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15 Websites Now Defying Atos Legal Threats - please help!

riotact | 29.08.2011 15:19 | Public sector cuts | Repression | Social Struggles | World

Fifteen (and counting) websites are now defying IT corporation Atos' threats of legal action which have led to the closure of three websites so far.

Please join in and support these sites!

Online activists are fighting back against Atos' bullying tactics which saw the Carer Watch forums taken offline due a repost of this (distinctly unlibellous ) article:

Atos have also forced sites offline for parodying their corporate logo and using the phrase 'atos kills'.

Please join the fightback by republishing the offending article, republishing redesigned Atos logos or joining the competition to come up with your own.

Here’s a current list, apologies to anyone missed, please put a link in the comments and we’ll keep it updated.

Keep ‘em coming …