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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Why are you so fucking happy? - CIRCA Unofficial anti-Communiqué #-1

30-04-2006 21:03

What is the clown army doing this Mayday? Nothing, of course.

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Chesterfield Mayday March and Rally

30-04-2006 18:23

Chesterfield TUC May Day Celebrations - 29th People's Gala and Demonstration.

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Khoodeelaar No to Lib Dems Crossrail hole corruption in the East End

30-04-2006 13:53

Widespread postal vote fraud allegations about Tower Hamlets, East London have already been made in the past week. This is against the background of postal vote fraud and electoral maladministration by the Council at the May 2005 general elections. Now, the Khoodeelaar! No to CrossRail hole campaign is taking the Tower Hamlets Liberal Democrats Group to court on related legal grounds

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The Paradigm is the Enemy: The State of the Peak Oil Movement

29-04-2006 23:03

THE PARADIGM IS THE ENEMY: The State of the Peak Oil Movement at the Cusp of Collapse

A Speech by Michael C. Ruppert for the Local Solutions to the Energy Dilemma Conference
April 27-29, New York City, at Cooper Union

[This is the most important speech of my life. If you read anything I’ve written this year, read this – MCR]

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Notts Defy ID website launched

29-04-2006 16:10

Your one stop shop for resistance to identity theft

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Round of events in Palestine 29th April 2006

29-04-2006 13:19

ِ A brief round up of events from on the ground in Palestine for the 29th of April 2006 for further up dates please check out www.

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Protest at B'lin Village Palestine 28th April 2006

29-04-2006 12:25

Listen to an audio report recorded at the weekly protest held at the Apartheid wall which divides the agricultural lands from Bi'lin vilage.

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International Workers Memorial Day

28-04-2006 17:34

Workers Memorial Day was marked in London by a demonstration, march and rally organised by the Construction Safety Campaign. Over a quarter of all workplace deaths are in construction.

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MAPUCHE prisoners hunger strike - day 46 - info & action call-out

28-04-2006 14:15

46 days of hunger strike. silence. solidarity actions necessary.

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D'oh! BNP goon blows cover..

27-04-2006 16:04

Please forgive re-posted report just this once - this you must see (and pass it on!):

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Mancunian Agreement - Council enforces Tony's Respect agenda

27-04-2006 15:18

You will Respect my authority
Manchester City Councils response to Tony's Respect Agenda;
a citizens pledge - the Mancunian Agreement
What do you think?

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Saturday Night At the Square

27-04-2006 14:34

Benefit night at the Square Social Centre to raise money for the sacked Gate Gourmet workers.

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Anarchism 06 - Full programme

27-04-2006 14:25

Anarchism 06 - Sat April 29th to Sun April 30th

The Square Social Centre
21 Russell square
London WC1
(nearest tube: Russell square, or 10 min walk from Euston)

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More4 News report tonight 8pm hunger strike and detainee beating

27-04-2006 12:34

More4 News tonight will be covering the brutal beating of Haslar detainee following largest recorded immigration detention hunger strike and protests.

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Charles Clarke - What a Laugh!

26-04-2006 23:27

The Canned Laughter Squad of the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army wishes to thank Mr Charles Clarke, the Home Secretary, for his hilarious talk at the London School of Economics on Monday evening.

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5 May: "evil SERCo" AGM (and SOCPA)

26-04-2006 22:25

Outside last year's AGM
Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp(aign) invite anti-WMD types, people working on detention centre issues, and anyone with a grudge against PFI in general, to join us for a good, colourful/noisy moan outside (and inside for those with shares) the Serco AGM.

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HBOS Plc AGM - Directors Receive An Appeal for Help From Evicted Boatman

26-04-2006 19:45

HBOS PLC AGM One Man For One Family Delivers A Message
Evicted some two and a half years ago, with his wife and their five children, from their own houseboat property in Penarth Marina, Cardiff Bay, Wales, Vince Shalom delivered an appeal to HBOS Directors at their AGM, (25th April) held at Manchester International Convention Centre.

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World second-largest mining company AGM disrupted

26-04-2006 12:59

Anglo American’s Annual General Meeting was disrupted yesturday (April 25th) by campaigners in solidarity with Indigenous Communities resisting mining in the Sierra Perrija, Zulia. The campaigners demand that Anglo American withdraw their shares in the company Carbones del Guasare that has plans for expanding mining in the region

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Petition in support of lecturers' pay action

26-04-2006 11:42

Education Not for Sale has launched an online petition in support of the AUT and NATFHE lecturers' unions' campaign for decent pay. Please add your or your organisation's name, post on relevant websites and elists and forward to sympathetic people!