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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Shell's Drilling Work Stopped by Shell to Sea Campaigners in Ireland

24-08-2010 00:12

Shell''s survey work was stopped for about three hours on Monday afternoon when people walked out at low tide and got under Shell's drilling platform. This is a continuation of this summer's 'Beat the Boreholes' effort to stop Shell's Corrib Gas pipeline from being built.

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The Long Road to The Hague: Prosecuting Former Prime Minister Tony Blair

23-08-2010 19:52

Former PM Tony Blair testifies before the "Iraq Inquiry" on 28 January 2010
Ex-Prime Minister and post-Downing Street millionaire Tony Blair, to celebrate the publication of his book A Journey, is holding a ‘signing’ session at Waterstones, Piccadilly on 8 September. That this man, responsible for taking us into an illegal war, playing his part in the ruination of an ancient country because he ‘believed he was right’, should advertise himself in this way has caused outrage. Time, I think, to look at where we, and Blair, actually stand in terms of what we can and cannot do to call him to account.

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Newcastle protest against BBC's pro-Israeli propoganda

22-08-2010 23:21

Redecoration of the BBC building
More than a dozen pro-Palestinian activists gathered outside the BBC in Newcastle today in a lively protest against the biased reporting of the Panorama programme in it’s recent documentary ‘Death on the Med’ about the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in May 2010. The demonstration was supported in Newcastle by the Palestine Action Group and other independent activists.

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Rally to Free Diop Olugbala!

22-08-2010 16:41

A rally to show unity with the struggle to free Diop Olugbala is planned for Monday, August 23, 2010, at North Broad Street and Erie Avenue in North Philadelphia.

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Workers' Fightback: Indianapolis and South Africa Wage Battles

22-08-2010 11:39

South African Workers Blowing Their Own Vuvuzela
We support... rank and file workers' struggles against the chaotic profit system!

We believe... workers know how to run our workplaces far better than business people, the government, or trade union leaders!

We aim for... workers' control over our own jobs and our own lives!

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Bradford EDL organiser revealed. Stop the EDL in Bradford!

21-08-2010 23:58

The English Defence League are the racist football thugs that by now everyone has heard of. They have attacked mosques, put pigs heads on mosques, attacked Muslims women & pulled off their hijabs. They have smashed up shops, cars, homes & rampaged through Luton, Bolton, Stoke, Dudley, Aylesbury, causing trouble. They now plan to riot in Bradford in Yorkshire on the 28th August.

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Burial of Nuke Waste in Cumbria

21-08-2010 15:30

Geological Disposal - Flying Pig
A West Cumbrian Councillor has proposed that Allerdale should withdraw from the dodgy process designed to force Cumbria into "geological disposal" of nuclear waste.
The new government like the last is desperate to have been seen to have solved the problem of nuclear waste - to pave the way for new nuclear build.

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Caribbean Forum

21-08-2010 02:46

Saturday, 09:00 to 11:00 (2010-08-21) 9amEST
Host: Ron Bobb-Semple

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While Palestinians die! The BBC Lies!

21-08-2010 01:11

Newcastle, Tyne and Wear. On 17th August the BBC programme ‘Panorama’ aired 'Death on the Med' a documentary about the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in May 2010.Since shooting nine peace activists dead on the Freedom Flotilla, the Israeli state has led a concerted attempt to rewrite history - making their commandos the victims of an assault by “terrorists”. BBC news coverage of the attack and Panarama’s recent programme clearly show that the BBC is following suit and aligning itself with the Zionist state of Israel.

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Oppose the EDL at the Al Quds annual march in London on Sept 4th 2010

20-08-2010 22:53

The English Defence League are a racist, Islamophobic & Zionist organisation who have recruited Nazis to start a race war against all Muslims. They have rioted in Stoke, Luton, Dudley, Bolton, Newcastle, Aylesbury... and now want to disrupt the annual Al Quds Day demonstration and march in London march in London on September the 4th 2010..because Muslims will be there. That's the reason really.

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Cuts and our community

20-08-2010 18:09

The savage cuts being implemented will have an incredible effect on the way we live our lives.

Oxford Save Our Services are holding an event called Mapping Oxford's Cuts to share what we all know, and to think of ways together we can defend precious public services we all rely on.

We ask you to join us on 13 September, from 6.30-9pm, food and cresh provided.

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English Defence League, LGBT, Anarchists, Iran, Israel and Palestine analysis

20-08-2010 16:44

The English Defence League are a Zionist backed & funded street army who have recruited hardcore racists groups in their plans to start a race war against Muslims. They use the excuse "Islamic extremism" as a ruse for their anti Muslim thuggery but their Israeli flags and "Stop Iran's support for Hamas" banners say it all. Orlando Montfort of the EDL LGBT Divs will be leading EDL Anarchist Divs.

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20-08-2010 15:47

Super Protest boy

Images of solidarity and strength in Palestine

Tadamon means solidarity in Arabic and these images show moments of strength witnessed in the Palestinian struggle for survival.

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CPC demo - direct action bloc info

19-08-2010 19:43

Info for action - Conservative Party Conference protest - Oct 3rd, 12pm, central Birmingham. I'm posting this in a personal capacity, so sorry if it overlaps any information released by people more involved with the organization of the bloc.

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Call out for resistance: Stop UK Coal wrecking the Wrekin

19-08-2010 14:03

View of The Wrekin across Site A - soon to be replaced by a big black hole.
Call out for people and equipment - the place is here and the time is now! It's been six months since the Huntington Lane site was occupied and time is ticking away before the eviction. Please read on to find out about the current situation on site and what you can do to help resist UK Coals.

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Camberley Job Centre refusing to issue New Deal travel cards

19-08-2010 03:16

Why is Camberley Job Centre refusing to issue New Deal travel cards?

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An analysis on the forthcoming struggle on energy in Greece

18-08-2010 22:16

#349 | “Will the Public Power Corporation’s syndicalists win or lose?” – some thoughts on the upcoming struggle over electricity in Greeece

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English Defence League Dudley meet in Poets Corner pub tonight opposite Hospital

18-08-2010 16:06

The English Defence League are a racist, Zionist led Islamophobic organisation who have rioted in Dudely, attacked family homes in Dudley scaring children, smashed cars, smashed shops, put a pigs head on a Mosque, staged roof top protests & encouraged a minor from the English Defence Youth member Bodie Holt to stage a roof top protest. They meet tonight in Poets Corner pub in Dudley.

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Highgate protest camp continues - Day 2

17-08-2010 21:33

Geoffrey Douglas flaunts his blood money sport car paid with the animals' torture and deaths he sends to labs across the country

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Phone Blockade English Defence League coach company Johnsons Coaches

17-08-2010 17:10

The English Defence League are a violently racist, Islamophobic and Zionist gang of hooligans with connections to racist groups such as combat 18, Blood & Honour, BNP, NF and UKIP. They have attacked communities, placed pigs heads on Mosques, pulled off Muslim women's clothes, smashed up shops, cars and homes in racially motivated riots in the UK.