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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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The Hidden Victims of Those Housing Benefit Reforms

24-06-2010 17:48

Several months ago we published this piece (1) outlining plans to scrap the £15 quid a week in cash that some people were getting on top of their Local Housing Allowance.

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After Lula: New cannidate of the left in Brazil takes lead

24-06-2010 15:12

After Lula: New cannidate of the left in Brazil takes lead

"Rousseff has the support of 40 percent of those surveyed during the past three days, compared with 35 percent for the opposition candidate Serra, Veja reported on its website."

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Knesset Bills Threaten to Restrict Israeli NGOs

24-06-2010 10:17

An update about recent legislative developments that attempt to restrict the work of Israeli NGOs as well as a position paper to the European Parliament and links to articles about the Coalition of Women for Peace's work.

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Greenwash spill at the BP-sponsored National Portrait Gallery

24-06-2010 08:00

Greenwash Guerrillas at the NPG
On Tuesday night at 6.07 PM the London brigade of the Greenwash Guerrillas got a call from a panicked pedestrian outside the National Portrait Gallery. It seemed that the prizegiving ceremony for BP Portrait Award was about to start, and toxic greenwash had begun to gush uncontrollably from the gallery’s front doors.

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Budget protest: Nottingham

23-06-2010 21:59

On Tuesday June 22nd, ConDem Chancellor George Osborne revealed the contents of the "emergency budget." As expected, this included a pay freeze for public sector workers (except the lowest paid) along with cuts in housing benefit and an increase in VAT.

The SWP-initiated Right to Work campaign called for protests across the country against the budget. These were supported by Unison and, locally, by the Nottinghamshire and Mansfield Trades Council. Trade unionists and others demonstrated outside the Council House from 5.30pm. I understand there were also protests by the PCS (the civil service union) at lunchtime.

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Novelty Band threatened by Brewery on way to Glastonbury festival

23-06-2010 20:56

Musicians and their young families were threatened today by 12 black clad
men hired by Thatchers the cider company.

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EDL in Whitechapel on Tuesday 15th June mock Asian youth in video.

23-06-2010 19:05

The English Defence League, a racist, Islamophobic group of thugs have made a you tube video mocking youths in Whitechapel. The video shows the real reason for their trip, provoking Whitechapel locals and causing trouble. They have blamed Asian youths for spreading lies which were in fact spread by EDL supporters via text messages. The EDL attacked local people and were escorted out by police.

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Israel on Trial

23-06-2010 18:47

Try the war criminals, not the resistance!
Put Israel on Trial for War Crimes!
Defend the Gaza Demonstrators!
Free Palestinian Political Prisoners!
Demand International Inquiry into the Gaza Flotilla Massacre!

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26 June:International Day Against Torture:Demo in Support of Rendition Victims

23-06-2010 17:46

26 June is international day in support of victims of torture - please come and support a demonstration outside the US Embassy in Mayfair, London, calling on the US administration to end its policy of kidnap and torture around the world, AKA extraordinary rendition

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Brazil’s 2010 Elections, Part 2: Dilma Rousseff: Our Choice

22-06-2010 16:32

"If elected, Dilma would likely carry on many of the same policies that Lula has advanced. This means a strong role in the economy for state companies and the continued development of Brazil’s social programs. Dilma would also be likely to maintain Lula’s foreign policy strategy of creating alliances with other developing nations, especially China, India, and Russia, as well as the friendly outreach to bordering countries that has made Brazil the leading nation in South America. Dilma, like Lula, would probably be generally friendly towards the US and the rest of the first world, but she would probably also be unafraid to take an independent stance on many key issues. Brazil’s continued opposition to US plans for renewed sanctions against Iran is an example of the type of independent stance that Dilma would likely continue. She is also likely to continue Brazil’s push for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council."

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Freedom is not an impossible dream

22-06-2010 15:20

A New Zealand Tragedy

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Housing Benefit Reform Set to Cause Mass Homelessness

22-06-2010 13:19

Thousands of Londoners could be made homeless due to Gideon George’s attack on Housing Benefit.

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Bonn CJA meeting / Klimacamp / Climate Wave and associated actions

22-06-2010 11:36

Here's a short report back from Bonn, the CJA meeting, the Klimacamp, Climate Wave and associated actions. Written for other purposes but posted here to share.

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Democracy village, Press Release

22-06-2010 10:58

The case of Boris Johnson vs Democracy Village at the High Court
Tony Benn’s testimony for the defence, Jun 21

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100 Filipino Organizations ask Aquino: Adopt pro-poor agenda

22-06-2010 10:48

MANILA, Philippines—Some 100 non-government organizations from all over the country under the umbrella network of Kampanya para sa Makataong Pamumuhay (KAMP or Dignified Life for All Campaign) are asking incoming President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III to adopt their pro-poor agenda.

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Information about the World Cup

22-06-2010 09:54

Extensive online archive of WC related material
Analysis, News, pic, links & more,40,5,2037

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Friday, June 25th KFA pickets at South Korean and US Embassies

22-06-2010 08:28

Dear Peace and Progressive Organisations,
The History Society of the DPRK makes the important point that the massacres, war crimes and genocides practiced by barbaric US imperialism and the satellite "UN Forces". against the Korean people between 1950-1953, put the atrocities of the Hitler Nazi clique into the shade.

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Italian Mafia in London the case of Niki Gatti

21-06-2010 22:03

Just short of four years to the day since the death of Niki Gatti in Solicciano max security prison (Florence) Elio Lannutti an Italian Senator is asking questions. We are talking telcommunications scam, involving Italy, San Marino, Switzerland with the monies being laundered in the most civilised and polite manner by upper crust british gentlemen from such well to do places as Lincolns Inn and various temples.

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21-06-2010 20:58

Protesters in Oakland Cal. successfully block unloading of an Israeli ship (Zim Line) in protest over the blockade of Gaza & attack on the Free Gaza flotilla.