-07-2013 07:27

‘Stop Evicting Brixton’, ACAB, also ‘I eat guardians’
As you have probably heard – Monday saw the violent eviction of many homes on Rushcroft road, Brixton, met with strong resistance. I wanted to write down some notes of things that maybe haven’t been reported yet, especially in the mainstream media’s accounts. (This is quite difficult, Monday was very emotional in many ways. This is the neighbourhood I have grown up in and live in today, watching it be further impoverished as we lose yet more desperately needed public housing stock, seeing people lose their homes, and watching police and bailiff violence on my friends.)

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Egypt – State of Disinformation

16-07-2013 12:33

It seems to have become a conundrum for many, but it was obvious for some at least since last summer when Morsi compromised with the spies of the old regime. This sort of Islamic revolution would be very different from the one in Persia a generation ago, where Khomeini resisted that temptation, not as much as the death toll on the most revolutionary segments of the population is concerned, but in its fundamental architecture and outlook to the future. The current Persian regime, whatever one might think of it, was literally rebuilt from mud, but in Egypt it was the remainder of the old which served as the raw material for the new one, with the Islamic association being little more than the icing on the cake. This decoration has now been removed, and lacking an internal enemy the structural legacy of generations of imperialist meddling has come to the fore.