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Scapegoating poor travellers whilst bailing out bankers is Tryanny not democracy

universal democrat | 03.09.2011 18:24 | Dale Farm | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles

Blagger Ball leader of Basildon council& Eric Pickles are desperately trying to keep the masses happy by latching onto a campaign of hate by a largely priviliged minority. Meanwhile local primary schools playing fields are sold off for tory gerrymanders to help pay bankers, services are cut,ex visteon workers nearby are on the dole& Basildon golf course staff are sacked is over council& landfill deals.
Bizarelly it is nearby Kent county council, which is Tory showing a way out,with eviction costs there down80% since sites were sanctioned

This policy will backfire in your face, ethnic& social economic clearances are not wanted by the majority of people. Travellers here are arguably following our legal traditions of Magna carta with common land & sharing more than any other communities.Most Travellers share, use less land & work hard, they are less of a burden on society, but are easy scapegoats for the inadequate. list of famous travellers& taxpayers

This article is also a plea for more travellers& activists to help win hearts & minds locally by linking with these campaigns, travellers are not just a minority they are part of society.

universal democrat
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