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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Edinburgh Vigil

08-07-2005 00:26

From 9pm, a small group gathered beside the galleries on Princes Street / The Mound to hold a vigil in support of those killed and wounded in the London bombings and in recognition of the violence of the past week.

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For the people that died today.

07-07-2005 23:26

banner and candles
The Sterling campsite in Edinburgh is currently holding a candle lit vigil in support of the people who have died today in London as well as around the world.

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More photos from the vigil

07-07-2005 22:24

vigil 1
Edinburgh Vigil after London tube bombings

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Photos from the G8 summit in gleneagles

07-07-2005 21:42

clown insurgents !
Please see for photos of the G8 demo including the break off demo in the fields! more photos uploaded there later.



ps please acredit sal achhala if u use the photos

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A9 areestees released

07-07-2005 20:50

aA9 arrestees finally released after a horrible 30 hour ordeal which involved almost 6 hours in a 3ft x 3ft metal cell in a converted horsebox and an incident with a racist screw

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London bombing to the eyes of the third world

07-07-2005 20:38

What is the feeling in the so called third world about the bombing?
As in all matters, all depends on the glass you see the reality thru.

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video of wednesday edinburgh demo

07-07-2005 18:29

video from yesterday's spontaneous demo in the centre of edinburgh.

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Benny from west papua on the g8

07-07-2005 18:26

For more tesimonies from individuals from the majority world on how the G8 affects their lives, see:

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Solidarity with British Muslims - Fight the backlash!

07-07-2005 17:24

The BNP and their racist media sympathisers will try and use this bloody massacre as an excuse to attack Muslims.

The government will try and use it to rush through even more wrongheaded "terror laws". Fight the backlash!

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07-07-2005 16:19

I felt a need to air my views directly to Sir Bob Geldof, however I was unable to find anyway of contacting him directly so I decided to send an email to Bob's 'media relations office (hoping that they may pass my concerns onto him) knowing that Sir Bob, being an Irishman and I with knowledge of his very modest background and roots, he should fully understand how I, and many others felt at the Live8 event within Hyde Park…

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07-07-2005 16:09

Any resemblance to the text of Poodle Blair's statement Thursday on London blasts with G-8 leaders in Gleneagles, Scotland is purely intentional.

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Bitter: Chronicle of the final Boddingtons Strike

07-07-2005 16:05

In 2004, the InterBrew corporation announced plans to close the historic Boddingtons Brewery in central Manchester and move production of the "Cream of Manchester" outside the city. This film chronicles the brewers' final strike - five days in November - to protect their jobs and the ale's heritage.

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Solidarity demo interupted by police provocation

07-07-2005 15:36

Crowd outside the court
A detention next to a solidarity demo does not provoke a riot

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07-07-2005 14:36

banner drop.

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More than 33 dead in London blasts

07-07-2005 14:32

Police announce 33 confirmed fatalities, more to follow.

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Edinburgh Prisoner Solidarity Demonstration 8th July

07-07-2005 14:29

A meeting today, 7th July, has called for a solidarity demonstration outside Saughton Prison Edinburgh from 1530 untill 1630 on the 8th July

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G8 Demonstration at Auchterader and Blockades Personal Account

07-07-2005 14:15

Fence came down
These are some photos and personal account of the G8 demonstration in Auchterader, and of the actions and blockades against the G8 Summit that took place earlier in the day.

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Report on Sambista bus antics 5-6th July

07-07-2005 14:04

Brief report from sambistas.

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Solidarity demo in front of court 3:30 TODAY

07-07-2005 13:23

~There will be a solidarity demo today at 3:30 in the afternoon outside the court on Chambers Street in Edinburgh.

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video: testemonies from Kneya, Brazil and Poland on the effects of the G8

07-07-2005 11:59

Testimonies from individuals from the majority world on how the G8 effects their lives