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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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The Coming War on the Occupy Movement

18-11-2011 11:43

November 17, 2011

As I begin to write this, Occupy Oakland circulates in a by-now familiar pattern: forced from the camp at the break of day, the occupiers reconvened as they have done before on the steps of the Public Library. Later, they will attempt to close a repeating circuit that stretches a short six blocks along 14th Street between City Hall and the Library.

This circuit, moreover, is one which draws its familiarity not only from recent weeks, but also from the early moments of what is a single cycle of struggle spanning years: it was down 14th Street that Oakland Police pursued us during the first rebellion, on January 7th of 2009, that greeted the murder of Oscar Grant. And it was in front of the same Public Library that I crouched behind a bush as an armored personnel carrier sped past, only to sprint off as heavily-clad militarized police-troops dismounted to chase myself and others on foot.

It has become all too apparent that the Occupy Movement is under attack, and that even my title is wholly insufficient: this war is not “coming,” this war has already begun.

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An open letter to social justice activists, from an anti-psychiatry campaigner

18-11-2011 11:27

Not enough is being done to challenge the prejudice and exclusion of people labelled by the state as having "mental disorders" This issue affects all of us; it's time to get informed.

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Democracy & Capitalism - Reform and Revolt.

18-11-2011 01:21

Counter Revolutionaries.
We are living in an age in which a revolution is currently being constructed using life shattering violence, global-scale deception and industrial strength persecution the likes of which we have not seen since the Second World War.

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Fortnum and Mason protesters found guilty

17-11-2011 18:33

A group of 10 protesters who occupied Fortnum and Mason during the M26 demonstration have been found guilty of aggravated trespass. The sit-in organised by UK Uncut was held at the luxury food store on Piccadilly, in London, to highlight the store's tax avoidance. Charges of aggravated trespass against 109 others were dropped earlier in the year

The Defendants released the following statement:

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Fortnum and Mason 145 - 10 found guilty

17-11-2011 18:10

Inside F&M - (C) Amelia Gregory
10 UkUncut protesters, including some from Oxford, have been found guilty of aggravated trespass for entering Fortnum & Mason's last March to highlight the luxury store's failure to pay fair taxes.

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FM145: Defiant statement from the defendants outside of court

17-11-2011 14:52

"As the government’s cuts continue to destroy the economy and people’s lives we will not be put off by these attempts at humiliating and punishing us."

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Fortnum and Mason UK Uncut protesters found guilty

17-11-2011 12:44

A group of protesters who occupied Fortnum and Mason during a demonstration in March have been found guilty of aggravated trespass.

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A Month of Festive Action Against Atos and the Benefit Cuts

17-11-2011 11:40

December 1 – December 31 2011


Join us in December for a month of protests, actions and demonstrations against poverty pimps Atos and the condem government’s Welfare Reform Bill.

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Some Critical Notes on the General Strike in Oakland, California USA

17-11-2011 03:25

Remember, remember, the second of November -- and what needs to be done a lot better the next time around...

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OWS Solidarity: Occupy DC storms DC offices of Bloomfield, hits US Conference of Mayors

16-11-2011 16:59

The sickening November 15 police raid on Occupy Wall Street, complete with videotaped beatings,cries out for payback. Late afternoon the same day, Occupy DC stormed into the Victor Building on 9th st, housing the DC offices of Bloomfield Office properties, "owner" of Zucatti Park the home base of Occupy Wall Street.

Occupy DC's arrival seemed to take Bloomfield by complete surprise, as the door was unlocked, allowing protesters to swarm into the building, reinforced lead banner and all, until no more would fit in the first floor hallway. I do not know if anyone tried to get upstairs or otherwise further into the building to the actual offices of Bloomfield Office Properties.

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Defend Education – day of action in Birmingham, Nov 23rd

16-11-2011 14:59

There is a gap that is emerging between universities like Birmingham City University and elite institutions like the University of Birmingham because of targeted government cuts. These targeted cuts are a recipe for a deeply unequal society. A society where the elite who could afford to go private schools get the best that money can buy at universities that most can’t get into.

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Billy Bragg at Occupy Sheffield

15-11-2011 13:37

Billy Bragg spoke and sung a few songs at Occupy Sheffield on 14th November 2011.

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Palestinian Freedom Riders

15-11-2011 13:03

Palestinian Freedom Riders
Groups of Palestinian Freedom Riders will attempt to board segregated settler buses heading to Jerusalem through the occupied West Bank this Tuesday November 15, in an act of civil disobedience that takes its inspiration from the US Civil Rights Movement Freedom Riders aim to challenge Israel’s apartheid policies, the ban on Palestinians’ access to Jerusalem, and the overall segregated reality created by a military and settler occupation that is the cornerstone of Israel’s colonial regime.

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Information on the COP17 conference Durban 28 November - 8 December 2011

15-11-2011 12:55

UKZN to accommodate alternative COP17 civil society events
The University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) has been identified as the site of this year’s COP17 alternative space, known as the ‘People’s Space’, where national and international civil society will come together around the global issue of climate change.

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Second Brum FNB event

15-11-2011 11:09

Birmingham Food not Bombs in Pigeon Park.

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4 More Unions Vote YES to Strike on 30th November

15-11-2011 00:27

4 more unions announced positive ballot results for strike action over pensions today – FDA and Prospect, who both represent civil servants, The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists and the Society of Radiographers.

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Mic checked - How Occupy Wall St Occupies Your Heart (good read)

14-11-2011 17:53

First, you tried drinking a lot, in bars, with your friends, or people who seemed like they could be your friends. But it was expensive, and you kept getting up late for work. So you tried online dating, and went to wine bar after wine bar, tapas restaurants and gallery openings, until finally you found someone to bunker down with for awhile. That ended, or perhaps never really began, and next you tried reading critical theory at night, a glass of wine by your side.

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Italy and the end of representative democracy

14-11-2011 14:53

One thing the papers seem to be as one refusing to comment on or even report, is the fact that an unelected group has been handed control of the country. Economist and new ruler of Italy Mario Monti has not been elected to rule and the Italian public has in no way endorsed the technocratic model, Monti, or his cronies.

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Heroin Adverts in Spanish Newspapers BAYER ad images from 1912

14-11-2011 14:28

In the spring of 1912 the company BAYER started an advertising campaign for heroin in Spanish newspapers. Several of the ad images have now been found again. The corporation launched the “well tolerated cough remedy” in 1898 together with the pain relief Aspirin.

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Time and History are Proving that the EZLN were Right

13-11-2011 15:07

Translation of an article by Jaime Martínez Veloz, originally published in the Mexican daily newspaper La Jornada.
Governments give everything to the transnationals again.