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G8 Edinburgh, Against State of Fear and Police State

maquinavaja | 08.07.2005 21:03 | G8 2005 | Globalisation | Repression | Social Struggles

A report of the anti-state terror action that took place outside Waverley train station in central Edinburgh , Friday 7th.

As a reaction to yesterday's terror attacks in London, and with the aim to link these to the police state and repression that people has been subjected in Scotland during the G8 protests, about 50 people have gathered this evening outside Waverley train station right in the middle of Edinburgh.

The aim of the action was to distribute a leaflet to commuters and passers-by that, under the title of 'Against the State of Fear and Police State, Terrorist Acts of a System in Crisis', aimed to look at the causes of terrorism in the context of Capitalism.

As soon as people gathered outside the station and started to distribute the leaflets, police over-reacted in a way that has been common during this week of protests. 11 police vans stationed next to the protest, two camera FIT teams consistently harassed and filmed everyone in the area, and about about 50 police on foot stood by.

Eventually a 'police commissioner', protected by 5 other officers and a police camera crew, approached us and advised us that under Section 14 that was considered an illegal demonstration, and that he would 'give us' 30 minutes to disperse or face arrest.

The situation was really over the top as the people we basically hanging out in the sidewalks of the street hanging out leaflets. FIT teams kept harassing the crowd by filming and photographing everyone, trying to listen to phone conversations and so on.

At some point around 5 police in black approached a demonstrator 'wearing black' and was pushed against the wall, searched, and consistently photographed and filmed for at least 15 minutes. The rest of the protesters quickly moved to surround the police and to show solidarity with the man being stop and searched. There seemed to be no other reason for this than his choice of color wear. He was eventually let go and the people then dispersed.

As we walked away, a police FIT team followed us for about 15 minutes in a very stupid manner. They intended to listen to our conversations as we walked, they approached any of us that would make a telephone call, whilst checking their records. In the same way they appeared they suddenly decided to go and leave us alone.

I have seen very over the top policing during this week of actions and demonstrations, but this evening was one of the most stupid, useless and wasteful police activity ever. Just a reminder to anyone that may have read this quick report ... the total budget for a week's policing of the G8 protesters is 150 million pounds!. I can think of 150 million better was of spending money. Can't you?



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