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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Campaign against the assassination of workers in Venezuela

18-06-2009 19:55

* El Libertario has joined this campaign and we’re trying to divulge this initiative in an attempt to confront the hired killers that are taking the lives of labor activists in this country.

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Anonymous targets Iranian Goverment

18-06-2009 19:28

Hackers and trolls come out in aid of Iran.

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Anti-OSCE meeting in Corfu, 26-28 June 2009

18-06-2009 14:05

We call to Corfu, 27-28 June 2009, all people who resist and rise up against fortress Europe.

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News and Demonstrations - Iran Today

18-06-2009 09:43

In our continuing bid to help comrades beat the filters in Iran students and workers have asked for those outside of Iran to post the location of demontstrations, the main slogans and some important news across the internet. We ask comrades and supporters to help in this.

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Happy J18: Ten Year Anniversary of June18th Protests: Pics+Links

18-06-2009 02:08

Reposted from Indymedia London: For full 23 pics see:

Ten years ago today and a global Carnival Against Capital was erupting across the world with co-ordinated protests taking place in over 40 countries on June 18th 1999.

Directly targeting financial centres the J18 day of International Action was stunning in its scale and ran alongside the G7/G8 meeting in Koln Germany. It followed the Global Street Party that had been held alongside the G7/G8 meeting in Birmingham in 1998 and co-ordinated through Reclaim The Streets.

To remember it, here's a set of 23 pictures from London J18 courtesy of a photographer who was there for the morning and the party, but who missed the ensuing riot as police fought to regain control of the City of London.

The reasons for struggle are greater now than then, and climate change and economic meltdowns threaten the lives and livelihoods of us all.

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Friday 19th June, Aung San Suu Kyi 64th Birthday Event in London

17-06-2009 22:53

Aung San Suu Kyi is the leader and icon of Burmese people and also hope for Burma.19 June is her 64th Birthday and people around the world celebrate the day for her.

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Report of TCAR protest against immigration prisons outside Government Offices No

17-06-2009 22:16

Children are detained without decent education, healthcare or support
Activists from Tyneside Community Action for Refugees (TCAR) gathered outside Government Offices North East this morning (Wednesday 17th June) to protest against racism and all immigration prisons.

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Squatters in the JB Spray Building, prevent water company from cutting them off

17-06-2009 21:47

Squatters in the JB Spray Building, [Russel Street, Nottingham, NG7 4FL] prevented Severn-Trent water from cutting them off.

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Sat. 20th June, London: Save the Tamils Mass Protest

17-06-2009 21:33

Call for ALL non-Tamil activists & Autonomous Block in London to come out and support this demo!
Mass Protest March This Saturday starts at 1pm from Hyde Park Corner.
March to save the Tamils in Sri Lanka, in the face of naked Sinhalese fascism
- a conservative estimate of 50,000 Tamils, mainly civilians , have been killed this year
- Mass cover-up of war-crimes, use of chemical weapons, mass graves
- 280,000+ civilians who have been displaced by the military offensive against the Tamil Tigers are living in appalling conditions where disease is rife and where there are insufficient medical supplies. Young girls being abducted from the camps, dissenters are disappeared
- Ship carrying medical aid refused entry on June 4th and turned away from Sri Lanka
- Continued ongoing repression of independent media & of government critics
FASCISM IS ALIVE & WELL IN THE 21st CENTURY IN SRI LANKA, while the world stands idly by.

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Policeman shot dead in Greece

17-06-2009 17:52

Gunmen have shot dead a policeman in an early morning attack in the Greek capital, Athens.

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ALF, ELF & Luddites; Bomb Threat, Sabotage & Arson

17-06-2009 17:29

8th-15th June


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How do we end immigration controls? Conference

17-06-2009 13:27

An event to discuss ideas and plan for action to tackle racism and work for a society where no one is illegal

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Yarl's Wood IRC: Mothers & Fathers on Hunger Strike

17-06-2009 10:52

Once again there is unrest in a UK Immigration Removal Centre

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Third Attempt to Remove Deji Ogundimu

17-06-2009 10:47

Deji Ogundimu a national of Nigeria and resident of Oxford, is due to be forcibly removed form the UK to Nigeria on Virgin Atlantic Flight No VS 651 at 22.00 hours tomorrow Thursday 18 June 2009

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Rossport Solidarity Group Take Action at Van Oord's UK Offices

16-06-2009 23:16

The Police were waiting for us (photo by Roowyrm)
An account of todays (16/06/2009) action against Van Oord UK, owners of the dredgers operating in Broadhaven Bay, and in Solidarity with the people of Erris in their 10 year struggle,

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Green Kite Midnight serenades BP Portrait Award ceremony

16-06-2009 22:10

peace, funk and climate justice
Green Kite Midnight - a new band created especially for street, benefit and maybe Climate Camp marquee - was spotted tonight serenading those attending the ceremony to announce the winner of the BP Portrait Award, those traditionally being ladies and gents plucked from the highest echelons of the ruling elite, not to mention a few grubby artists hoping to snatch first prize and 25 BP-donated grand.

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BNP Victory rally at the Kimberley Hotel in Blackpool on Saturday June 20th

15-06-2009 22:58

Hundreds of BNP fascists will be gathering at the Kimberley Hotel in Blackpool on Saturday June 20th, you celebrate the fact that they are now a mainstream political party.

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Nopretence post-action statement

15-06-2009 21:50

On Sunday, June 7th a group of anarcha-feminists took the Stage at the Anarchist Conference 09 to protest about sexist oppression within the movement. They projected a film and read out a statement.

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15-06-2009 20:10

With exiled Iranian socialist Yassamine Mather and Israel socialist Moshe Machover.