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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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As Bono and Geldof praise G8, NGOs say G8 deal is a "betrayal"

09-07-2005 06:00

They've been privately fuming for months at the unnaccountable way in which celebrity campaigners like Bono, Geldof and Richard Curtis have consistently hijacked the Make Poverty History campaign and message. But finally, as the G8's disappointing communique was released, it was only now that the NGOs' anger finally boiled over as they sat with their heads in their hands.

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Don't follow US down the dark road of terrifying political deception and war!

09-07-2005 04:26

A message from the post-9/11 US to citizens of the UK who DON'T want their country to go down this same dark catastrophic road! TRUTH and JUSTICE are needed--and it's up to YOU to make up your mind.

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G8 Edinburgh, Against State of Fear and Police State

08-07-2005 21:03

A report of the anti-state terror action that took place outside Waverley train station in central Edinburgh , Friday 7th.

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Obvious Class Divide at 'Make Poverty History' Live8?

08-07-2005 20:21

Class Divide 01
If the irradication of poverty is about equality and the sharing of wealth then why was there an obvious class division via the 'Golden Circle' at Live8 Hyde Park?

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Leaflet on London Bombs distributed in Edinburgh

08-07-2005 19:55

Spontaneous leaflet distributed on a spontaneous gathering in front of Edinburgh train station

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Police use section 14 outside Edinburgh Prison

08-07-2005 18:10

Approximately 50 demonstrators show their solidarity with prisoners inside Saughton Prison, Edinburgh. Police use section-14 to restrict the area and duration of the protest.

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The people have roared but the G8 has whispered

08-07-2005 17:23

Indies were watching a sweating and nervous Tony Blair give details of the G8 communiqué to a packed press conference in Gleneagles. "The people have roared but the G8 has whispered," said Kumi Naidoo, chair of the Global Call to Action against Poverty.

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London bombs, the G8 and an end to dictatorship

08-07-2005 16:56

The London bombs were the act of a small group attempting to change global policies. The images seen across the world are a marked contrast to those of the Make Poverty History campaign and the Live8 concert, which both attempted to influence the small group that is the G8.

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08-07-2005 16:28

Great Escape Campaign flyer
12th-14th July 2005 THE GREAT ESCAPE BED PUSH
A crazy escape team will be pushing a psychiatric bed from Cygnet Secure
Psychiatric Hospital, South Bradford, across the Pennines to Central

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Sydney G8 action

08-07-2005 14:53

Risingtide Action, Sydney
About 100 people joined a colorful and loud G8 solidarity action in Sydney, Australia tonight. The climate criminal carnivale focused on a range of corporate and government offices that are contributing to climate chaos.

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The clown blocs must go!

08-07-2005 13:23

A critical look at the "Clown Bloc" because not everybody loves a clown.

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Leasons from London

08-07-2005 12:52

Yesterday's bombings revealed five truths vital to winning the War on Terror.

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African Activists: Make Poverty History is being co-opted

08-07-2005 12:37

Patrick Bond, Dennis Brutus and Virginia Setshedi argue that the celebrity chasing paternalism of Make Poverty History and the Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP) is an unwelcome retreat from the global democratic challenge to market-led globalisation.

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Sick BNP tries to capitalise on the London bombings

08-07-2005 10:53

The British National Party is already trying to exploit yesterday's tragedy to spread racism and Islamophobia.

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A Report on the Dire Situation Of Subcontinental Barmaids

08-07-2005 08:27

This report intends to bring to your attention the plight and distress of Subcontinental Barmaids, mostly Bangladeshis, who is in need of an urgent assistance and remedial action by the relevant Government Authorities and from the NGO’s in Bangladesh.

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M9 drumming Blockade and Cow Stampede

08-07-2005 04:26

Morning on the 6th July near Stirling. We see the M9 being blockaded by radical drummers who pile trees and rocks on the road. They move on when 9 Police vans turn up at high speed. But their exit into a field of cows starts a stampede. One protester is injured by. And the farmer turns up at high speed in his 4x4 and starts to threaten the protesters with a hammer. Police then run in to arrest just about everyone including the farmer.

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Explosive interview - Stop and search techniques woefully inadequate

08-07-2005 02:04

A Bradford man explains how his stop and search was not at all thorough. If they are going to do it, then they should do it right.