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Urgent Help needed for victim of trafficking and child prostitution

11-04-2007 08:19

Harriet Mutoni is the victim of trafficking and child prostitution. She was trafficked into the UK in January 2005. In March 2007 she was assessed by the Poppy Project who confirmed that her experiences are consistent with those of other victims of trafficking. If Harriet is returned to Uganda she would have no support network and would face severe circumstances, including the likelihood of being forced to return to prostitution.

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Manchester No2ID Events, April 2007

10-04-2007 22:43

Manchester No2ID Logo
Here's the latest events from Manchester No2ID, hope to see you there!

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Eight good reasons to block the G8

10-04-2007 20:28

An impressive number of groups in Germany and outside is currently preparing to effectively blockade the G8 summit this June. At least they will try to, they are, of course countered by a large police force that will try and stop them.
At various info-nights about these mobilisation efforts held in the Netherlands, you often hear people voicing doubts about the use of blockades. It is sometimes claimed that they be “useless”, “a ritual” and that “summits are only symbols”. Below you will find eight good reasons for taking part in the blockades and help making them successful.

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Urgent response needed for [name removed as requested by subject]

10-04-2007 16:49

[Name removed as requested by subject] a national of Kenya and her husband were forced to leave Kenya in 1990 as her husband was Ugandan and at the time Ugandans were being persecuted in Kenya. [Name removed] and her husband fled to Swaziland. Unfortunately [name removed]'s husband passed away. The Swaziland Authorities started making life very difficult for [Name removed] to carry on working there. She left for the UK in 2003 hoping to be able to work and provide for herself.


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Fortnightly refuse collection

10-04-2007 15:07

Fortnightly refuse collections, aside from the implications for public health, are proving highly unpopular with local residents. The Council elections in May, provide the opportunity to kick out the arrogant councillors who are pushing fortnightly waste collection and putting at risk public health.

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The sling as the ultimate lightweight weapon

10-04-2007 12:52

The Sling is the only complete manual on this ancient weapon. It shows how to make slings and how to use them. Six different slinging techniques are taught in illustrated detail. You'll find information on ammunition (from stores to Molotov cocktails) and practical uses for the sling, including a section on modern guerrilla warfare.

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South Africa: Release the Kennedy 5

10-04-2007 10:11

The South African state is trying to smash the shackdwellers movement. They are highly militant and have done a lot of great things since they started about 2 years ago. Now 5 of the comrades are in prison on trumped up charges of murder. They stand to spend 2 years awaiting trial in one of the most horrible prisons in South Africa. If comrades in different countries could fax the South African embassies in your country, calling for the release of the Kennedy 5, this might help. Also, the committee has included an email address of someone in the unit that investigates the police (ICD) and are calling for emails to him.

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"Cruel and Unusual Punishment" is a compilation CD

10-04-2007 05:13

inspired by Hasan Shakur (Derrick Frazier). This warrior struggled not only to save his own life, but the lives of any and everyone on death row in the US. He was unjustly executed

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Cafe Politique at the CommonPlace Thursday 12 April

09-04-2007 16:57

What is successful action?

In the run-up to this year's G8 summit and Climate Camp (among other things), it seems timely to ask ourselves what we do (and why we do it), and how we can do it better. Affinity groups? Civil disobedience? Mass blockades? Street stalls and petitions? Demonstrations? Lobbying? And how does what we do relate to the sort of world we want? Can we create that world now? Where do social centres, like the CommonPlace, fit into this?

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Ismet Hyseni - Back in the Wars

09-04-2007 12:39

Ismet Hyseni
Ismet Hyseni went to report at the Home Office in Brand Street on Wednesday the 4th April 2007 and was detained (second time) and served with a removal notice for Thursday 12th April

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Allotment under threat

09-04-2007 12:16

Situated in Hackney Wick, London an allotment is under threat of being concreted over for the Olympics

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Announcing: FARE STRIKE! San Francisco 2005: First-Hand Accounts

09-04-2007 07:27

Finally, a collection of first-hand accounts of the Fare Strike, in which thousands of San Franciscans openly and spontaneously united along class lines and rode mass transit for free. Popular anger over service cuts, fare hikes and threatened driver layoffs on Muni (SF Municipal Railway that runs a system of buses, streetcars and cable cars) set this action in motion. The working-class was being saddled with increasing costs for declining service in a system that was already very poor. Anger at this was transformed into the joy of refusal as many people rode mass transit like any other day, yet withheld their money from the fare box. The alienated space of public transportation was briefly transformed into an arena of solidarity and radical possibilities.

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New hit song from The Meat Beetles

09-04-2007 04:26

Here is the new hit song by The Meat Beetles, the sensational musical group from Hopeulikit, Georgia, the undisputed cultural center of the USA!

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Nottingham Spring into Action :: Bicycle power for electric generation

09-04-2007 01:03

Spring into Action activities continue, with Sunday being the 4th day of activities.

At the Spray Building [the central venue] there are a number of examples of using bycycle power for electric generation. These picture show just a few methods of doing it.

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Report on International Day of Action to Free the Cuban Five

08-04-2007 20:59

Uncle Sam menaces passers-by in Newcastle
On Saturday 7th April activists from Rock around the Blockade (RATB) took to the streets across Britain to demand freedom for the Cuban Five and an end to US occupation of Guantanamo Bay. Rock Around the Blockade is the campaign set up by the Revolutionary Communist Group (RCG) in solidarity with the Cuban Revolution.

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Protest against anti-Iranian movie in Birmingham

08-04-2007 18:40

Last night, members of the Political Association of Iran in the West Midlands (PAIRWM) held a protest against the film "300" from 18:30 till 20:00 in front of Cineworld cinema on Broad Street in Birmingham. They gave out leaflets and tried to give cinema goers information about the film's misrepresentations of Persian history.

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Resources for International Day of Action against Climate Change & G8

08-04-2007 17:54

Front of 08.06.07 Flyer
Rising Tide has now produced a number of flyers and posters to help publicise the 08.06.07 International Day of Action against Climate Change & G8 - availble to download from the Rising Tide website.

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RAPAR ---Bringing People From Different Communities Together

08-04-2007 17:00

Banner Making session
On 3rd April 2007 RAPAR’s party was just such an event: Over 70 Afghan. Bangladeshi Congolese, Libyan, Pakistani, Somali, Sudanese, Iranian and other nationalities of refugees seeking asylum came together to share ideas, food, pain, happiness and fun

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Oaxaca does not Surrender

08-04-2007 15:16

Is a film screening and discussion to invigorate London-based solidarity with the struggle in Oaxaca. With the participation of members of Bolivia Solidarity, Africa Solidarity and activists working with Oaxacans. The discussion will attemp to develop the links between different current struggles such as climate change, multi-national control over governments among others.

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Nottingham Spring into Action :: Big Sprout Day Out 2

08-04-2007 11:19

Spring into Action activities continue, with Saturday being the 3rd day of activities. Earlier, folks were performing in our new shiny Market Square to entertain, but also, to inform people about these events, and the issues around climate change.