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"Stranger than Fiction" - time to review precisely why justice has failed us?

JusticePlease | 28.05.2006 13:44 | Globalisation | Repression | Social Struggles

In light of Mark Thomas's excellent move on Thursday in Parliament Square in support of Brian Haw and what he stands for, I feel it is necessary to air this inflammatory but undeniable article again. -- Will the real Goldstein please stand up?

Until it is fully recognised why there appears to be NO viable return to democracy left to us ordinary mortals, we cannot proceed on the path of justice.

IMV, the article at this link should be taken very seriously indeed:-

I have chosen this link above others as it's the only source that appears unabridged and acknowledges who the author is - a very brave man who has since become 'anonymous' (but we are never anonymous for long in this era of Echelon, NSA, Mossad etc etc) - we can just keep dancing and at least make it a tad more difficult for the PTB to ID us as individuals.

There is nowhere left to hide, so why bother? Is life so very precious that we can encompass even the worst Orwell proposed? I think not. Now, as always, is the time to stand up to injustice in all its forms.

A careful study of Lobaczewski's Political Ponerology ? - this link might also help:-

JusticePlease! (shades of hypocrisy intentional ;)

"Only justice prevents kingdoms becoming the playthings of criminals" - St.Augustine



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  1. good angry reason, keep it up, but — but the red herring of choice is ALWAYS the israelis
  2.'s all the fault of the jews (again) — FFS
  3. - or, perhaps thoughtful people can get "programmed" in a "peripheral" way 2 ? — 2 choices???? - hmmm. "itsallzogs or "itsallbollox" ???? - hmmm.