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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Open the Borders: No One Is Illegal public meeting, Oxford, June 16th

09-06-2011 14:12

Public meeting against immigration controls, and for a new politics based on equality, solidarity and freedom of movement for all, organised by No One Is Illegal (UK). Speakers: Victoria Brittain, Rahila Gupta and Tracy Walsh.

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Workfare Unravels

09-06-2011 14:12

Workfare, the government’s forced labour scheme, could be the latest policy to unravel as encouraging momentum builds against the proposed reform of the welfare system.

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Spain_Revolution_VIDEOS, TXT, AUDIO

08-06-2011 13:28

Spanish Protests "freedom unites us, unity frees us" Ib

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Finland: Solidarity actions for Satama, migrants and anarchist prisoners

08-06-2011 11:49

Communiqué claiming numerous incendiary attacks and planted bomb in solidarity to Social Centre Satama and Roma migrants in Helsinki, Finland and anarchist prisoners worldwide.

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Giz A Job – Atos Origin Recruitment Day - 14/6

08-06-2011 11:28

Benefit claimants, disabled people and supporters will be attending Atos Healthcare’s Recruitment Day on June 14th at 5pm and have called on people to join them.

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Success! Workfare conference cancelled due to protest

07-06-2011 17:19

Campaigners celebrate success outside the Royal Society
Today, 7 June, the “Making Work Pay” conference was cancelled due to pressure from campaigners. Campaign coalition Boycott Workfare had called the action to launch the Welfare Uncut campaign that will take action against those organisations involved in rolling out the Work Programme.

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The UAF Hunting Club

07-06-2011 16:54

The UAF Hunting Club Logo
More moronic craven keyboard rantings from the UK far right

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Anarchist demo in Bern - photos

07-06-2011 13:57

Anarchist demo in Bern - photos

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Tax Workers Walk Out Over Sickness Discipline Measures

07-06-2011 11:36

At 4pm today, Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) workers will walk out, in protest at the imposition of draconian sick day restrictions, which could result in disciplinary measures being taken against the ill. However, if the workers are to hold back these attacks, this afternoon needs to be just the start of a broad-based, democratically-controlled fightback.

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Justice for All day of action

06-06-2011 17:03

A nice day for it! The campaign stall
Justice for All called a day of action on 3rd June t protest against cuts to legal aid.

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More South Korean repressions

06-06-2011 11:47

Police disperse striking Yoosung workers

Week-long strike disrupts production of major automakers

Thousands of riot police raided a regional auto parts manufacturing plant, Tuesday, to put an end to a week-long “illegal” strike that disrupted the production of Hyundai Motor and other major automakers.

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Libya: no signs of 'rebel' successes !

04-06-2011 22:01

BREAKING NEWS: Western Libya Portrait is not What is being Painted by Mainstream Media ...... Western media reports continue to indicate that Libyan rebels trying to oust Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi from power, backed by daily NATO air strikes, are gaining ground in western Libya. During a six-hour drive from the Tunisian border to Tripoli, the Libyan capital, this reporter saw no signs of Libyan rebel successes in western Libya. In fact, I witnessed a spontaneous pro-Qaddafi demonstration on the main Tunisia-Tripoli highway in a town about one and a half hours west of Tripoli. The green flag of the Libyan Arab Jamahiryah not only adorn flag poles in towns from Tripoli to the Tunisian border, but a number of private residences are flying the green flag from their rooftops, on flag poles, and even from outside of top floor windows in medium size and small towns alike along the main highway. ... Visit for more information from Wayne Madsen on Libya and other important issues .......

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200th Anniversary of the Luddite Uprisings: Technology Politics Then and Now

03-06-2011 23:12

Celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the Luddite Uprisings: Technology Politics Then and Now

Date: Wednesday June 8th, 7pm

Venue: Feminist Library meeting room, 5a Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7XW, Nearest tube Lambeth North,

Organised by:
Luddites200 Organising Forum

No admission charge, donations welcome. Please contact organisers about disabled access.

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Sat: Boycott-protest 2nd Cricket Test between Sri Lanka and England at Lords

03-06-2011 19:25

BOYCOTT PROTEST against the Sri Lankan government outside 2nd Cricket Test between Sri Lanka & England AT LORDS Cricket Ground Saturday 4th June - 10am!

Demonstrators are to meet outside the Cricket Ground at St John's Wood, London NW8 8QN at 10.00 am on the 4th June. The nearest tube station is a few minutes away at St. Johns Wood (Jubilee Line). BRING YOUR PLACARDS AND BANNERS!

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The Tasks Facing the Spanish 'Angry Ones'

03-06-2011 15:39

Night falls on the Madrid occupation
Nearly three weeks after thousands of mostly youthful protesters first occupied Madrid's Puerta del Sol square, the M-15 Movement of 'indignados' is starting to show signs that it is running out of steam. Unless it draws in wider layers of the working class, this is precisely what will happen.

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Mindanao, Philippines: Community wants GPH-NDF to leave them in peace

03-06-2011 14:55

LANTAD, Balingasag, Misamis Oriental (MindaNews/25 May) – The people in what used to be a “liberated” zone of the communist New People’s Army (NPA) has approved today the “Lantad Manifesto” asking both the Government of the Philippines (GPH) and the umbrella organization of the armed communists, the National Democratic Front (NDF), to respect their right to self-determination and peace.

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Banks smashed in Bristol

02-06-2011 14:13

Action against banks claimed in Solidarity with Stokes Croft rebels.

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Demo in support of Syrian protestors - Old Steine War Memorial in Brighton

02-06-2011 09:45

Old Steine War Memorial between 4-6pm on Friday June 3

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Woman protester brutally attacked for disrupting Netanyahu's speech to US Congre

31-05-2011 20:30

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses the US Congress, 24 May 2011
Police arrested CODEPINK peace activist Rae Abileah at the George Washington University Hospital in Washington DC. Abileah was taken to the hospital after having been assaulted and tackled to the ground by AIPAC members of the audience in the House Gallery during Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to Congress.

Abileah interrupted Netanyahu with a banner that said “Occupying Land Is Indefensible” and shouting, “No more occupation, stop Israel war crimes, equal rights for Palestinians, occupation is indefensible.” She rose up to speak out just after the Prime Minister talked about the youth around the world rising up for more democracy.

As this 28-year-old Jewish American woman spoke out for the human rights of Palestinians, other members of the audience—wearing badges from the conference of the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee—brutally attacked her. The police then dragged her out of the Gallery and took her to the George Washington University Hospital, where she was being treating for neck and shoulder injuries.

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Steve Cram: He can run but he can't hide

31-05-2011 17:59

Today we’re picking on Steve Cram who has signed up as ‘ambassador’ for poverty pimps Atos Origin (1).