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San Salvador Atenco infonite

Z.A.P. | 29.05.2006 22:10 | Repression | Social Struggles | Zapatista | London

Two companeros from mexico city in london

Tonight (30/5) we are showing video about the repression in Atenco, in the "everithing4everyone" cafe' in the occupied theatre in Dalston.
Two friends from Mexico city will be also present to talk about how the situation is developing.
There are more then 20 people in jail, more and more claim of sexual abuse are coming out, the mass media in mexico already cancel the news from their program. While the other campaign stopped in Mexico city indefinitely to organize the the next step they will take.
we invite everyone is interest in support, from this side of the sea, the struggle to free all the prisoner to come.....
we meet at 6 pm in the cafe'.
4 Dalston Lane (opposite the "peace mural")