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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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MX-UK>Strengthening the Strategic Partnership

25-02-2007 23:41

On the occasion of the first visit by Felipe Calderón, as President of the United Mexican States, to the UK on 29 January 2007, Prime Minister Tony Blair and President Felipe Calderón make the following joint declaration

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Ginster pieman/Nottingham Uni bid for William Sharp city Academy

25-02-2007 22:38

The East Midlands meat pie industry has helped many a student through their degree with part-time work at Pork Farms. Now 'Nottingham businessman' Andrew Samworth will link up with Nottingham University to run William Sharp school in Bilbourough. The business? None other than Samworth Brothers, prior owners of Pork Farms (now sold to Northern Foods) and continuing owner/suppliers of fine cooked meat pie brands such as Ginsters.

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East Oxford Social Club Threatened With Immediate Termination

25-02-2007 19:04

A small minority of Council members have acted unethically to terminate the East Oxford Social Club sometime this week.

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"Camp Howard" - Australia's very own Guantanamo Bay on Christmas Island - Feb 20

25-02-2007 00:35

Guantanamo-style detention complex
The completion date for this $364 million dollar Guantanamo-style detention complex is mid-2007...

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Save the NHS! Organise for Resistance!

24-02-2007 22:32

Protesters gather outside the Royal
About 200 people marched from the Royal Liverpool Hospital in Prescot Street to the William Brown Street fountain on Thursday 22nd February, showing their anger at government plans for the National Health Service.

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Action Mesothelioma Day 2007...

24-02-2007 21:41

Tuesday 27th February is Action Mesothelioma Day.

The Forum of Asbestos Victims' Support Groups are working with other organisations and charities by marking the day with a series of public events throughout Britain.

To raise awareness of the the terminal cancer, a short film has been produced:

Mesothelioma- The Human Face of an Asbestos Epidemic...

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Australia: David Hicks vs The Commonwealth: Back in Court

24-02-2007 20:56

"It seems that the Australian government is working overtime to get David to plead guilty so everything can go according to their plan. David's unjust imprisonment is now clearly an election liability," added Bassi.

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Fossil fuel refusal, not business as usual - LRT Action Report

24-02-2007 19:34

London Rising Tide occupy office of ‘offset’ company Carbon Neutral

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Greece, Athens: Announcement for the events of the educational march (22/2/07)

24-02-2007 17:14

"the fight for a Public, Free and Social University will transform the fake dilemma of state or private University into the pragmatic and really essential dilemma: FREEDOM or CAPITALISM! ..."

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Nottingham's February Critical Mass and Bike About :: Piccys

24-02-2007 12:51

On Friday 23rd February, Nottingham's Critical Mass Bike Ride started from a NEW Meeting Point in the Market Square. This change is for everyone who rides a bike in Nottingham and wants to take part.

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Fascists NOT WELCOME in Reading - or anywhere else! Demo report.

24-02-2007 00:18

On Monday 19th February, the local Reading press reported that BNP leader Nick Griffin, was gonna pay our town a visit on the Wednesday. The BNP's regional organiser reckons they've got "a lot of members (in Reading) but no organiser" and that if they could be organised, they could field candidates in the local elections, maybe up to 4.

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New website allows protesters to air their thoughts

23-02-2007 23:02

A new website, allows protesters to air their thoughts on development, the environment, and politics.

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New service for budding volunteers

23-02-2007 22:56

Volunteering and gap years. A rip off, right? Why should we pay some filthy rich company to work for free on a project in a developing country? Can't we give them the money direct? Positive lobbying and active protesting!...

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Athens, Greece: 25,000 people march against the education reforms

23-02-2007 22:27

More than 25,000 people, got into the streets of Athens, as a response to the reform of the higher education

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Critical Mass for freedom of movement

23-02-2007 19:15

There was a poor turn out for the February Critical Mass in Gothenburg but the day was not entirely lost.

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The APPO Comes Back Strong in Oaxaca

23-02-2007 17:41

The Teachers, Indigenous Peoples and Civil Society Regroup

By Nancy Davies
Commentary from Oaxaca

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What do Oligarch Cherney, Lord Pearson of Rannoch and the UKIP have in common?

23-02-2007 16:43

Further to my last posting I wanted to draw your attention to these articles on UKIP...

and this

... this is madness! Criminal oligarch Cherney meeting with a senior member of the House of Lords to provide money for UKIP... why else would a Lord meet with a dubious Russian oligarch. How can this have gone unnoticed???

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Axe the Bin Tax

23-02-2007 15:58

Councils are using recycling and waste reduction as an excuse to cut services. The latest scam about to hit households on top of fines and cuts in service is a 'pay-as-you-throw tax' or 'bin tax'.

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Political Trashing

23-02-2007 14:52

Destroy your political enemy. A how to guide

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DR Congo is not safe - stop the 'Charter Flight'

23-02-2007 09:29

Emergency protest - Monday 26 February 1.00 -3.00pm.
Home Office
2 Marsham Street
(nearest tubes: St James Park and Westminster)