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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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San Marcos Aviles: Dignity and Resistance threatened

04-09-2011 14:52

Education is not only in San Marcos, it is in all Zapatista autonomous municipalities.

The compas have suffered so many injustices, but they have had had the patience not to respond with violence.

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UG#566 - If Not for The Man, Then for Whom? (Deschooling Society 6)

03-09-2011 18:52

This show anticipates a time when most people are not working for the man, but interacting through what Ivan Illich describes as 'Learning Webs'. We start with a US valedictorian, Erica Goldson's bold speech against the school machine, and the conclusion of the John Taylor Gatto interview. Then we read chapter 6 of Deschooling Society, Learning Webs, before concluding with some thoughts on how a decentralised money system might work.

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Scapegoating poor travellers whilst bailing out bankers is Tryanny not democracy

03-09-2011 18:24

Blagger Ball leader of Basildon council& Eric Pickles are desperately trying to keep the masses happy by latching onto a campaign of hate by a largely priviliged minority. Meanwhile local primary schools playing fields are sold off for tory gerrymanders to help pay bankers, services are cut,ex visteon workers nearby are on the dole& Basildon golf course staff are sacked is over council& landfill deals.
Bizarelly it is nearby Kent county council, which is Tory showing a way out,with eviction costs there down80% since sites were sanctioned

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Leafletting (partially) banned in city centre, East Oxford, and Headington

03-09-2011 14:40

You now need a permit to leaflet in these areas
You now need a permit (costing £400 for a year) to give out free printed material in many areas of Oxford. Unless you're political.

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Weekly blog roundup

03-09-2011 13:48

A round up of the blogosphere in Oxford

If you think your blog should be included, please go to the local news site.

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Live EDL updates

03-09-2011 09:08

Live EDL updates

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The Aims of Inclusive Democracy

02-09-2011 20:25

The aims of the ID libertarian political project.

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You only believe the official 9/11 story because you don't know what it is

02-09-2011 15:57

The Times, 12 September 2001
Ten years have passed since the infamous events of September 11th, 2001 took place, and the majority of people still don't know a damn thing about the actual details of that event.

As is the case with so many issues, people tend to stand strong and argue a position or voice an opinion about an event like 9/11. But, when questioned about the many details surrounding that event they have no answers. They are clueless. And they are, in the end, dumbfounded.

The term "conspiracy theorist", perhaps the most misapplied description in our vernacular, is often used to describe 9/11 truthers. Perhaps that term does apply to a segment of the 9/11 truth movement. But in most cases a more accurate description of 9/11 truthers is probably "expert", or "scholar", or "researcher."

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London neighbourhoods terrorized by police raids: 30,000 arrests planned

02-09-2011 09:11

One month after major disturbances were provoked by the August 4 police killing of Mark Duggan in north London, the Metropolitan Police in the capital are intensifying raids on working class communities.

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EDL Tower Hamlets Update

01-09-2011 23:37

EDL Tower Hamlets Update

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Proposed Electricians Pay Cut Sparks Resistance

01-09-2011 20:25

The Sparks are challenging the Unite leadership, but will need to be vigilant
Electricians angry about proposed swingeing cuts to their wages are taking an innovative course of action in an attempt to resist the employers' attacks. The success or failure of their initiative may serve as a useful pointer for other workers defending their livelihoods.

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Just Do It Comes to Vivid Birmingham

01-09-2011 16:12

Just Do It at G20 in London
For those who haven't heard about Just Do It- a tale of modern-day outlaws just yet, the film tells the human story behind the headlines of the UK's environmental direct action movement. With unprecedented access, James follows groups Climate Camp and Plane Stupid as they plan and enact direct actions. After nearly three years in the making, Just Do It has hit cinemas across the country. Finally, it will be coming to Birmingham next Thursday 8th of September at the Vivid Birmingham. This screening is hosted by the Birmingham International Film Society and will be followed by a rousing Q&A with Just Do It Director Emily James.Don't miss this exciting event!

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A letter from an anarchist prisoner

01-09-2011 15:50

A letter from an anarchist prisoner.

The following communiqué is not the opinion of any group or organisation, but that of the signed person only.

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31-08-2011 19:18

Third Letter from Subcomandante Marcos to Don Luis Villoro in the Exchange on Ethics and Politics

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UG#565 - The World Crisis and the Wholeness of Life (Deschooling Society 5)

31-08-2011 19:02

This week we look at the effect on the direction of Western society of the concerted efforts made to turn as many people as possible into non-thinking automata. In our first hour, a wide ranging and entertaining lecture from a quarter century ago, E. F. Schumacher speaks on "The World Crisis and the Wholeness of Life" in the year before his death. Then the ensuing Q & A, followed by chapter 5 from Illich's Deschooling Society. We conclude with a little from John Taylor Gatto and a retired Brigadier General on one aspect of waste by the US military.

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English Defence League still coming to Tower Hamlets

30-08-2011 22:45

Despite headlines to the contrary the EDL will still be coming to East London this weekend. We must be there to stop them.

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Expect More DDoS Attacks

30-08-2011 17:01

warning and analyse by capitalist press of more internet sabotage.

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Ethnic cleansing and genocide of indigenous tribes continuing apace

30-08-2011 16:56

While the Brazil government makes as if it is protecting the human rights indigenous peoples of the Amazon, for loggers and mining companies it's business as usual.

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15 Websites Now Defying Atos Legal Threats - please help!

29-08-2011 15:19

Fifteen (and counting) websites are now defying IT corporation Atos' threats of legal action which have led to the closure of three websites so far.

Please join in and support these sites!

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NATO's rape of Libya: Never forgive, never forget

28-08-2011 18:50

NATO's rape of Libya is too ugly for proper words to describe. NATO outdid Orwell on this one, killing truth by calling war the responsibility to protect - by terrorizing, attacking, and slaughtering civilians like psychopathic assassins. As a result, honest historians will redefine barbarism to explain NATO's savagery.