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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Leeds demonstration called against Zimbabwean deportations

05-09-2006 23:07

Following a recent legal setback, Zimbabweans living in Leeds have called a city-centre demonstration for Saturday 16 September in protest at the UK government's renewed efforts to deport all "failed asylum seekers" back to Zimbabwe. The protest has the support of several groups and organisations in Leeds, including No Borders, the Refugee Council and members of the Common Place social centre.

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The NHS? We'll Take It From Here!

05-09-2006 20:16

In a 'triumph of Blairism', the government has awarded a £1.5 billion NHS contract to DHL - a Germany-based air courier company. Workers in Runcorn are amongst those considering strike action.

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05-09-2006 19:42

I recognise what Danny is saying, the innocents as he calls them, this may be true - I remain open to these forms of discussions of even the inklings of our humanity and our true nature. I know of an RAF doctor and a UK soldier and quite a few ex-US soldiers who left the army because they did not want to kill, torture and participate in something they knew was wrong. But I think I am asking a separate question, do I want to cry over the death of a solider, no, as that is one less soldier killing innocent people, waging an illegal war, participating in an illegal invasion.

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05-09-2006 19:38

I would like to correct the claims about the Rwandan conflict. The allegations of US involvement in the death of innocent people in the Bologna train bombings in Italy were proven to be true. If I believed the corporate media, the US and UK allies are saviours but thankfully there is something called reality and that even exists in Africa. The fake armies paid for by these thugs are becoming as apparent in Africa as they are in Europe. As Chomsky says even at the anniversary of Rwanda, the same number of people, about 8,000 people, about 8,000 children in fact, are dying in southern Africa every day from easily treatable diseases. We add hunger, it's going to go way up, let's keep to easily treatable diseases. That's Rwanda-level killing among children only, in southern Africa, not for 100 days, but every day. who does what?

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Day 5 of Mersey Fire Strike: Talks Break Down

05-09-2006 18:51

Firefighter Mark Rowe - Speaking up for Merseysiders
Talks seemed to have broken down between Merseyside FBU and the Fire Authority today, as allegations were slung backwards and forwards.

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05-09-2006 13:10

COALITION AGAINST THE WELFARE REFORM BILL (CAWRB) Demo/Lobby In Manchester on Monday 25th September 2006

A leaflet on the Manchester demo giving times and everything else you need to know

· A statement to the government, which is more information

· A petition...... would be great if you could copy this and get it filled out and sent back (and I already know that some of you will do this)

· An opportunity to make a donation to the campaign though Danners might want to support DAN and your colleagues instead.

Hopefully this information will start tailoring off now many thanks for your patience

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Khoodeelaar! Open Letter to local MP George Galloway about Crossrail

05-09-2006 11:09

The Khoodeelaar! campaign in defence of the East End against Crossrail hole Bill attacks was the first and the ONLY independent local campaign [or grouping] in the area to stand up for George Galloway in public when Galloway was being politically assaulted by the Blairing brigade over his absence away in January 2006. In the past 8 months, the Crsosrail hole Bill has been given undue backing by a committee of MPs which has been targeted as a poodles committee. Khoodeelaar! is now wanting to know what, if any, position George Galloway has on the subject of the role of the Select Committee so far and what he has said to oppose the Crossrail hole plot after the announcement on 25 July 2006 that the poodles committee was backing the CRASSRAIL hole plot on the East End

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Haiti: Declaration by the Commission of Women Victims for Victims

05-09-2006 07:42

Port-au-Prince, Haiti, September 1, 2006: Despite the threat of violence amidst continuing arson attacks and gun battles in Port-au-Prince’s poorest neighborhoods, hundreds of women victims of rape will march through the capital today with faces veiled to raise their voices against ongoing violence and discrimination against women. On the occasion of this historic march, the Commission of Women Victims for Victims (KOFAVIV) has released the following declaration:

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Australia: Thousands hear US military lawyer for David Hicks

05-09-2006 07:35

A definite shift has taken place
No doubt the Howard government will respond to the growing demands for Hicks’s immediate release in the only way it knows—with more slander and innuendo. But as the popular response to Mori’s public meetings and lectures makes clear, a definite shift has taken place in public sentiment that will only deepen in the coming period.

