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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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10-04-2005 17:02

'Insitutionally Abused' Tenant asks the Indymedia Community for help.

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It Takes a Bush to catch a Bush...

10-04-2005 15:53

And the Bank(s) of England too: US access to possibly hundreds of millions of international banking accounts: the neocons 'Dagobert Duck Dream' comes true...

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Swindonians are still Together On Planning

10-04-2005 14:53

Wait for the results of the public inquiry
Bright sun and a chilly wind greeted the people of Swindon as they assembled in Faringdon Road Park on Saturday 9th April 2005 for the second STOP (Swindonians Together On Planning) march. Placards spoke out against various unpopular planning decisions in and around the borough of Swindon, and many different signs were in evidence which made use of a subverted version of the orange Swindon Borough Council logo. The protestors marched through the Railway Village, past the Mechanics Institute, through the town centre to a rally outside the Civic Offices.

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Roma Day march against racism

10-04-2005 13:57

Coming out of the Church
Around 300 people, predominantly Roma and Sinti people from across Europe, marched through London to show their opposition anti-traveller racism.

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Vampire Howard's Constituency info

10-04-2005 13:48

Info on the Election situ in M.Howard's lair for anyone interested and for anyone/groupos who may like to pay a visit to 'advise' him of their views...
(He will definately be here April 30th at a Churches Together Hustings- Untd Reform Church 7.30pm- see below for Church locale)

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Anniversary of the 'Battle of the Beanfield': an exhibition 'Operation Solstice'

09-04-2005 23:55

Anniversary of the 'Battle of the Beanfield' 1st June 1985
It's 20 years, since the major trashing of my community, travelling on the way the make the "Peoples Free Festival of Albion" at Stonehenge. It was a regular event on the calender.

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support human rights activists in Colombia

09-04-2005 20:52

Below is a letter to the powers that be in Colombia. Please send it. I know writing letters is not the most empowering thing to do, but in this case its probably the only thing we can do

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Attacks across Iraq kill many

09-04-2005 18:04

Twenty-nine people were killed and scores wounded in attacks against Iraqi security forces and civilians on Saturday, the second anniversary of the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime. In the deadliest attack, 15 Iraqi National Guard members were killed on the main highway through Latifiyah, about 50km south of Baghdad, Defense Ministry souces said.

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Shia protest over US presence in Iraq

09-04-2005 17:59

Tens of thousands of supporters of Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr have marched in Baghdad to denounce the US presence in Iraq and call for a speedy trial of Saddam Hussein on the second anniversary of his overthrow. Chanting "No, no to the occupiers", tens of thousands of young and old men gathered in the poor Shia district of Sadr City on Saturday to begin a planned peaceful march to al-Firdos Square, the central Baghdad spot where Saddam's statue was torn down two years ago.

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Today in Palestine

09-04-2005 03:51

This is a summary of the major news on Palestine.

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An Openly Gay Communist Wins in Southern Italy

08-04-2005 19:19

An openly gay candidate of Partito della Rifondazione Comunista wins in southern Italy, in regional elections that resulted in 11 victories for the center-left coalition, which now controls 16 of Italy’s 20 regions. Nichi Vendola's victory decisively refutes the American dogma that militants on the left, choosing radicals, can't attract votes at the center and lose to the right -- the dogma that the Democrats in America and the center-left in Italy promulgate, even though it has been often contradicted, as in the moderate John Kerry's loss -- as Vendola won 100,000 more votes than the center-left coalition.

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Murders, Death Threats and Disappearances in Colombia

08-04-2005 15:37

Following the massacre of 8 members of the San Jose Peace Community in February, other human rights activists connected with different peace communities are under attack. A death threat was received by the NGO Justicia y Paz a week ago, and now 5 members have been "disappeared".

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Disappeared in Colombia

08-04-2005 15:30

Recently five people from a peace community in Columbia have been "disappeared". Activists are calling on the international community to help in the ways described below

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The Peace Cycle 2005 - A Unique International Event

08-04-2005 13:57

The annual bike ride from London to Jerusalem to raise awareness of the situation in Palestine is now being planned and riders for this year can sign up via the website

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Report of week of action against Iraq Pillage

08-04-2005 13:00

free market map of Iraq

The first days of April were designated a `Week of action against the corporate pillage of Iraq' by a group known as the Corporate Pirates [Website | Email ]. We report back on how that week of action has gone...

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Alternatives to supermarkets in Cambridge: Local market voices

07-04-2005 23:35

Some of the IMC Cambridge volonteers got out there in the city center markets to ask local traders what alternatives there are to supermarkets to get food.

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Yet another attempt at anti-traveller law, on the horizon

07-04-2005 22:28

Just after PM's Questions, this chap stood up, to introduce a Ten Minute Rule Bill titled: "Equal Enforcement of the Law". A fine sentiment perhaps, that what law we do have, should be equally applied to all citizen. However, he doesn't mean that! It's all about travellers

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May Day Events 2005 ???

07-04-2005 15:54

More of an enquiry really..

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Dover's Election Farce: Gwyn Prosser's OLD Labour Claim!

07-04-2005 13:57

On with the motley, the paint, the powder and the coxcomb. Dover's New Labour MP now claims to be OLD Labour to win votes. You need to have a low IQ to take this stuff seriously. Source: Dover Express Comment by SS

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FILM: SpaceHijackers challenge Parliament to Mayday Cricket match

07-04-2005 02:51

Over 600 letters were handed to the House Of Commons on Monday April 4th, challenging every Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat MP to a game of cricket over their lack of honour and morals.