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Yarl's Wood IRC: Mothers & Fathers on Hunger Strike

John O | 17.06.2009 10:52 | Migration | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | World

Once again there is unrest in a UK Immigration Removal Centre

Update on Yarl's Wood ~ Wednesday morning 17th June

Have just spoken to ******** ******, he said:

All the families have left their rooms and are sleeping in the corridors, they collectively prevented a removal of a family yesterday and will continue to prevent any other attempts to remove any other families.

The parents are all refusing food and children are being fed with purchases from the shop.

Points of protest

1. Children, some as young as five months old, in this detention, are sick. Most were struck down with virus, they are not eating properly since they are not used to the food here, not sleeping properly, restless and suffers other psychological manifestations including nightmares, bedwetting, screaming at night, violent behaviors, and other emotional outbursts like crying etc.

2. A recently bereaved family of three who lost their twins buried just about a month ago being detained and giving removal directions without even a chance to say farewell to the grave at Everton cemetery where three of their children are buried.

3. Pregnant women, some with complications, are detained with total disregard of their well-being, including a pregnant lady, who is also suffering from depression and anxiety. 

4. A lady recently went through a major life threatening operation for ectopic pregnancy a couple of months ago, and now detained without even sufficient time to recover.

5. An epileptic lady who suffers multiple seizures, up to six times in a twenty-four hour period with only a 14 year old son to look  after her. The occupants tried to assist in such distressing times.

6. Families in considerable distress being plucked out of their beds early in the morning, and transported in mobile prisons for long hours to the airport.

7. The continuing detention has placed Considerable Stress on families and as such we have decided to rise with a single voice and say no to detention of innocent people.

8. Hence, this is the second day of a continuing hunger-strike. Also, tonight (Tuesday evening), all occupants here, with the children, have decided to spend the night protesting outside (courtyard).

9. We will appreciate any help and advice we can get from you.

John O
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