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Australian government insists on independent military presence in East Timor

05-09-2006 07:11

Pressuring East Timor’s parliament
In the midst of this growing instability, Australian Foreign Minister Downer’s visit is aimed at safeguarding Canberra’s interests and pressuring East Timor’s parliament into giving an immediate go-ahead for the exploitation of Timor Sea oil and gas.

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04-09-2006 22:29

In the three wars in Rwanda, Bosnia and Kosovo, over a million civilians were killed, much greater than military casualties. These people have not chosen to kill or be killed. Today, we heard about the deaths of soldiers, how they do not have enough money for the operation to kill or protect themselves from people defending their own lives from invasion, pillaging and aggression.
Yet on the corporate media, I do not hear the names of the millions of civilians who have died in the names of soliders fighting their own cultural fundamentalist state sponsored killing.

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Wrexham Council votes for landfill

04-09-2006 21:50

Residents of Johnstown vow to continue their protests at Hafod Quarry following failure by Wrexham Council to revoke planning permission for landfill at the site, part of which is a Special Area of Conservation and home to great crested newts. The landfill site is also just 150 yards from local houses. Several other landfill sites in the area have caused nuisance, noise and pollution for years and local people have had enough.

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Save Frenchwood Rec - Save The Ribble!

04-09-2006 19:17

Local people will be rambling around Frenchwood Recreation Ground on Sunday 10th September. The area, which includes popular football pitches and borders the beautiful River Ribble is under threat from ideas in Preston City Council's 'Riverworks' proposals - which include large housing developments over green areas including the rec, as well as the environmentally disastrous idea of building a barrage across the river, and concreting over the banks for boat moorings.

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Day 4 of Mersey Fire Strike: More 'Negotiating' Amid Allegations

04-09-2006 17:42

Firefighter Mark Rowe - Speaking up for Merseysiders
Merseyside firefighters today began the second part of their eight day strike, following a two hour return to work. Meanwhile, Merseyside FBU secretary Les Skarratts continued his secretive face-to-face "negotiating" with Assistant Chief Fire Officer Bill Evans.

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OutRage!: The Talibanisation of Iraq...

04-09-2006 14:10

OutRage! highlights the greatly increasing threat to lgbt people in Iraq from extremist muslim group(s).

(Cue..rant from 'Twiglet'..?)

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Haiti: Lavalas Family propaganda and The Lancet

04-09-2006 14:01

Results of a new survey have just been published in the prestigous magazine, The Lancet. The 'survey' claims that huge numbers of people were killed and sexually assaulted in Port-au-Prince in the 20 months following the collapse of the Aristide/Lavalas Family (FL) government. It further contends that the perpetrators of the abuses were the criminals, police, former soldiers and anti-FL gangsters, and that hardly any abuses were committed by pro-FL gangsters. Has pro-Lavalas Family propaganda struck again?

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House Builder Crest Nicholson 'Move House' - Family Invite Change of Position

04-09-2006 11:40

Merchant Bankers UBS London UK Family Presentation
Supported by UBS Bank, HBOS, Legal & General Group and Heron International, Weybridge-based house builder – Crest Nicholson, have recently ‘moved house’. The shifty move to relocate their UK head office from Weybridge to Chertsey in Surrey, comes at a time when the company still appears to be considering an immoral legacy left by John Callcutt CBE, a former Chief Executive Officer.

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Sistani Helpless to Prevent Civil War

03-09-2006 19:51

Iraq's most revered Shiite scholar Grand Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani has said that he is helpless to prevent a civil war in Iraq, lamenting that he no longer as an influence on Shiites who have switched allegiance to militant groups and death squads.

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Day 3 of Mersey Fire Strike: FBU's Skarratts Blinks First

03-09-2006 15:25

Firefighter Mark Rowe - Speaking up for Merseysiders
Even though the firefighters' strike seems to be absolutely solid, there are worrying signs that Merseyside FBU secretary Les Skarratts may be preparing a retreat.

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Pathological Fixation on Work

03-09-2006 13:47

Work mania - voluntarily - has become social normality. We have largely internalized the norms of the work society. In other words, we are susceptible to work mania. Technical and economic progress is always passed off as progress of individuals or humanity.