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Alternatives to supermarkets in Cambridge: Local market voices

mertle / manos | 07.04.2005 23:35 | Social Struggles | Cambridge

Some of the IMC Cambridge volonteers got out there in the city center markets to ask local traders what alternatives there are to supermarkets to get food.

Vegetable stall (mp3, 3:32min, 1.6Mb) - mp3 1.6M

Ostrich meat stall (mp3, 1:41min, 0.7Mb) - mp3 796K

Spanish product stall (mp3, 1:54min, 0.8Mb) - mp3 898K

Carabean cakes stall (mp3, 1:22min, 0.6Mb) - mp3 650K

Bread stall (mp3, 1:59min, 0.9Mb) - mp3 933K

Fish stall (mp3, 1:27min, 0.6Mb) - mp3 687K

Tea stall (mp3, 2:09min, 0.9Mb) - mp3 1009K

Soundbites - mp3 208K

Their message is often surprisingly radical, and when asked about their relation to supermarkets they echo the findings of the Corporate Watch report on the subject: No contracts means permanent insecurity, low prices for the producers/high prices for the consumer, and worse service.

mertle / manos