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US student living wage activists speak in London, Friday

31-05-2006 12:17

Brie Phillips and Diane Foglizzo from the US student Living Wage Action Coalition will speak in London on Friday about how to build student-worker solidarity and fight for a living wage on our campuse, as the final part of their week-long speaker tour of UK colleges.

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No to Crossrail hole Bill demo outside Parliament 12 noon Tues 6 June 2006

31-05-2006 11:39

On Tuesday 6 June 2006, the UK House of Commons Select committee on Crossrail is due to hear the formal petition by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets Council the main focus of the local anti-CrossRail protests. Khoodeelaar! has said that that petition is phoney and is not in fact a petition. It is a smokescreen under which the corrupt clique on Tower Hamlets Council [that did the main deals with Crsosrail] trying to hide its real role - that of a corporate tout for Big Business interests and City of London conglomerates who want to get their hands on £billions of public money under cover of Crossrail which will not bring economic benefits to the UK economy far less to the East End of London.

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European Coordination Against Precariousness: Strasburg (France), June 9-10-11th

30-05-2006 19:20

We invite you to take part in the European Coordination against precariousness on June 9th, 10th and 11th at Strasburg’s universities, to create a resistance network and european-scale common action projects.

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Palestine Today

30-05-2006 14:37

Palestine Toady, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Tuesday, May 30th, 2006

Army invades Qabatia village twice in one day killing one and arresting five, Israeli Army kills one resident and injures another two from Balata refugee camp in Nablus, and assassinates one resident from Anabta village east of Tulkarem, Two residents arrested from Beit Ta'mar and Al Obaiat villages east of Bethlehem, One resident arrested from Jeit village east of Qalqilia, Several prisoners injured after being attacked by their guards, Army attacks shepherds east of Tubas , Army levels two houses in Borqen

These stories and more coming up stay tuned

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New refugee coalition in Manchester!

30-05-2006 14:35

A new organisation, the North West Asylum Seekers Defence Group (NWASDG), has been formed.

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Sheehan in Sydney: its time to withdraw

29-05-2006 22:39

Read the world between the lines
About 1000 people attended the Seymour Centre in Sydney on 23rd May to hear Cindy Sheehan and Dr Salaam Ismael. I summarize Sheehan in her own words as much as possible, but urge you to read the world between the lines in my shorter summary of Dr Ismael's material. Sheehan and Dr Ismael were welcomed to Australian soil with the story of Pemulway. Permulway died resisting the invasion, and then occupation of Australia, by the British. But the resistance did not die with him.

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San Salvador Atenco infonite

29-05-2006 22:10

Two companeros from mexico city in london

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Palestine Today

29-05-2006 17:36

Palestine Today , a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Monday, May 29th, 2006

Several main checkpoints in West Bank locked down by Israeli forces
Israeli forces invade Nablus, Balata in ongoing siege Four arrested by Israeli forces in Bethlehem Four arrested by Israeli forces in north Tulkarem raid

These stories and more coming up stay tuned.

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29-05-2006 14:45

Commonwealth Development Company (CDC) is the Investment partner of the Donor Fund for International Development (DFID). CDC owns an agribusiness company called Mpongwe Development Company that has been involved in corrupt practices,racism and land disputes.

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Bovis Homes Group PLC 'Take Over' Crest Nicholson Evicted Family Fax Invitation!

29-05-2006 10:44

Under John Callcutt, the new CEO of English Partnerships, house builder and property developer, Crest Nicholson Plc, evicted a Family of 7 from their own home. Amid new city speculation of a 'take over', Bovis Homes Plc has been sent an invitation to understand the implications.

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Children (Detention Centres) Amendment Bill 2006

29-05-2006 05:30

Harsh and dehumanizing
It is important to remember that development of a separate Juvenile Justice system was intended to provide a model that was more focused on rehabilitation than the adult correctional system. As with other recent reforms in the area of juvenile justice this legislation is yet another step towards creating a juvenile justice system that is harsh and dehumanizing.

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Latin American Anarchist Journal

29-05-2006 03:54

Incendio Publicacion! - English and Espanol
New Bi-lingual Anarchist Journal focused on Latin America!

Incendio is...

An endeavor that some of us have taken up to increase communication with anarchists in Latin America, network, learn from their struggles, illuminate opportunities for solidarity actions, provide a forum for Latin American anarchists to share ideas and analysis, break down the language barrier, and make support efforts more possible.

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Top Cop Blair complains his lies were leaked.

28-05-2006 17:29

Sir Ian Blair, Met Police Commissioner, has complained that the fact he lied about the cost of trashing Brian Haw's demonstration was leaked to the press. In an extraordinary e-mail to Metropolitan Police Authority members and officials he wrote:

"I am disappointed by what seems to be a leak to the press out of what is an ordinary and internal meeting. Such behaviour appears to be contrary to the values of the organisation and this will be looked into accordingly."

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Immigration Reporting Centres: National Update and Call-out

28-05-2006 14:09

As the twice-monthly pickets of the Immigration Reporting Centre at North Shields on Tyneside enter their sixth month, Tyneside Community Action for Refugees (TCAR) has called for a national day of action against reporting centres for the 22nd June, as part of Refugee Week.

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Activists arrested as gays defy Moscow Pride ban..

28-05-2006 13:50

Reports from the Moscow gay Pride parade and conference which have gone ahead despite the threats of bans and violence...

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"Stranger than Fiction" - time to review precisely why justice has failed us?

28-05-2006 13:44

In light of Mark Thomas's excellent move on Thursday in Parliament Square in support of Brian Haw and what he stands for, I feel it is necessary to air this inflammatory but undeniable article again. -- Will the real Goldstein please stand up?

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A long weekend in Gothenburg, Critical Mass and Hammarkullen Carnival

28-05-2006 12:49

Cycling, food, dance, sunshine, salsa and fellowship across cultural boundaries, if it wasn’t for the hangover it would have been a perfect weekend.

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US Concentration camps: Training for the American Gulag

28-05-2006 12:01

The U.S. army opens a mock detention facility on June 2 to improve training of soldiers for detainee operations. Instructors will include soldiers with experience at Guantanamo, Iraq and Afghanistan, according to the Army.

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Norway: Afghan refugees on hungerstrike

28-05-2006 08:23

after a demo on 22 of may, afghan refugees are escalating with a hungerstrike their protests against the decision of the norwegian government for their immediate deportaton to afghanistan.