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Highgate protest camp continues - Day 2

Geoffrey | 17.08.2010 21:33 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Social Struggles

Geoffrey Douglas flaunts his blood money sport car paid with the animals' torture and deaths he sends to labs across the country

Activists arrived back at Highgate Farm to make sure the commuting traffic along Highgate Lane knew exactly what Geoffrey Douglas gets up to and what we think of his vile business! We continued to protest and set up camp again.

10am - 12 noon
The police have been threatening to move us some 20 meters further away from the camp when we are protesting. We have debated this sorely and told them it would be ridiculous and petty and questioned them what powers they were going to use today? However, they have not yet been able to state what reason or any 'lawful' grounds as yet and have not so far managed to enforce anything.

Geoffrey Douglas comes back from a trip out in his Lamborghini sports car, paid with the blood money of the tortured animals he supplies to labs across the UK.

The police turned up mob handed and have arrested a protester that was using a megaphone, but we will continue despite these harassments from the 'tax-paid' public security aka Lincolnshire police, who must have solved all the crime in Lincolnshire to harass lawful, peaceful protesters. We are calling on more support and solidarity for the next couple of days, please try and make it to Highgate to show our disgust at this lab animal breeder.

We will continue to protest outside and if you would like to join the protest between 7am - 7pm each day, then please do get in touch with the camp on: 07973 722978. The weather is getting better the next few days, so we hope for the protest to grow with your support



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